Cara Download Video Di Instagram

Cara Download Video Di Instagram

Cara Download Video Di Instagram – The first app we recommend for saving Instagram videos and photos is InstSaver. Ease of use is one of the advantages of this one app.

Just activate the InstSaver app on your smartphone to find out how to download it. After launching the app, open Instagram and find the video or photo you want to download. Select the three dots icon to the right of the post, then select the share link and copy the URL link.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram

Cara Download Video Di Instagram

The app instantly automatically downloads the content and saves it to your smartphone’s gallery. Unfortunately, we find the InstSaver ads quite annoying. Because ads appear every time the app changes pages.

Cara Download Video Di Ig Tanpa Aplikasi, Mudah Dan Praktis

So if this one app helps you to save your desired Instagram account story. So you can save not only your own tracks but also your friends’ tracks, isn’t that fun?!

Story Saver requires you to log in with your Instagram account. A history list will then appear from the list of monitored accounts. Click on an account and all published stories will be displayed. Then you just have to select the song you want to save.

As we all know Instagram recently launched a feature called Instagram TV or IGTV. This feature allows users to upload videos that are much longer in duration than regular posts. More or less similar to YouTube, except it looks like a portrait.

Now users can download any show they want from IGTV using IGTV Downloader. So you can watch it anytime, anywhere without worrying about running out of space.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Tanpa Aplikasi (situs Online)

Just copy the URL of the IGTV content you want to download. Then paste it in the given column. Then click the download button and voila! IGTV videos are neatly saved in your smartphone gallery. [Page/timBX] How to download videos on IG via Google is often searched because Instagram does not provide a download function. Instagram did this for security reasons to protect the privacy of its users.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in Indonesia and even in the world. On Instagram, you can often find different content such as photos, videos, infographics, and stories.

It is not uncommon for content shared through Instagram to be so inspiring that you are interested in downloading it. For photo content, some people download it with a screenshot.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram

At the same time, especially for video content, it cannot be downloaded using a screenshot, so many Instagram users learn how to download videos from IG.

Cara Mudah Download Video Instagram Via Telegram

How to download Instagram videos without an app? There are different ways to download videos on IG through Google, which can be done without installing additional applications. Here is a list of sites and steps.

SSS Instagram is a download site that allows you to download various Instagram content such as videos, stories, reels, highlights, and photos.

Snap Insta is also a site to download Instagram content such as photos, reels, stories, IGTV and videos. How to download videos from IG via Snap Insta:

The next way to download IG videos is through the SSSSGram website. This method is no different from the previous one, only the name of the site is different, follow these steps.

Rekomendasi Aplikasi Terbaik Untuk Download Video Instagram

SaveFrom is a very popular download site as it is often used to download video content from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

Igram is an Instagram downloader that was launched in 2020 and until now, this site has been frequently used to download Instagram content, one of which is video content. Here’s how to download IG videos via Igram:

Another commonly used Instagram video download site is Instadownloader. You just need to enter the link of the video to download through this site. Here are the instructions:

Cara Download Video Di Instagram

In addition to some of the download sites mentioned earlier, you can also use W3Toys to download Instagram photos and videos. Here are the instructions:

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Via Aplikasi Dan Tanpa Aplikasi

Blastup has a variety of Instagram-related services. You can use Blastup services to increase your likes, views and followers. Apart from this, this site also provides tools to download Instagram photos and videos.

In addition, Instagram videos can be saved using the Downloadvdeosfrom website. On this site, you can save Instagram videos without an app, because it can be done online and, of course, it’s free.

Here are some ways to download videos on IG without Google app that you can use. Of the several ways above, the steps are basically the same, only the website address is different. Which path will you choose now?

Is an online publication that actively discusses Indonesian lifestyle and tourism. Do you want to collaborate? contact us through this page. The Instagram app does not provide a feature to download video content within it. Keep in mind that Instagram users rarely share long videos, with the exception of IGTV and Live Instagram. Fortunately, you can still download Instagram videos with the download app.

