Breakup Songs To Make You Feel Better

Breakup Songs To Make You Feel Better

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From brooding soul singers to rockers ready to burn love to the ground, these are some of the best heartwarming songs ever written.

Breakup Songs To Make You Feel Better

Breakup Songs To Make You Feel Better

Breakup songs don’t fit into simple patterns because breakups don’t fit into simple patterns. Well, maybe they fit into three or four simple patterns, but we’re talking about very radical extremes of emotion: are you happy, are you sad? Did you drop or drop? Do you want them back or do you never want to see them again?

How Happy Breakup Songs Can Help You Move Forward

Breakup anthems are complex things that run the gamut of emotions. Grief and sadness is definitely a classic. But a few righteous cries of joy mark the end of a bad relationship. Another is a thoughtful reflection on human connection. And others… Frankly, they’re a bit toxic, songs about burning the concept of love to the ground.

The best breakup songs turn raw, universal human emotions into sonic symphonies. In this list, you will find soul-wounded singers and divas who have fallen from the ashes of bad relationships. There are angry rappers and angry rockers. Adele lurks in the shadows of her former location, as is her wont. And among the 55 best breakup songs of all time, you’re sure to find something to relate to. And if that’s too confusing, we’ve got a curated playlist ready to queue up to start your treatment.

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, James claims that he would never see his love again than he would see her gone. What’s more, she’s helpless: she notices that her man is talking to another girl, and just then she realizes how much he cares for her, it’s all over. Throw that feeling into a simple chord progression beautifully crafted by horns, an organ, seamless vocals and James’ soulful performance, and you’ve got the ultimate timeless perfection.

Breakup Songs: Songs About Moving Onhellogiggles

Goth may have scored a hit with the song of the same name, but Goth didn’t catch the fire of Elliott Smith’s broken heart. No one says. The late, great Smith may have sung, “So when I go home, I’ll be glad to go / You’re the only one I’ll ever know,” but he wasn’t fooling anyone: this bare-bones, beautiful track is all heart. It’s sad, even if it’s a kind of neglect, I’m fine. (For proof, just skip to two songs later.

Dolly Parton wrote and recorded the song in 1973 as a sad farewell to her mentor and hero Porter Wagner, and later reprized it in the 1982 musical.

. Although both versions topped the country charts, the song reached its cultural apotheosis in the version from Whitney Houston’s epic 1991 soundtrack.

Breakup Songs To Make You Feel Better

; At the time, it was the top US single in history. In Houston’s uplifting account, the song moves from a quiet introduction, a cappella, to an explosion of gospel nobility and suffering, and then finally to serenity, as if ascending to a state of grace.

Best Breakup Albums For The Brokenhearted

Over a swelling, slow and deliberate melody, the empress of soul calmly and painfully describes the end of her relationship in this heartbreaker. The song is a tribute to a dead union, told from the perspective of a woman who has realized that love alone cannot save a toxic relationship. He ends by saying “Goodbye, my friend, goodbye”, with the trademark shot of Pips lingering in the air like the soulful lament of the ghost of a loved one.

Love hits the wall – specifically, producer Phil Spector’s trademark ‘wall of sound’ – in this blue-eyed soul cry, one of the biggest radio and TV hits of the 20th century. A song by Specter and the Brill Building, featuring hitmaker Barry Mann and Written by Cynthia Weil, it begins with a poignant observation (‘You won’t close your eyes when I kiss your lips’), leading to a raucous conclusion of the chorus. But the song’s slowness and length—in 1964, 3:45 was an eternity for pop radio—give it an aching tenderness that makes its final admonition to claim that cherished sentiment seem hopeful.

Adele literally wrote the book on tear-jerking ballads, and her catalog is like a musical journey through the stages of grief. But on ‘Someone Like You’, Adele is at her most defeated and desperate, as the singer’s attempt to reconnect with a lost love meets a hard wall of reality: He’s moved on. Yes, it’s a bit of a chase — especially as a double feature with “Hello” — but it’s also devastating: There’s the scene in the film where the character chases her lover down a train platform. Only in this movie, she stands alone in the rain and goes to a different happy ending.

Taylor revisited the album in 2021 as an older and wiser singer, dropping the torch in favor of a lighter vocal. Clocking in at 10 minutes, new single ‘All Too Well’ explores Swift’s resentment of her heartbreak at age 21, as she talks about her ex’s double-edged charms, manipulations and beautifications. Provides intensive details. . When releasing the song, Taylor turned the fan favorite into a stunning masterpiece, and although she never confirmed who it was about, perhaps being an actor whose name is associated with ‘Rack Spillin’ Ball’ is a bit of a no-brainer.

Taylor Swift’s Breakup Anthems, Ranked

The late singer spoke volumes about addiction, depression and heartache, but nowhere more brutally than on this soulful torch song that gave the 2007 album its title. Winehouse wrote the single about falling back into bad habits after her public breakup with husband Blake Fielder-Civil. A sad repetition of the word

Smokey may, indeed, be “the life of the party,” but “[he’s] blue on the inside,” folks. Like the best soulful weepers, ‘Tracks’ conveys the pain of longing beautifully and economically. This Summer of ’65 original – a cocktail of Smokey’s golden voice, strings and horns and a single-worthy chorus – still resonates today.

“Doo Wop (That Thing)” is perhaps the standout single from Lauryn Hill’s 1998 Grammy-winning solo debut, The Fugees.

Breakup Songs To Make You Feel Better

But it was the charming and beautiful “X-Factor” that took the disc into the realm of the supernatural. Just below the song’s title, ‘X-Factor’ longs for things to be different, knowing they can’t be, sounding with desperation (‘I’ll tell you’) but with a love that refuses to fade.

Breakup Songs That’ll Help You Get Over Your Ex Asap

You Don’t Matter : Alanis’ fire and fury is the primal cry of a scorned lover, and lines like “And every time I dig my nails into someone else’s back, I hope you feel it” are for anyone who’s ever Want to burn. is noteworthy. Watch the whole relationship and burn it.

, was in a sense a declaration of independence from Gary Goffin, her ex-husband and fellow singer. The album’s first single, “It’s Too Late”, treats the end of a once-loved relationship with bittersweet maturity, strength and a surprising lack of guilt: “Still, I’m happy with what we had / And that’s how I am. I love you was doing.” It’s a song about being real about the end – an erotic rocking song, “I Feel the Earth Move.”

The enduring power of the classic Yeh Yah Yah song lies in its ambiguous expression: the haunting, repetitive chorus (“Oh, say, oh say… wait”) captures the language’s frustration between rejection and acceptance. And as if Karen O’s tearful performance in the music video wasn’t already touching enough – the singer revealed that the tears were completely genuine and was encouraged to film by her then-boyfriend (for whom she wrote the song).

Thank each of your past flames for the lessons learned from those relationships after your breakup with a hit? The phrase “over it” doesn’t seem like enough to go along with this refreshingly angst-free ode. Ariana teaches us all what it means to grow with the grace of this unexpected earworm filled with a surprising amount of wisdom.

Best Sad Breakup Songs To Add To Your Playlist

From time to time, whether hopeful or sad, Otis Redding’s love songs bring us to our knees, like this song (which also includes “These Are My Arms”) from the soul icon’s 1964 debut album for Stax Records’ Vault sub-division. . If you’re really in the mood, mourn Redding’s death in a plane crash at age 26, just three days after recording “Dock of the Bay.”

Is there a song that combines female empowerment and disco schmaltz as powerfully as Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’?

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