Blue Miracle Movie True Story

Blue Miracle Movie True Story

Blue Miracle Movie True Story – Blue Miracle centers on the inspiring story of Casa Hogar in Mexico, an orphanage that faced hurricane damage and bankruptcy but kept faith and found friendship in the community after winning a prestigious fishing tournament.

The film is an inspiring story about faith and the power of community. The film focuses on how God brought these boys and men together to change their lives in many different ways.

Blue Miracle Movie True Story

Blue Miracle Movie True Story

“If I could sum up this film in one word, it would be: father,” says director Julio Quintana. “It’s a theme that plays through every character. Omar has channeled his grief over the loss of his father into helping these young guys stay off the streets. You see a scene with Captain Wade and his son trying to impress him from afar with victory. And you see that’s what the boys wanted These young people have a strong father figure, and it’s a theme we can all relate to, the desire for unconditional love, whether through real fathers or role models in our lives.

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Papa Omar (Jimmy Gonzales) took the experience of losing his father when he was a small boy and set out to help the boys in the community by providing them with a safe place to grow up. When Casa Hogar was damaged by Hurricane Odile and the bank gave them 30 days notice, Omar knew he had to act fast. Because of the hurricane, the entry fee for the Bisbee Black & Blue Fishing Tournament was waived, allowing more locals to enter the tournament. Casa Hogar is paired with Captain Wade Malloy (Dennis Quaid), a fisherman whose priorities are out of line.

“Before I got the script, my agent told me it was a true story, and that’s what led me to it,” says Dennis Quaid. “Stories of faith and redemption always make me feel good. And I loved Captain Wade’s character arc – he has to learn his priorities. About what is important in life. It’s not about winning trophies or competitions. It’s about relationships.”

Blue miracle. Dennis Quaid as Captain Wade Malloy, Jimmy Gonzales as Omar in Blue Miracle. Cr. Carlos Rodriguez / NETFLIX © 2020

Fun Facts About Blue Miracle #1: The year Casa Hogar competed, the entry fee for the Bisbee Black & Blue Fishing Tournament was $5,000. This would have immediately denied the orphanage entry but for the damage caused by Hurricane Odile. in the community, an anonymous donor promised to pay an entry fee to any team that agreed to rent a local boat, injecting money into the local economy. Thanks to this donation, Casa Hogar was able to participate and eventually win the tournament.#2: The largest fish caught in Bisbee’s Black & Blue tournament was a 993 pound blue marlin in 1994. The boys’ winning fish weighed 385 pounds.

Is Blue Story A True Story? Inspiration Behind The Film Explored

#3: Omar tied the side of the marlin, not the mouth. Asked if he thought it was rare, the real Omar said: “The boatman was shocked when he saw it, he said it was an absolute miracle, usually the hook comes out!”

#4: Much of the movie was filmed at the Horizon Water Tank, an eight-acre water studio that includes a 60,500-square-foot horizon water tank and a 4,300-foot-deep blue-screen indoor tank. The tank can be filled in just 12 hours – most tanks take days to fill. It is only one of three in the world, the other tanks are located in Malta and Baja.

#5: The Casa Hogar team became the first Mexican team to win the Bisbee Black & Blue tournament. None of the boys had been fishing before. They won $258,325, all of which was used to renovate and expand Casa Hogar, including adding a girls’ program.

Blue Miracle Movie True Story

The heartwarming true story of Casa Hogar unfolds in a film full of faith and community that focuses on fatherhood.

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Blue Miracle True Story: The Real Orphanage & What The Movie Changes

The film tells the story of a group of children and their guardian who turn to competitive fishing to save the orphanage – with a little help from the captain of a washed-up boat.

Hollywood legend Dennis Quaid and The Walking Dead star Jimmy Gonzales lead the cast, and in a recent interview with PureWow, Quaid described the film as “very uplifting and I think it’s what we need these days.”

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Blue Miracle Movie True Story

This film is a dramatization of the true story of Team Casa Hogar, a group of talented players who won their first fishing tournament in 2014 and gave away every penny of their momentous victory.

The Miracle Season

Named after the Mexican orphanage where the members lived, the team consisted of several orphans and their legal guardian, Omar Venegas, who wanted to raise money after Hurricane Odile destroyed Casa Hogar.

The orphans on the team were Juan Anaya, Eduardo Arnaut, Jonathan Bernal, Geovanny Cabanas, Ramon Carmona, Alan Galindo, Jose Galindo and Moises Manriques – and none of them had any fishing experience.

In contrast, the team managed to catch a 385-pound blue marlin at the world-famous Bisbee’s Black & Blue tournament, earning them a top prize of $258,325, all of which went directly to the orphanage fund.

The tournament comes just weeks after Hurricane Odile left about 92 percent of people in the southern half of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula without power and caused widespread damage across the region.

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Before the race, an anonymous donor agreed to pay the entry fees of all the local teams who paid for the use of the boat – and without this charity, Team Casa Hogar would not have been able to compete.

In an interview with Netflix, the real-life Omar Venegas, who himself was responsible for catching the winning fish, said, “I want everyone to have the opportunity to see Casa Hogar and how God does his work.”

Despite being largely based on a true story, there is no indication that Captain Wade Malloy, played by Dennis Quaid, is a real person. According to History vs. Hollywood, this character is actually a highly fictionalized version of a real man named Ernie Cossio, who runs a successful fishing charter business and whose boat Mucho Bueno was used by the Casa Hogar team in the competition.

Blue Miracle Movie True Story

And of course, some real-life elements of the story are also left out of the movie – like how Venegas almost misses the race when he gets into a car accident a few days earlier.

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Speaking about the event, the real Venegas said, “[God] made sure I was in the race. Things happen according to God’s plan. God always gives His blessings in full, He doesn’t just give half.”

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From India to Ireland, we have the perfect holiday for you! Exclusive offers – buy one person, get another person half price and more about the orphanage that was able to catch fish and (spoiler alert) win the 2014 Bisbee Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in Cabo San Lucas.

Bob Bisbee founded Black & Blue in 1981 when Cabo San Lucas – at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula – was a small fishing village. Six boats fished for the first time, but from those humble beginnings it grew into a major event that awarded big bucks to the winners year after year.

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Bisbee kids Wayne and Tricia took over the event in the mid-90s and continued to grow it. Entrants grew to over 100 over several years, and the tournament twice awarded a $3 million check.

But the 2014 Bisbee tournament was unlike any other. Five weeks before the start of Hurricane Odile

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