Mau Download Video Yang Ada Di Instagram? Ini Dia Caranya

Where this app is a third-party app that lets you download various Instagram videos and then save them to your smartphone memory and enjoy them later. But also pay attention to the type of third-party app used to download Instagram videos.

Make sure you’re using the official Instagram video downloader on the Play Store. Below are several recommendations for the best apps you can use to download Instagram videos.

The first recommended Instagram video downloader app is Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video. Where this app allows users to download Instagram photos and videos through link or link. To do this, you copy the link from Instagram and copy it into the application. The app will then automatically download photos and videos stored directly in your smartphone gallery.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram

In addition, users can share them directly via other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. The features available in this app can be accessed without an account, allowing users to download IGTV, InstaStories and play them offline.

Cara Ambil Video Dari Instagram Tanpa Aplikasi

Then there is FastSave, which is an Instagram video downloader. Using the app itself is also very easy by clicking on the desired Instagram video. In addition, the results of videos downloaded or uploaded through FastSave can provide high-quality HD content, making the picture clear and good.

When you download images or videos through third-party apps, you often get a watermark from the specific app you’re using. Users won’t find anything like this when using Repost for Instagram. Any user can directly download Instagram videos for re-upload through this app.

All you need to do is copy the Instagram video content link and then download it in the required quality. Uniquely, this Instagram video downloader has no paid features, so users don’t have to worry about spending money.

Then there is Story Save for Instagram Video Downloader Store which can be used to save any Instagram video you want. Users can also use the features provided by this app like hashtags and caption generators. Where to use it, just copy the link to the content you want to download. Apart from that, users can use another method shared on Instagram to get the link automatically and download it instantly.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Dengan Mudah Dan Cepat

The last recommended application is Video Downloader – InShot. This app, which is available for free on the Play Store, is under the auspices of InShot Inc, so you can use it to download Instagram videos and then upload them immediately. This way, the download process appears to be a one-touch process.

In addition, this Instagram video downloader also includes a feature to specify where the downloaded content is saved. This allows users to determine how much storage space is allocated to Instagram videos and other files.

These are some of the best Instagram video downloader apps that you can use. One thing to remember is that Instagram video downloaders should only be used for personal use. Please note that the Instagram video content you are downloading is owned by someone else. Therefore, you can create your own Instagram videos with interesting content.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram

For this to happen, of course, you need to have a smartphone equipped with camera specifications and qualified features. You can buy this smartphone online at . There are many smartphones from different well-known brands to choose from that can be customized according to your needs. All you have to do is visit the official website or download the app. Come get your dream smartphone with ease just in. Earlier we showed you how to download Instagram videos from PC without an app, now it’s your turn via Android. You may have seen an Instagram video on YouTube because there is an Instagram account address and then you visit it. But after watching the video content in question, not sure whether to download it.

How To Download Instagram Reels: A Step By Step Guide

Indeed, there are special applications with which we can easily download Instagram videos and photos. But since your smartphone already contains too many apps, you can’t install new apps that burden your Android’s performance. And a few more reasons why we can’t force you to download extra apps.

By downloading the videos we like directly from other people’s Instagram and then saving them to our mobile phone, we can at least save space because the saved videos can be played multiple times without activating the internet data.

In addition to Android users, those using iOS (iPhone) can also follow this method, because later the download will be done through the Savefrom website, which can be accessed from all types of smartphones.

1. The first thing you set first is the Instagram video you want to download. For the first trial, you can just randomly select whether it will or not.

Cara Download Video Instagram Private

2. Next, we need the Instagram video URL, how to go through the three-dot menu at the top of the video tab until the multiple menus of Report, Copy URL, Enable Post Notifications, and Share on WhatsApp appear.

3. After getting the URL, open the browser on your mobile, be it Chrome, Uc Browser, Firefox or any other browser that is already installed on your mobile.

4. When you open a browser, type

Cara Download Video Di Instagram

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