Baptism In The Name Of Jesus Christ

Baptism In The Name Of Jesus Christ

Baptism In The Name Of Jesus Christ – In those days, Jesus came from the city of Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan River. Immediately, he came up out of the water and saw the heavens open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove. Then a voice came from heaven: “You are my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” – Mark 1:9-11

We are kingdom people – in touch with heaven, but commissioned to serve the earth. The Lord’s purpose in bringing people to the Kingdom is not only to get us to heaven, but to change the world around us. We must be the ones who recognize our resources in the invisible world and bring them to reality.

Baptism In The Name Of Jesus Christ

Baptism In The Name Of Jesus Christ

Water baptism is one of the most common practices in the entire Christian tradition. It is not just a religious ceremony; Jesus commanded us to repent and be baptized (Matthew 28:19; Mark 16:16). There are many people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and have not been baptized. The Bible clearly calls us to be baptized in this way: Repent and be baptized. If you were baptized before you accepted Jesus, you should be baptized now.

Acts 2:38 Peter Replied,

Jesus is the only person in history who did not need to be baptized. His purpose is not to become us; He may have done it without, or with a sign of repentance; He was without sin.

Jesus was baptized so that we can see what benefits are expected. In his baptism, substances were poured from heaven. He wants to set them free in our lives. Three things happened when Jesus was baptized:

Baptism not only brings goodness in obedience, but it opens something in the world that is invisible to us. Not only does that opening happen when you are baptized, but it is a new resource that will be re-acquired throughout your life.

Earlier in the same chapter, the Bible says that many people come to the Jordan to be baptized by John, to confess their sins and repent. Jesus was born as an innocent son of God, he was conceived in the womb of a virgin and he was conceived by the power of Almighty God, he was born without sin, but he lived a sinless life. We know because of the approval of the Father when he comes from the water of baptism (verse 11). He was the father’s stamp of approval for the first thirty years of his son’s life.

Why Was Jesus Proclaimed The Son Of God At His Baptism?

That is why Jesus did not come to accept sin. He was not there to repent. What was he doing? What Jesus was doing was what happened when he came out of the water. Basically, it involves the coming of the Holy Spirit upon him. Although he was born of the Spirit and the presence of the Spirit was with him and was upon him during those years, the Spirit anointed him as the Messiah for the ministry he would do and his sacrifice. His life until death – he needed perfection and the anointing of the power of the Holy Spirit from heaven.

In the minds of some believers, it is not clear that there is a difference between being born of the Spirit of God and being baptized with the Spirit of God. Jesus is our first example. He was born in the power of the Spirit – it was a biological birth but the spiritual presence of the Holy Spirit was in him and was never violated. Like Adam, if he had never sinned in creation, he would have always had a relationship with God the Father, the Creator, but when man fell into sin he failed.

Therefore, Jesus, whom the Bible calls the Second Adam (1 Cor. 15:45-48), came to start a new race of salvation and forgiveness. So the second Adam comes, he truly lives without sin, and we reach this moment when he is baptized in Jordan, and he tells John that by this he will fulfill all righteousness (Matthew 3:15).

Baptism In The Name Of Jesus Christ

In the Bible the concept of fulfillment is not only related to the fulfillment of a standard, but to full abundance. Therefore, he said, he flows with the right counsel and intentions of the Father.

Baptism In Jesus Name

Now when he was baptized, his ministry began. He is anointed for his Christian ministry and mission. Three and a half years of service; His mission was to be the sacrificial Lamb who would rise from the dead and become our Savior.

Jesus opened a door of salvation in baptism. Water baptism should not be just a ritual. If it was a ritual, we would still do it because Jesus commanded to be baptized. This is his opinion, and he says it is not an election issue. You must be baptized to prove your obedience to Him.

There is always a debate: Do you need to be baptized to go to heaven? Is faith in Christ not enough? Then they will point to the classic example – the thief on the cross who believed in Jesus and then died and was not baptized. Exceptions are never used for the initial rebellion in your soul. The problem is, if you are crucified and die, and you accept Christ, God in His great mercy will probably take care of it that way.

But the Lord calls us to a path of obedience, and the deepest concern is that those who truly love the Lord, have received His love for you, and now there are things He wants to reveal to you. Water baptism opens the way for things in your life that will never happen unless you take the path of obedience.

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All of us who have been baptized and accepted Christ as our Savior have an infinite resource, and we can rely on that resource in our lives. These things are threefold in what you see in the baptism of Jesus.

In Mark’s description, he gives a little more detail – “while he was praying”. After coming from the rivers of baptism, the Holy Spirit came down on him and he was anointed for service and the Christian mission.

1. These three things are valid for all of us. Knowing God God wants to seal your heart and mine, for the same reason that He said these words to His Son.

Baptism In The Name Of Jesus Christ

2. There is a turning point. The parting of the heavens that he speaks of is not related to the opening of a place in the sky, but to the opening of the invisible realm to something that can be grasped—perceived, understood, reached over nature. Not different, but people with two feet on the ground and in their understanding with a clear concept “I am a person of the horizon. I touch the things of heaven.

Things That Be Of God: Water Baptism

3. The river of life of the Holy Spirit flows for the purpose of ministry and mission. Each of us has a ministry to live out – whatever your specific purpose, the Holy Spirit enables you to serve what you were created to do by the power of Christ. Each of us has a mission in life – a specific purpose regarding our life. It requires the power of the Holy Spirit to happen, and the Lord wants to open that source to us in the specific parameters that are mentioned in the baptism with him.

If one does not believe in Jesus as Savior, baptism is a meaningless act. Sometimes many are actually deceived and think that by being baptized, it hides their problem with God. No matter how sincere their motivation or the motivation of their parents, baptism is only a human act that earns nothing from God except the coming of Christ and salvation as a free gift. Then baptism is a sign of our commitment to His Lord. He calls us to be baptized.

There are many people who have accepted Jesus Christ but have not been baptized. The Bible clearly calls us to be baptized in this way: Repent and be baptized. Therefore, if you were baptized a long time ago, before you accepted Jesus, you should be baptized now. It does not affect the sincerity of your parents who brought you for baptism as a child.

“What do you think of those who were baptized as children?” Some may ask. I thank God for parents who are spiritually wise enough to at least care enough

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