10 Commandments Of God Christianity

10 Commandments Of God Christianity

10 Commandments Of God Christianity – It is true that the law cannot make a person righteous. Even keeping the law does not sustain our salvation. However, Paul states on several occasions that we must not allow grace to be an occasion for sin. In other words, we must not allow our freedom to be carried too far, and thus lose our grace. When we go to Exodus 20 we can get a better understanding of the 10 commandments and how we can apply them in our Christian life, not for salvation or righteous works, but because the scriptures say we must do works of righteousness. James 4:17 “Therefore, to anyone who knows what is good to do and does not do it, it is sin to him.” The way we choose to live this freedom that was given to us in Jesus Christ is a direct reflection of the heart. These are just short paragraphs to get you thinking.

The first commandment is “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (.3) is a very straight forward translation. The Hebrew words used here are easily inserted into the English text of the King James Version. the word

10 Commandments Of God Christianity

10 Commandments Of God Christianity

Elohim is a plural form. This word indicates that there will be no other rulers, judges, divination, angels, works or special possessions of God. the word “

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The Hebrew word is paniyam, which means face and is used here to denote “before my face”, or “from” or “in the presence of”. Therefore, the commandment is clear, you shall not have anything that has authority over you before Me. A Christian should not allow anything to interfere with God’s sovereignty over his life. God’s word must be ruled by some other authority. No government, insurance company, relationship, or other aspect of our lives should prevent us from obeying the Lord’s Word. We must live an outward life that shows who has supreme authority over our lives. This supreme authority is God Himself.

The Second Commandment “Thou shalt not make unto thee any image (v.4) When we look at this commandment we see the meaning of “to cut or engrave”. Specifically it comes from the Hebrew pasel (peh’-sel) which means An idol or image occurs. So the understanding is that we should not make an idol as an idol. This commandment includes anything resembling anything in the sky or on the earth or in the sea, in fact it goes so far as to not even be under the earth. One should not make anything that represents God or any other idol. One should remember that an idol is an object of obsession. We cannot use anything made by hand or made to represent God for any form of worship. Our affection is only for God. put on, nothing should be used to represent God, for we run the risk of worshiping the creation rather than the Creator. We do not bow before the cross, the Eucharist, or anything other than God. God will not share his worship with anything else.

The Third Commandment “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord our God in vain” (v.7) This commandment is a warning that we are not to take (carry) the name of God literally or symbolically. The meaning is that we should respect God’s name, and we should not take it lightly. We must not use God’s name in vain to seal oaths, or indeed to evoke God for us. God is not a genie that we will or use for our purposes. With this comes respect and a sense of personal responsibility. If we cannot use God for an oath, we must be honest and trustworthy in our words and deeds. We should have a name that honors the Lord. We should honor the Lord’s name. The end of this commandment is fear. God says he will defend his name. Anyone who disobeys it will be held responsible. Then we must live in truth and spirit to honor and revere God’s name in our speech and deeds.

The fourth commandment “Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy.” (v.8) The Hebrew word for remember is zakar (za-kar’), and is used as a reminder or memorial. The following verses further explain that God used seven days to create the earth and on the last day God rested. This day is to remember God’s provisions. In six days he created everything that was needed to sustain his creation. After that, he rested. God rested from his works because they were finished. The Sabbath is known in Jewish culture as a

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A holy day basically means an intervention. Much like where we find the word sabbatical. This is the time to get away from everything, to take a complete break to clear the mind and spirit. This is a time of renewal. Batteries also need to be recharged or replaced periodically. Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. God knows we need time to recharge and get rid of all our work and worries. We need time to clear our minds and “be still”. We need time to relax and remember why we work so hard. Spend some time with family. Take time out of every job and all work-related things. Rest and enjoy the blessings that God has brought. If not, you will exhaust yourself and suffer burnout. You will lose productivity. You will lose your joy, and your relationship with Christ will suffer as well as your relationship with your church, family and friends. If you don’t take the time, your ministry will suffer, and you’ll hit the reset button.

The Fifth Commandment: “Honor your father and your mother”. (vs. 12). The word honor comes from the Hebrew kabad (kav-bad’) and can be used positively or negatively as most root words can. Given the context of the verse, specifically that it will add longevity or better quality of life to your life, it is understandable that it should be used in a positive way. Thus, it can mean abundant, or encouraging, rich or honorable. Thus, we treat our father and mother with great respect. How do we do that? Showing respect is the main way to honor the king. It means showing respect; Use good language in their presence, bring gifts, God’s blessings (resources, food, income, health benefits, housing etc…), spend time with them (share special moments, letters, birthdays, celebrations), show affection towards them , respect and support their decisions, understand that without their advice and nature you would not be where you are today. Showing honor is a life of respect and gratitude.

The Sixth Commandment “Thou shalt not kill.” (v.13) The sixth commandment seems like a simple statement. But often it is added to say that capital punishment is not biblical. However, this commandment says that you must not “kill.” The Hebrew word ratach (ratsakh) means to slay or slay. According to Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language 1828 to kill is to deprive of life. 1 John 3:15 makes it clear that this application is more than just a physical act. The author tells us

10 Commandments Of God Christianity

This is because God sees the intentions of the heart. Not only do I need to kill someone in a physical sense, but I need to rebuke the hatred in my own heart for others who may or may not offend me. If I allowed prejudice to establish a coast of sin in my heart, hate, therefore be guilty of murder. This commandment has nothing to do with governmental power or authority or law enforcement, but everything to do with love for others; Instead of selfish hatred.

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Seventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” (v.14) This command is actually quite straightforward. The word for adultery here is the primitive root na’af (naf’) in Hebrew. The word “commit adultery” usually means from a man and always refers to another man’s wife. It is a strong word and associated with idolatry. You shall not worship (love, worship) another man’s wife. Wow this is beyond the physical act of intercourse with another man’s wife. Now we can see why Jesus said that caring for another man’s wife in lust is a commitment.

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