Bible In Everything Give Thanks

Bible In Everything Give Thanks

Bible In Everything Give Thanks – Broken Door Ministries empowers people to address areas of fracture and begin a healing process with the help of Jesus and dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ.

Once upon a time there was a man looking for a perfect home in the mountains. He had seen many houses, but he could not find the house to call home. One day his real estate agent drove him down a long, windy road full of potholes and weeds to a house on a cliff at the top of the mountain.

Bible In Everything Give Thanks

Bible In Everything Give Thanks

When they reached the house, the man stood up and looked at the sad structure. It was a very old, unpainted and long abandoned building. The blinds were falling off and the porch was rotting. And the once beautiful front door is broken. The man tried to get around the back, but the house was built right on the edge of the cliff. There was no way to enter the house except for the broken front door.

In All Things Give Thanks To God

As the man climbed the rotten steps to the front door, he began to wonder why the estate agent had brought him into such a strange house. He took a step towards the door and opened it just enough to enter the abandoned house. When the door opened, the man could see the cobwebs and dust in the musty air from years of abandonment.

Finally, when the man was fully inside the house, he began to notice a bright light shining behind the house. In the dusty air he walked towards a magnificent door of mahogany and leaded glass. The light passing through the cut glass lit up and shimmered throughout the old house.

The man wanted to see more light. She opened the beautiful door and stepped out onto a perfectly manicured patio with fresh paint and inviting rocking chairs. The view that had been hidden from the front of the house was now displayed magnificently before him. The horizon stretched into infinity as he gazed into the valley. The river below led to an impressive waterfall. The birds soared overhead and he could hear the children’s laughter and the church bells ringing. It was as if the man was looking at all of creation. Without hesitation, the man told the broker that he would buy the house.

Many years had passed. Fascinated by the beauty of the light from the back door and the bright view from the front porch, the man set about making this his home. He had painted, repaired and arranged his house so that guests could enjoy the view behind the house and experience the same light and beauty that they had seen for the first time years ago.

Thessalonians 5:18, In Every Thing Give Thanks, Bible Verse

But the man forgot one thing: the front of the house. The guests would walk up the old weed road. The porch still looked rotten and the front door was still broken. The man had not taken the time to fix the front of his house because he knew that what was inside his house was much more important than the front of his house. And every time a guest came to visit, he felt a little pain when his guests had to enter his now beautiful home through the old broken door. Now it was time to work on the broken front door.

We are the broken door! We need repair. Maybe our door just needs oiling its hinges. Perhaps now that the house has settled in over the years, it now needs to be planned to fit the opening. Maybe it has some rotten spots that need to be puttyed, sanded and re-polished. Whatever it needs, it can be opened even in a broken state.

The interior of the house is our heart, soul and mind. These are the areas that we need to repair first to catch the attention of our guests that we invite.

Bible In Everything Give Thanks

Our guests are the people we meet every day. In all the environments we live in – at home, at work, in society – everyone we meet can see what’s in our hearts from our actions and words.

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The magnificent, beautiful and perfect back door is our Savior, Jesus Christ. And the view from the porch is God’s view. The only way to reach God is through the door of Jesus Christ.

The majestic view is completely obscured unless one enters through the broken front door. Even if our door creaks, has rotten spots, and has no corners, people can still walk into our home and experience Christ in us. As soon as our guests enter, they will experience the warmth and love within. They will quickly see that you have placed everything in your home around the flowing light of Jesus Christ and that Jesus is the gateway to God.

Now comes the hard part. We cannot and should not wait for the door to be perfect before we invite others into our lives to meet Jesus who lives within us. It is true that we have to work on our door. The wear and tear of the door is the sin of our life. The rain of selfishness, the wind of worldly cares will always knock at our door. But if we expect perfection, we deny others the opportunity to meet Jesus. And it is through Jesus that we bring others to God. When we are offended, Jesus calls us to be the door through which others can enter to meet him.

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