Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone – Instagram changed the game when it took inspiration from Snapchat’s Stories feature in its app. Today, millions of stories are uploaded to Instagram every day, and some of them are worth saving.

You can screenshot an Instagram story, but it’s not the best option for video stories. Here’s a quick guide that will show you how to download Instagram stories to your iPhone.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

Using the More option seems convenient, but when you start posting Instagram Stories every day, it becomes difficult to save individual stories.

How To Download Instagram Reels

There is no official way to download other people’s Instagram stories. Therefore, You will have to rely on third party resources. I have made a list of the best apps to help you download Instagram Stories on iPhone.

Shortcuts is one of the most powerful apps on the iPhone. It automates many things on your iPhone and now you can use it to download Instagram Stories.

It takes a little time to set up, but it’s the only app that lets you save stories without leaving the app. In addition, Once it’s set up, it’s available on all your devices thanks to iCloud.

With more and more social media platforms providing stories for their app, It becomes difficult to impersonate different tools to download stories from different social media platforms.

Instagram Video: Everything You Need To Know In 2023

Social Connect is a service that lets you download stories and posts from Instagram and YouTube videos. The app separates videos and photos into different sections.

If you don’t feel like downloading an app or running a shortcut, You may also want to check out Instagram’s online story saving services. There are many sites like and but I found to be the best.

It is an easy and free to use tool to download Instagram Stories. Here’s how to download Instagram Story with StorySaver.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

Hope you can understand how to download Instagram stories on your iPhone. If you’re into collaborating with other Instagram users, you can also check out our list of the best Instagram reposting apps. For more information, go to the Q&A section below.

Cara Download Foto Dan Video Instagram Di Iphone Tanpa Aplikasi

In some cases, You will not be able to download Instagram Story from the above services. This may be because the account is private or protected by these services. In such cases, you can take a screenshot of the story.

Not much, Instagram won’t let anyone know what story you’re saving. You can take screenshots or download stories from the above apps without any worries.

Tell us in the comments below which app or service you think is the best Instagram story saver.

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Sanoj is passionate about everything related to technology and Apple. He currently works as a freelance journalist at iPhoneHacks, writing about comparisons, DIY tutorials; software tips and tricks; How-Tos and iOS; Android I’m exploring macOS and Windows. Steps that can be used by the user to save the video easily to the gallery.

Even when the user is doing live or creating a live story, the user can save the video, edit it, and download it again at any time.

The user juga memeliki samsahaan untuk Mystagikannya pada rakan teman lainnya atas video file Instagram tersebut. Sibagai Pemula, Tinto Method, Traceput Masih Dalam Payangan Saga.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

There are several ways that the user can use to save the Instagram video to the iPhone gallery. Ikoti Langka-Langka Mudhanya Prekot-

Cara Download Video Instagram Dari Aplikasi Hp Dan Software Pc

Namun cara ini hanya akan Membuat video tersebut di Collection saja, tanpa masuk ke galeri iPhone ke Android.

Untuk itu, perlu cara simpan video IG di iPhone yang benar agar video mampu ke galeri tanpa Membutuhkan extra applikasi.

Pertama langkah yang pengupa terapkan adalah mencheri dan milikan video Instagram yang ingin disave. Then find the three-point icon on the upper right corner of the video and click.

Karena di sini adalah cara misputra tanpa menggunakan aplikasi, maka bisa melalui situs pendownloadan. Ketikkan ke dengan browser

Cara Download Foto Video Story Instagram Di Iphone

Ketika halaman utama Save from terbuka, maka tinggal putinkan link yang sudah di previously di kolom yang yang bedapatan. Klik ok, maka nati di pagian bawahnya akan munpul tersebut video.

Cara simpan video IG di iPhone ini dengan rahaina ke halaman video preview. Click on ikon titik tiga pada video dan tinggal pilih download.

