A Big Miracle True Story

A Big Miracle True Story

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The movie, The Great Miracle, and what I saw in real life, part 2: featuring Malik, Roy Ahmaogak, Price Brower, and the gray whales themselves; first physical contact

A Big Miracle True Story

A Big Miracle True Story

The film, The Great Miracle, opens with a scene where Malik and his young grandson Nathan are in an umiak (skin boat) with their crew, rowing downstream. Later in the film, Nathan gives a statement to his Aapa Malik that makes it clear that Malik does not use, or agree to use, motor vehicles to hunt whales.

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Now I introduce you to the real Malik in a picture I took a week before Roy Ahmaogak discovered the three white whales. That’s Malik – standing in front of the boat, wearing a baseball cap, money raised, as always. The flying flag is the Patkotak team flag of Barrow, Simeone’s captain. Since Malik is their harpist, they have just harvested the bow head and after many hours of travel they are nearing the shore of Barrow.

In real life, Malik, as Iñupiat hunters tend to be, was flexible and practical when it came to hunting. During the spring, the Chukchi Sea Ice is covered by two ice sheets – sub-shore ice that often extends four to seven kilometers offshore – and polar ice, and floating around the North Pole.

The ball, sometimes thin, sometimes wide so that one cannot see through it, grows between the ice and the polar pack. Heads flowing through this first system to summer feeding grounds in the eastern Beaufort Sea can be seen anywhere within the first width, but they usually move very close to the edge of the shore ice.

Now, the most practical and wisest thing that can be done is to camp on the edge of that ice, with a quiet umiak, and when the bowhead comes swimming close by, swinging, paddling the whale, and shoot you. If it is not an immediate kill and the whales swim, motor boats will be deployed to drive them away.

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Fall hunting is a very different matter. Although there may be many layers of ice and ice floating in the sea, they are mostly exposed. In such cases, the motor boat is a more practical and efficient tool than the umiak. So, being practical, efficient, intelligent people, the hunters leave the skin boats behind and go out in motorboats – just like the Malik and Patkotak crew did this day.

As you can see, small ice was floating near the coast of Chukchi – more than usual in early October. This first meeting would continue until ice conditions were suitable for catching small whales at its junction.

In addition to the Patkotak Crew, the ABC team, led by Arnold Brower, Sr., an elder who would also play an important role in the recovery of the blue whale, anchored the bowhead in the evening that.

A Big Miracle True Story

In the spring, people use manpower to pull the whale from the ice, but in the fall, when the whales are brought to the shore of the city, it is reasonable and reasonable to use big cats D-9 to pull. whales come out of the water, that’s what they do and that’s what they did.

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However, the hard, laborious work of cutting, dissecting, cooking and preserving whales would always be physically demanding, a lot of work. The work would continue throughout the night, into the next day and beyond.

Once the whales of Patkotak and Brower were cared for and fed by the community, Malik returned to Chukchi in a motorized, aluminum boat and organized the crew of Savik, led by Lawrence Ahmaogak – Savik. Savik stayed in the country and put his son, Roy, in charge.

It was a cloudy but calm day. The view was beautiful, broken by small patches of fog. After they had been out for a while, Roy and the crew heard the report of a nearby bowhead, seen by hunters in another boat. Malik ordered Roy to go to the ships. Some workers had tried to go to the whale, but he had dived and escaped them.

Roy later recalled: “As we approached, the whale sat down. You didn’t try to leave.

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Malik stood at the front of the ship. He raised his shoulder as Billy readied himself for the shoulder gun. The whale stood up as Roy guided the boat until it was over the bow head. Malik, who was known to jump directly on the whale’s back to catch it, threw his weapon into the whale, submerged the whale, joined the float and fired a gun loaded with a bomb. Billy shot the gun over the shoulder and Okpik began to float. Bombs were heard on board. Nearby workers helped put four more bombs into the whale and within 15 minutes he was dead – his gift given and accepted.

A total of 22 boats joined the ship and it took hours to drag the bowhead out of the water to the beach, where the hunters were greeted by many cheering crowds. That’s Malik, front right, hugging Darlene Matumeak Kagak. Behind him is Roy Ahmaogak, holding his young son, Bennie. James Matumeak reaches out to hug them both.

On their side is Jana Harcharek, a teacher who, in 2009, was named Iñupiat of the Year for her leadership in preparing an Iñupiaq language curriculum for students of all ages.

A Big Miracle True Story

When Roy finished his part of cutting, preserving, saving the whales and feeding the community, he took a short break. When he woke up, he was eager to go back to the sea to see what it was like – and maybe even see a whale. Barrow had used his speed to strike but in the east, a lot of ice forced the village of Nuiqsut to stop his hunt without using their three guns. If the situation remained favorable here, the chances were good that the remaining Nuiqsut songs could be transferred to Barrow.

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This time, Roy did not go by boat but by snowmobile. He left his home in the Browerville neighborhood of Barrow and walked to a stretch of sand that ends at Point Barrow, ten miles away.

It was Friday, October 7, 1988. Near Plover Point, south of Point Barrow, he saw something completely unexpected. There was no clear water now, but it was closed, closed in the space between the beach and the high pressure area that had formed a few kilometers out.

Roy was surprised to see three white whales, coming out of the three holes he had exposed in the mud. If they were bowheads, the slush wouldn’t bother them. They would tear it apart like it was nothing.

Roy returned to Barrow and reported what he had seen to the North Slope Wildlife Management Department.

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Before long, Billy Adams, a whaler who worked with NSB Wildlife Management, guided me by snowmobile to a beach where the whales could be seen.

The mud had not yet hardened into ice. It was impassable. Now, only two holes remained open, a few hundred meters from the shore, one maybe 200 feet.

The holes were empty when Billy pointed and pointed. Then, the nose rose and became one thing, followed by that humming sound that a whale makes when it breathes.

A Big Miracle True Story

Soon, another whale followed. Seconds later, another. A little later, the third – the smallest, the tip of his nose has been damaged from pushing and drifting against the ice and slushy.

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After a while, the whales moved to another hole, and continued to go back and forth between the two holes. It was amazing and scary to witness. It’s amazing, because it’s always amazing to see whales, and to hear the holes, the explosion of their breath. It’s scary, because those souls I felt their desire and despair to live – and I did not believe that they had much time to live. Their deaths could be dramatic and painful, as the mud was hard and the ice slowly sealed them to death.

The best thing, it seemed to me, would be for the best hunters to come and quickly put them out of their misery. Yes, so far, all the hunters I’ve heard have

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