බොම්බයි මොටයි

බොම්බයි මොටයි

බොම්බයි මොටයි – Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that affects almost everyone. But after a while, many people recover. I heard that mothers in the past knew this and used Sinhalese medicine for Rataga. Current mothers are not allowed to enter health clinics. According to the midwife, Eve was normal. That is why many people move from the parking lot today. It is unfortunate that it is not only the patients who are affected. However, just because the parking lot is built, we don’t have the ability or the right to see the traffic on the roads as we want. It has a standard methodology and rules and regulations. As civilized citizens, it is our duty to respect them and drive on their roads. This requires self-discipline. But it is very sad that we do not have and do not have it. I see nothing wrong with the bad actions of these people if they are the only ones in danger, discomfort and death. Because it doesn’t matter if there are idiots who don’t know the value of human life.

The store is one kilometer from my house. Yesterday (Saturday) around 5pm I closed the shop and went home. After driving about 100 meters, a lane of traffic on my right was traveling in the opposite direction. Suddenly, a van started to advance, invading (advancing) the lane where we were. Behind him were two tricycles and several motorcycles. As there were several cars behind me and took place in the lane we were entering, he continued without any concern as if I turned on the headlights and warned him not to come closer. I slowed down and avoided the collision as much as I could. At the same time, the praise of his mother was not only heard by him, but also by the traffic. Because it was born in the wrong way, it was not taken for granted. After that, we had to walk another hundred meters. A jeep parked near the bar was thrown onto the highway without regard for the lane of cars driving next to it. At that moment I thought I wish I had brought a JCB. I suppressed the urge to say two closing words because of Nangi Baba’s strong persuasion.

බොම්බයි මොටයි

බොම්බයි මොටයි

After that we reached Mola Junction. I had to turn right ahead, so I turned on my signal lights and looked at the road behind as well. A scootypet came out of nowhere and attached itself to my bike. That too when the left lane was clearly empty. Miraculously, I was able to get my bike back on the road and keep my balance. If not, Polos Kottoru will break my right leg or the baby sister’s right leg. His motorcycle also went off the road and came to rest near the fish pond. At this moment, the mother lost her hard restraint, so she was about to punch twice.

Automobile Ignition System How It Works Sinhala

There was a girl on the back of that bike. We assumed it must be Magamaru’s Maya. In addition, they are very afraid. I also felt it was inappropriate for a boy to slap in front of a girl. So I let them go. In this case, I faced three accidents in one day. They drive carefully. I think the rest of the party never considered that they were traveling on a public road and that there is a general set of rules that everyone who travels here must follow. It is true that we personally use any car for our convenience and to travel quickly. Only then should you ignore other road users and think you should have priority. Isn’t it everyone’s duty and responsibility to use the highway with patience and moderation even if you arrive a few seconds late……?

Yesterday morning, not even five minutes after the opening of the store, I heard a loud braking and ended up running out with my sister and the baby. Let’s see if a motorcycle hits a police car. These police cars with colored lights and gongs are on an eve angle. Although we common people think that no one causes an accident on purpose, the police do not say that to Aybowan. According to their careful observation, in the final conclusions reached, there is definitely a culprit. They also say that they are caused by negligence, drunkenness, lack of systematic training, or some other accident. So here too, if they part with their own spoons, it’s the policeman’s fault. This means the policeman hit the bike near the end of the road on the south side of Aybowan. Even when we go there, they light up. A friend also fell in the middle of the path, so they picked him up and brought him to the side of the path to sit down. Let’s see the head of the car department in our department. They got down and told the guy on that bike to look at the road and turn right. Everyone was smiling. Why wasn’t the man looking behind him? He was driving the car without even looking ahead.

Let me tell you this before I go. By now, many of you know that a train derailed near Maradana station last week. That day, Sarat went to Colombo in this train. Sarah felt something was wrong when the bon badong dong thumped loudly. Sara saw this when she turned her head a little.

See how many dangerous places these cows ride. When I told the side that the engine was still running, people looked at me like I was looking at a strange animal. Laughing at his stupidity, I touched the side of the station at my loss. This is not curiosity, Aibowanda, it is stupidity…!!

Nosalena Senehasa Volume 2 Part 2 By Mano

It’s not that we don’t have the ability to avoid accidents, it’s the fault of our people that the animal characteristics in our youth come out right away…!

The biggest struggle after my brother came back from school was that I left to go to the store. Only my mother or mother-in-law knows how much it costs her to write such an insult. After throwing the helmet somewhere, I ran to the kitchen and then jumped into bed and went to sleep. Sister, if you are ten minutes late, it will not be half deserted. No matter what he was talking about, he didn’t get up. Because they know, their work comes in the room minute by minute.

Saying this or that will trouble me. If there is nothing to say, minute by minute, the time is right. Oh, when it bothers me, I got up and sat on a kitchen chair, looking at them. When you think about it, taking care of older babies is not an easy task. ……

බොම්බයි මොටයි

But this morning when I woke up the baby and went to bed as usual, he was already in the bed. A real change…. I was there even though it surprised me a little. He also shook his head and made an umma…

Kantharaye Pathok Mala

Father what happened to him, he walked for almost a year. Now it’s Ahval’s turn. And the girl who goes to all the temples, now ask for the code. Surely, the fatty foods eaten in the past must have been the culprit. I thought to myself. Anyway, don’t do it now. The little passion.

When my sister Baba entered the kitchen, I almost fell into a coma. In truth, I don’t know this sector even though I may have downloaded it for the love of Aibovan. When I did a little research on Valetta America from the fire fox road, I found a lot of vineyard names. But there is no way to download. If you want to download, you must pay in dollars, you must write and install there, credit card numbers and such and other things are not in the world. After that I asked Google if there is any place where I can download the file for free. Dad gave me a jar of mara….puh… mam bang…….no, no need to send either. Why do they spoil these innocent boys and girls? And .. or not, I wonder. So I chose seven or eight and put them in one place in the thirty-two scrolls and said Katha Kola Doladukkari or my sister Baba.

Don’t talk shit sister. These are the ones available online. But if they’re better than that, you can’t blame them. If so, it must be said that knot like this…!

Taking my little sister in my arms, I disconnected the power of the monitor with my leg. Since the store opens in Nama, there is still almost an hour left. Daughter starts school at 12. People in the family have a lot of work so no time off to come home. Where is the free time?

I wrapped a towel around my waist and ran to the kitchen. I was too late. I immediately realized that if I had gotten the onion and chili bits from the packaging about two hours ago, I could have saved the toothpaste. Dates can not be eaten only with sambolas. There is nothing left to do. I made up my mind and turned back. Nangibaba stood behind me and smiled.

In a previous post, the cast told me not to put boxes in the middle of these stories. That’s why I didn’t put the boxes this time D Kounya Banin can’t. heh heh…

“Sootia” who lived in the village called Gira, was not a bookish person. Not that it was ever a burden to anyone. This one was found in Bada Gostare from the flowers.. Heck.. I told you to guess Korava is not about Aibowen flowers, Kitulmal is about flowers.

බොම්බයි මොටයි

Don’t flag Sara Lasse today if you want to make a living breaking these flowers. I wonder if they are just flowers or not. However, Lexi Belle and Victoria Volt say that even if the abused do not improve, the property owners will do better. We do not say anything about them. He should know by his own wisdom.

Just like today, people in the past are very fond of things like Kitul honey and Kitul jakuru. Although sweet coins are not collected in Sidadi, the traders of this Sidadi come to the village two or three times a month to collect these coins. It’s not just that they come like that

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