This application is not only for saving videos, but also the best photos on Instagram. Untuk itu, ikuti cara berikut totuk download video access mudah.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

Seperti cara awal sebelum, the user can search for the video they want and copy the video link from IG. Jika sudah, maka langjukan dengan filmuka aplikasi Instake Downloader

Cara Mudah Download Gambar Dan Video Di Instagram

Cara simpan video IG di iPhone pakitan Anda telah nadukumnya melalui App Store sahe bisa mengunakanya. Video link IG yang sudah dicopy atau salin, seinara akan segar secara olmatias pada aplikasi tersebut.

Selain mengunakan aplikasi Instake Downloader, mengunakan juga dapat memakai aplikasi InsHand. Aplikasi yang simpel dan mudah untuk mengoperakikannya in the display UI.

By copying the IG video link, just paste the link into the available column and the user can download the video easily and automatically save it to the gallery.

Cara Simpan video file of iPhone’s IG bisa kamu lihat di tabel, untuk link download Meleja Membagikan video tersebut secara mudah dan cepat. Kenny Pingona Besa Menkobanya. (R10 / HR-Online) You don’t need to take screenshots or make screen recordings to save photos and videos from other Instagram users. Although Instagram doesn’t provide an official way to download content posted by others. There are dozens of shortcuts for iPhones that can do just that. But which one should you choose?

Pengen Download Video Dari Instagram? Ini Caranya!

When it comes to your photos and media, there are Instagram-approved ways to store photos and videos on your smartphone. requiring you to back up your data; This includes saving saved stories and so on. However, it is not as easy as it should be. . In addition, These methods will not work on other users’ photos and videos.

There are third party apps that can get the job done. But most of the time it will ask you to download anything to your Instagram account. This is when shortcuts come in handy. We’ve covered “SMD” in the past, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated, and excludes stories and video ads. Then Instasave is actually a solid choice; But today, we’re digging the Instagram download.

Of the 14 new shortcuts made in the last few months, most have been improved; This means they will run even better on Apple’s latest mobile operating system. This shortcut may work on the 13th, but you may run into problems.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

You also need to use shortcuts. If you’ve previously installed it on your iPhone but deleted it, you can reinstall it from the App Store. If you’ve never installed someone else’s shortcut before, Make sure the “Allow untrusted shortcuts” switch is also enabled in Settings -> Shortcuts.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Di Hp Android Dan Iphone

You can get the shortcut created by RoutineHub user Glubyte using the direct link below. You can unplug it from Instagram Download’s RoutineHub page where the shortcut is updated regularly. The latest release as of this writing is version 1.03.

After clicking “Get Shortcut”, the Shortcuts app will open automatically. You will be able to preview shortcut actions. Scroll down to the bottom of the shortcut preview and click Add untrusted shortcut to add it to your library.

After clicking Add Untrusted Shortcut, The Photos app will ask you to configure where your downloaded content is saved. By default, media is added to the “Recent” folder, but you can choose any folder you’ve created (although the content will be in “Recents” because the media was recently added).

Now that you have installed the “Download Instagram” shortcut, You can go to the official Instagram app to download photos and videos (private and public) and (public only) from the accounts you follow. However, The method for downloading a story is different from that for a post; So I’ll break down how each scenario works below.

Cara Download Video Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Dan Facebook Tanpa Watermark Gratis Pakai Hp

To download a photo or video from someone’s Instagram Story you’re viewing; Click the ellipsis (•••) symbol in the upper right; Then select “Share to…” to open the share sheet. Then click “Download Instagram” from the list of actions.

You will be redirected to Safari with a summary of how to download videos and photos for the story. If this is your first time using a shortcut, Long press the “Open Story” option at the bottom of the page and click “Open” from the Quick Actions menu.

You will then be asked to log in to your Instagram account. You’ll need to do this from Safari, not the official Instagram app. Click “Sign In”; Enter your credentials; Log in and enter the two-factor authentication code (if enabled) to access your account.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Iphone

You will now be taken to the story you are trying to download. After signing in to your account for the first time, You won’t need to do this again in the future (unless you change your password or delete your account). Alternatively, you can just click on Open Story (without long pressing) and you will be taken directly to the Story.

Cara Download Video Reels Instagram Dengan Mudah

First, You must pause the story in order to download it.

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