Best Comedy Central Stand Up

Best Comedy Central Stand Up

Best Comedy Central Stand Up – From Bill Hicks to Hannah Gadsby, Dave Chappelle to Josie Long, here are 50 specials you can watch right now

Oh how you screwed us over, internet. Catching the comedian’s latest show involved waiting for one of about eight comics to come out on VHS/DVD or leaving the house. Today we hold the whip in hand. Such is our penchant for watching stand-up acts in our pajamas that streaming services can’t take them away fast enough. Netflix is ​​our deepest pocket and most trusted retailer, delivering 45 original shows in 2019, up from 2012. But there are other providers, notably Amazon Prime Video, iPlayer and smaller products like NextUp and Go Faster. Stripe does a good job of cleaning up lesser-known comics and hidden gems.

Best Comedy Central Stand Up

Best Comedy Central Stand Up

The appeal of these beanbag “specials” on Netflix and the like is obvious: They’re cheap compared to sitcoms and movies, but they still get a lot of attention. And for an aspiring comic, it can mean the difference between national and international success. This has led to minor bursts of creativity here and there as comedians embrace the growing dominance of the format. Maria Bamford decided to make her own show, The Special Special Special! in the living room, in front of an audience of just two people (her shocked but supportive parents), she was inspired and matched her unusual behavior. Stuart Lee spoke to the audience at home in his BBC series Comedy Car via side camera. Streaming services are now experimenting with shorter, more palatable shows of just 15 to 30 minutes as a way to showcase stars. All of this means that the humble TV viewer may need help wading through this jungle of options. So, in that spirit, we’ve compiled 50 of the best stand-ups you can find online.

Streaming With Laughter: The 50 Best Standup Comedy Shows

Baby Cobra gave us not only Ali Wong, but dead and dead stares; it also created a special subgenre: difficult pregnancy. You haven’t seen physical comedy mastered until you’ve seen a seven-and-a-half-months-pregnant woman repeat some of the moves she learned in Atlanta.

America’s best gag dealer has a new trick: she’s pregnant! That gives Schumer enough interesting material to fill an hour, even if it doesn’t leave Schumer room to address the ongoing controversies of his career, from joke-stealing to overlooked “white feminism.”

Best thing: Brett Cavanaugh on joining the Supreme Court-sanctioned protest: “I want to tell this kid I did everything I could… And DC, I hear, has the best cocaine.”

Half an hour from the edge of 2019 with Eshan Akbar, Arnab Chand, fierce jihadist Shozia Mirza and dead master Sumit Anand with a newsletter from the vanguard of Indian culture and creativity.

The Best And Funniest Stand Up Comedy Shows, Ranked

Best thing: Mirza: “My friend was abused on the street in Birmingham a few days after Brexit. She was wearing Asian clothes, so it’s her own fault.

Following the viral success of his lo-fi flipcharts, the rogue Aussie’s terrifying new special – a fascinating time travel tale – is available only in VR. Sign up for free headphones and all you need is a decent smartphone to pair with.

A comic that embraces regret culture and oversensitivity might be a bad combination, but Burr is no orthodox reactionary and his message is often more aggressive than his message. He also looks at his religious background and notions of masculinity.

Best Comedy Central Stand Up

Hicks’ last speech before his death demonstrates his power of nihilistic truth-telling. The war in Iraq, smoking/drug addiction, and gun control are being treated. He is remembered for his political views, but it is a reminder that his evangelical eloquence made for great comedy.

Vauxhall Comedy Club

Look at the 1980s optics – Connolly’s zebra jacket, Sir Clive Sinclair among the illustrious crowd – and it’s a fair celebration of Big Jin’s wit, from his days as a welder on Clydeside to finding his first gray pub.

At 25, the teenager-turned-stand-up star created the musical comedy Get Happy: casually brilliant, witty, crude and aggressively misguided and tormented by self-awareness. He went on to write and direct Eighth Grade – but his comedy is a must-see. Best: “A lesser comedian would split this into four lines. And a better comedian wouldn’t do that at all. I’m in the best place! “

One of the great stand-ups of the decade, combining slapstick and campaign comedy to great effect. It combines her most famous feminist material: sexist advertising, old-school chauvinism and “vintage vaginals”.

