Ace Hood Lord Knows Download

Ace Hood Lord Knows Download

Ace Hood Lord Knows Download – Long before his single “Hustle Hard” made him famous, Antoine “Ace Hood” McCalister was making waves. The 23-year-old, who was the first artist signed to DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group, has two albums under her belt and is gearing up for the release of her third – and decidedly personal – project, ‘Sweat & Tears’ for an August 9 release.

While living in Port St. Lucie, Fla., Hood aspired to be an athlete until a high school football injury shattered his dreams and set him on a new path. Looking for a career as a rapper, he joined a local rap group at the age of 19 to release the single “M.O.E.” While it wasn’t a commercial success, it pushed him into a grueling self-promotion schedule that culminated in a meeting with Khaled, whom he met outside of Miami radio station 99 Jamz. Khaled later sent in a copy of his track “Iim So Hood” to test the budding rapper’s skills, and the rest is pretty much history.

Ace Hood Lord Knows Download

Ace Hood Lord Knows Download

Now four years later, the father-of-two is grateful for the opportunities given to him by Khaled and other hip-hop game-changers like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, who not only jumped on his “Hustle Hard” remix, but threw him. their support behind it. You’d think the pressure of potentially being the next big thing in hip-hop would be daunting, but Ace Hood isn’t just up for the challenge, he embraces the possibility of success with open arms. Read on as the musician talks about the heartbreaking songs he’s composed on his new LP, welcoming his twin daughters into the world, and the New York-born R&B star he’d love to share studio time with.

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Her “Hustle Hard” performance with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled at this year’s BET Awards was a big step in your career. How did it feel to be on such a big stage?

It was great. I felt this should be the epitome of my work. That’s a day I’ll never forget, especially with artists like Lil Wayne or Rick Ross, it was like an introduction to what the next generation has to offer. It was huge for me to go there and have everyone come and show me so much love.

You joined DJ Khaled’s We the Best label in 2007. How has joining him helped you in the rap game?

When I first met Khaled, he put me through the process of becoming an artist. He was always there for me, somehow he carried me, more than my brother, he is the CEO. He taught me the ins and outs of the music business and how to become a great artist and what it takes to be a great artist. I admire his daredevil attitude. Khaled is someone who has been told “no” too many times in his life and has proven he can do it. I really admire that about him; he’s really driven.

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“Blood Sweat & Tears” is your third album but it seems like you’ve landed on the map now that a lot of people know who you are with “Hustle Hard”. Did you expect to be further in your career now, or are you exactly where you envisioned it to be?

There is definitely more to be done together. For an artist who’s been in this music industry for four years and has released three albums, that’s huge. For me even an album is big for me. I’m further than I thought.

“Blood, Sweat and Tears” is a completely different kind of music for me. It is the testimony of my life. It’s a different album for hip-hop as a whole; not to glorify women or cars or whatever. It’s true to tell the fight what’s really going on in the streets. I feel like this album is definitely a great project. Timeless music, as I like to say.

Ace Hood Lord Knows Download

I’ve been through a lot since I took a year off from the music industry. I lost my house, financial problems and so on. I have a track on this album called Memory Lane [produced by Racks producer Sonny Digital] that remembers the times when [my late friend] we made it, the times when I got the call got and the incident happened. under. “Memory Lane” is one of my favorite songs on the album, I wanted to put it down because it’s special to me. Then I have a song called ‘Lord Knows’, it’s a way of telling you the troubles of my life, what I’ve been going through personally with my mother in and out of the hospital and my little girls [young twins]. “The carnal man may not understand what I’ve been through, the hard times, the long nights, but only the Lord knows.”

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I played football and what not in my high school years. I just kept working on it. Every now and then I went on a different diet. I would go on a protein diet, eat tuna, eggs, or chicken breasts or something like that. Since I can’t work much on the go, I do 500-600 push-ups a day. I do a few hundred before the show, I wake up in the morning and do push ups during the day, whenever I can I go in. I also do sit ups to keep it straight so it’s on a different level with the step. That and being on stage keeps me in shape; I sweat a lot. I have a fast metabolism. People look at me and think I train every day but I just found a way to dope. You have to take care of this body.

I know you like working in the studio. What was the last song you recorded and what was the mood like when you created it?

Studio isn’t always bad. We always have fun in the studio, whether the guys are performing, nothing too crazy. We can have a few drinks, happily talk about old stories – when you were in high school and all that stuff. The last time I was in the studio I was releasing features and doing freestyling. I removed the twista feature which is a hat link. He hit me and wanted me to be a part of him. The Drake is just one I’ve freestyled on [Dream’s Money Can Buy], not necessarily a record I’ve jumped on.

I’m a big Wayne fan, I love J. Cole’s music. I love Alicia Keys too. I would love to work with Alicia Keys. I think it would be very different for me, like the “best of all worlds” I think. Just a different experience for me.

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Now that you are a father, are you thinking how you will deal with the boys who will get around your daughter when she grows up?

It’s getting hard… just thinking about how I was when I was older. I’m overprotective so I had to buy more guns [

Her life has changed a lot in recent years. How does it feel to be a father, to support your family and to be able to live your dream?

Ace Hood Lord Knows Download

It’s surprising. I have twins, I ended up having doubles [laughs]. For me it’s a blessing to do what I love and to be blessed with the gift of two beautiful girls it’s amazing. I feel like the best dad in the world. I don’t get to see my girls as much as I’d like, but thank god for Skype!

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