Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

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Karaoke is a universal activity that anyone can enjoy with their loved ones. No song is off limits in Karaoke even if there are songs in other languages.

Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

That’s why we’re going to take a look at 21 best Hindi karaoke songs and their unique qualities.

Anaconda (karaoke Version) [originally Performed By Nicki Minaj]

Whether you are a lover of Hindi songs or looking for new tunes to sing at your karaoke bar, you are sure to find something to your liking in this article.

Kishore Kumar is one of the greatest singers in the history of Indian music and is responsible for creating many classic Hindi hits.

Kumar’s lilting melody and soothing vocals give off a nostalgic feel that all age groups can appreciate.

This romantic ballad finds two lovers singing about their love and wanting each other to stay true to their relationship.

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, the song is one of the hits notable for creating the trend of disco music in Indian films.

It’s a breakup song between a couple, but it can also be interpreted as a track about death. Sometimes this ballad is sung at Indian funerals.

The song revolves around the ailing protagonist Anand wondering if he can be with the girl he loves.

Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

This recently released pop track was posted on YouTube in 2015. It was a hit, with over 300 million views on the site.

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With a melancholic beat, the song is about a man who wants to always remember his love, but he has to let her go.

Translated as “Come to My Whereabouts, My Love”, this upbeat song was first published in the 1971 film.

It has established itself as a culturally significant cabaret-style number that has been reworked and remixed over the years.

Translated as ‘The Queen of My Dreams’, it finds the protagonist smitten by his love while chasing her in a jeep.

The Best Karaoke Songs! Apk For Android Download

With simple lyrics, this is an easy track to dedicate to your worship in a fun way.

The song takes a comedic turn as the protagonist brags about his thieving skills and taunts his rival.

With a gentle beat, the song is about first love and the desire to be with someone you adore.

Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

This upbeat song from 1969 is a classic dance hit that became popular after appearing in a Hindi film.

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Taking a step back from dance tunes and beloved songs, the song is all about the beauty of nature.

Simple beats and simple lyrics make it a great love song to rock on a concert night.

The piece is originally derived from an Urdu poem by Sahir Ludhianvi, which has been made more lyrical and emotional.

Featured in the 1976 film of the same name, it basically goes back and forth between couples expressing their feelings for each other.

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The song won the Filmfare Music Director and Lyricist Awards and is considered one of their best creations.

If you are looking for a sweet song to sing with your partner, then “Char Kadam” is perfect for you.

The piece is inspired by European music such as Tchaikovsky. The lyrics are based on an Indian poem written by Swanand Kirkire.

Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

Another hit from Kishore Kumar, this catchy song is about someone who wants to be more careful while falling in love.

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You may know the Pussycat Doll cover of this song, but it was originally sung in Hindi for the 2008 film

But we can’t blame them. The song is catchy and energetic, making it hard not to dance.

Kakkar’s tender track is about a group of friends who stay with each other. Everyone loves to sing regardless of their singing talent, it is an activity that everyone does. The only question is; What style do you prefer? Do you like R&B, jazz, pop, country or melodic music? These items are easily found everywhere. However, if you love Bollywood Hindi songs, you may struggle to find these types of songs at karaoke venues. Fortunately, you no longer have to go to karaoke places to jam or sing Bollywood Hindi songs as app developers have created karaoke apps that you can check out.

A karaoke app is a pre-made set of recorded songs without audio lyrics. This application is usually used by aspiring singers when they want to record their own singing voice through a microphone while playing music in the background.

Top 10 Easy Hindi Songs To Sing

Starmaker is one of the best karaoke apps that offers Hindi songs. It comes with a simple interface and has more than 50 million members. This app offers top old and new Hindi songs that you will surely enjoy.

In this app, you can sing unplugged versions of new and old Bollywood tracks and Hindi songs. Apart from this, you can also access songs in Punjabi, Telugu and other languages.

StarMaker offers premium and free sections where you can find common Hindi songs and if you are a big fan of Hindi songs then we highly recommend you to go to the VIP section. The VIP section comes with a cheap fee of Rs.300 per month. Apart from getting access to more Hindi songs, VIP section comes with additional benefits like unlimited access, daily free download, 70% discount on live screen messages, exclusive VIP badge, no ads, red stage name and upgraded cap up to 5000.

Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

In this app, you are allowed to request songs from app developers. The app allows you to sing solo and duet as per your preference.

Saregama Carvaan Karaoke Hindi 1000 Pre Loaded Karaoke, 2 Mics For Duet Singing, 5000 Pre Loaded Songs, Bluetooth/ Usb/aux/fm/am Support, Hdmi For External Screen Support, Up To 5 Hours Playtime (metallic Red)

Sing! Another great karaoke app that offers not only Hindi songs but also English, Malayalam and Telugu songs. Its interface is simple, clean and easy to use. It also offers many genres like Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Latin, K-Pop and more. Apart from that, this app also offers different effects that can be applied to your favorite songs.

With this app you can sing solo or if you want to do a duet with your friend, you can also sing. Use filters and effects on your favorite music and we assure you that you will definitely enjoy and love using this app.

SingPlus is another karaoke app that many consider one of the best. This app is free for users to sing and record unlimited songs. Its interface is simple and easy to use. It actually resembles Starmaker. It allows you to sing and record your own cover of new and old Hindi songs. It also allows you to sing alone and if you want you can use this app to sing with your friends. In addition, this app has 8 different effects that you can apply to any song you want to record.

Singplus has Bollywood Hindi songs as well as Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Naija, Punjabi and many more songs. It also offers free gospel, regional and nollywood songs.

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SingPlus has collections of songs from top artists including Atif Aslam, Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor, John Legend, Ellie Goulding, Lucas Graham, Jessie J and Sam Smith.

A free app that you can sing and record, Red Karaoke lets you record yourself in audio and video. It comes with music with lyrics on the screen and although this app is one of the best karaoke apps, it has a limited and meager database of Bollywood songs. However, you will definitely enjoy the nearly 100,000 songs in multiple languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat this app offers.

In this app, you can share your videos, record duets and even add special effects that enhance your voice and balance the sound. Moreover, this app allows its users to use this app on your TV. All you have to do is log into Red Karaoke, sign in with your username and password, and stream to your TV.

Best Karaoke Songs Hindi Old

Sing Karaoke Record Karaoke is one of the best features that you will surely love and enjoy. This app allows its users to access karaoke videos on YouTube. It contains lists of all the concert song videos you can find on YouTube. This app lets you record your voice along with YouTube video.

Magic Sing E5+ 5145 Tagalog English Songs + Wifi Karaoke Two Wireless Mics 12k English +1 Year Subscription For Tagalog Hindi Spanish Russian Vietnamese Japanese Korean Songs & More

This app works on WiFi and 3G and also offers sound effects that you can apply to your karaoke songs. It also allows its users to record both online and offline, record with songs in the background, activate the microphone, save, retrieve and backup your songs.

Gao Bollywood and Hindi Song Karaoke App is one of the most popular karaoke apps. However, unfortunately, this app does not work properly even after testing it with two different devices. So, we discourage downloading this app.

So what are you waiting for? Download, try the above mentioned apps and enjoy the song! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and comments below.

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