Best thing: For her daily routine, Bitz says, “Here, I write down a list of things that ladies want… Chocolate! Jewelry! Abortion!”

The Best In Comedy At Carnegie Room, Thetford Event Tickets From Ticketsource

Rock’s first special in a decade includes the exasperation of his recently divorced father (“Housewives are the most gangster moms”), as well as his trademark take on American racism—updated for the age of Trump—and a newfound introspective vulnerability.

This world-traveling series features 47 comics from more than a dozen territories in their native languages ​​(about half in English) over the course of a slick half hour. UK/US talent includes sly satirist Nish Kumar and brutal Nailed It! host Nicole Bayer, but going further afield reveals the quirks and quirks that animate stand-ups in Brazil, India, the Middle East and beyond. Best part: Enisa Amani, an Iranian-German comic who bites the hand that feeds her by turning off Netflix subtitles.

True, Chappelle is sometimes guilty of lazy provocation, but his comedic skill is always interesting. Even his vaping is funnier than the best of the night.

Best Comedy Central Stand Up

Best: “Breaking up an orgy is easier than you think.” All you have to do is wait for it to go quiet and then, “Woo.”

Comedy Central Live

One of the most disturbing shows in comedy comes from his hometown of Bisbee, Arizona, with off-color, orthodoxy-challenging material about world poverty, mental health and beheading videos. Often bright, often heavy on the stomach. Best: “Isis is using social media to recruit disenfranchised, angry youth. That’s how I do it too! That’s my demographic! “

It remains the highest-grossing stand-up film of all time, but Murphy admits that parts of the 1987 special still give him chills. Homophobic slurs certainly have a history, but Roe’s mockery of Cosby seems clever. And the purple leather outfit? Timeless.

The world’s best musical comedians on tour in 2018 with this highly entertaining show filled with old favourites, beautifully crafted newbies and hilarious jokes. As this Hammersmith Apollo inscription proves: age does not wither them.

Best part: “You never know how love will end / But you never meet your best friend” from Father and Son.

World’s 10 Best Stand Up Comedians

It was this watch that brought the small town in Tasmania world recognition. Others break the mold, engaging in biting satire or emotional vulnerability, but few combine all three. Plus, here’s something none of the “Kings of Comedy” could figure out: Gadsby’s invaluable perspective.

Buress rose to prominence in 2014 after her Bill Cosby case reignited legal interest in sex offenders. This 2016 special briefly touches on that debacle, but mostly explores the fascinatingly tenuous interests of Chicago stand-up.

Good luck figuring out what happens when Teeuven takes the stage. As elsewhere, the cheeky Dutch absurdist keeps you off balance as he rattles ivory, sings Norse war songs and recounts sex with a water bull.

Best Comedy Central Stand Up

A combination of stand-up and TED talks, the series seems to have pissed off all the right people, including the US military, Indian nationalists in India and Duterte supporters in the Philippines. Minhaj’s earnest optimism may be American, but his reach is truly global.

The 25 Greatest Stand Up Comedians Of All Time

Never mind that serious title, the Broad City girls won’t bend your ear about climate change. Instead, it’s the same twerk-tastic, sexually confident energy we’ve grown to love in her TV alter ego, complete with her Hebrew school anecdotes.

The set of four stand-up shows introduces viewers to his live performance. Confessions, Representations, and Resets are what they were originally intended to be: stories about being an undercover cop, a jury, or an informant turned criminal. Recap is a new show about witness protection. The exhibits are enigmatic, useful and clearly constructed, and he finds new perspectives on the simplest topics. It’s dry, empty, awkward and just plain cold.

Jade’s mission to be taken more seriously, a Bristolian accent and more. Solution? This collection explores the boundaries of Steve Jobs’ makeup and popular feminism, like one of his old friends. Best thing: “Even in my nightmares, I don’t run.”

Ten years after his famous SNL blunder (he dropped the F-bomb on his first show and only lasted one season), Slate is back on the show. The show isn’t dark—it focuses on her Jewish heritage and her childhood home—but the waves of edgy energy make it great.

Best Comedy Specials 2022: Norm Macdonald, Ali Wong And More

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