Bob Marley One Love Coffee

Bob Marley One Love Coffee

Bob Marley One Love Coffee – “A love classic medium roast blend shows floral notes and hints of blueberry, cocoa and spice. This well-rounded coffee excites the palate with a deep cherry finish. Love. life”

Today we’re trying Marley Coffee’s One Love Medium Roast. When it comes to coffee with such a well-known name, checking the company’s availability is always warranted; Is it a marketing tool or does it really affect coffee production? Some might say it doesn’t really matter, but for us, the quality and finesse of the best professional coffees comes from the love and care that goes into creating it.

Bob Marley One Love Coffee

Bob Marley One Love Coffee

A look at Marley Coffee’s (very nicely designed) website reveals that Marley Coffee was founded by Bob Marley’s son, Rohan Marley. Company Mission Statement:

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“Bob Marley’s respect for nature and humanity guided his life, his legacy as a force for good in the world continues through his family and is reflected in every cup of Marley Coffee.”

This bean was purchased on Amazon, of all places, as part of our “Where to Buy Coffee Beans” search. It was also rated very average compared to other “big label” brands on the same platform.

Regular readers will know that we’re a bit obsessed with the packaging of our coffee beans. We make no apologies for that. Designs, artwork, comfort and features all play a role in the complete Bean experience for us. While the designs and artwork are of course fully dressed, there are many other niceties and sometimes essentials that help keep your coffee bean fresh.

Unfortunately, Marley Coffey landed in the middle of the road here. The packaging is beautiful, the information about the beans (although not many experts, of course) and the design of the paper bag indicate that this is an environmentally friendly and elegant packaging.

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The problem here is the way the bag works. There is no removable part, and it was amazing to be able to open the bag by hand without fear of damaging the packaging and spilling our beans all over the place. For the convenience and freshness of the beans, we’d like to give this bag a little extra thought, because it’s cuter than the little knives.

The beans have a wonderful smoky aroma with hints of chocolate and biscuit. Once the scent settles in, it pairs beautifully with the fragrance. The smell of heating really stands out as the main smell in the profile.

Beans were ground in De’Longhi KG79 and Aeropress. After this review, the De’Longhi Magnifica was used for daily use

Bob Marley One Love Coffee

The first breath with these has a nice smoky, caramel flavor. The nuances of our scent profile are gone, but what emerges is a very pleasant cup of coffee. There’s not much in the way of spice, but the roast is very prominent and stands out a bit over the other flavors. There are chocolate biscuits, but the warm, smoky caramel center takes center stage.

One Love Medium Roast Coffee

After a few beans, we weren’t too happy, so this was a pleasant surprise. One thing to note is that these beans were purchased from Amazon of all places. Readers of our blog know that we have mixed feelings about our Amazon purchases. However, one love drank itself too sweet. It didn’t knock our socks off, but it did make for a pretty cool day.

When we opened the bag, we wished there were a bit more smiling characters, but for the price (which is very competitive compared to other major brands) and the convenience of ordering with Amazon Prime for next day delivery, it’s definitely better than average, and the bag’s longevity is a pleasure. We’re surprised they don’t spend less than they do.

Looking at other Marley Coffee experiences, the common theme seems to be focused on the roast rather than the bean. Here, this option pays off in creating an interesting coffee that, while it doesn’t compete with some of the artisanal brews out there, is definitely worth a try, especially if good coffee on a budget is your main concern.

* We do not consider price in our evaluation. With that in mind, the positive aspects of this bean price are not significant. It no longer supports older versions of your web browser to ensure the security of user data. Update to the latest version.

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High quality print that won’t fade after multiple washes.

Bob Marley One Love Coffee

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Marley Coffee’s One Love

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Bob Marley One Love Coffee

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Bob Marley One Love Coffee

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Celebrate Bob Marley’s 75th Birthday With Marley Coffee

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