Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop – For those iOS/iPadOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who like to store data like documents, music, photos and so on in the Files app, in this post the admin will share several ways that you can use to move, transfer or copy the Archive app data to your PC, computer, laptop or mac.

There are two ways we can use to transfer data in the Files app from iPhone to a computer, the first is using a data cable (offline) or using iCloud. For large files, it is recommended to use a data cable, otherwise, if the files are small, you can use iCloud for a faster process.

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

This first method is suitable for those who want to transfer data in small sizes, as here we will move, copy or upload the file to your iPhone’s iCloud Drive and then download it through your iCloud account on your computer.

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Check where the file is stored in the “On My iPhone” directory? if so, tap and hold on the file and select Copy, enter the iCloud Drive location, tap and hold anywhere and select Paste; if so, your file is now in iCloud Drive.

#2: If it is now, open a browser on your computer and log into your iCloud account on the following iCloud website:

#4 : Then click on the file you want to move to your computer and click on the Download button (at the top) for example you can see in the image below

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch itself, you can transfer data for certain apps via File Sharing with just one data cable. But unfortunately for now File Sharing feature doesn’t apply to transfer data in File app so for cheating here we will transfer data from File app to File Manager app which is compatible with File Sharing feature , confused? just follow the method below.

Cara Transfer Foto Dari Iphone Ke Mac

#1: First, download an app that supports the file sharing feature on your iPhone, for example, you can use the File Manager app – download it from the App Store

#2: If it was downloaded now, how are we going to move the data to be transferred to the File Manager app?

Tap and hold the desired data, then tap Share and select Copy to File Manager (if there is no other menu, tap Copy to File Manager) and lastly tap Done

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

#3: Now, get your computer or laptop ready and download the iTunes app (not necessary for macOS Catalina users, use the Finder menu).

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop (windows)

#6: Then click File Sharing Menu, then File Manager, then click/select Local Files, and lastly, click Save (for those with small screens, try scrolling down)

Then all you need is to copy the data from File app to File Manager app and then use File Sharing in iTunes app to transfer the data to your computer or laptop.

How easy, right? if you prefer to use the first method with icloud or using file sharing? if the administrator himself is more conditioned, if the file is large, use iTunes is the right choice, if it is small, use iCloud to be more practical and not have to worry about using a data cable.

Well, that’s all the information on how to move Files app data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to your computer, laptop or mac. If you have something to ask or convey, leave it in the comments column below. Of course, some iPhone users are confused when they need to transfer photos to laptop. The reason is that there are some special steps that need to be performed in order for the process to run smoothly. In order not to get confused, it is very important to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop before practicing.

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop »

How to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop? It turns out that there are several steps you can follow as below:

After entering, the first screen will appear “allow the device to access photos and videos on the device” for that you really need to click allow. This will sync the save right into the app. So when you open

This method will speed up the time and make it easier for you to choose which photos to transfer to your laptop without the need for any connection.

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

. If you don’t have the app, you can download it first, then log in using the email address you normally use to log in.

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Once the application is ready, you can enter the iPhone gallery to select which photos will be later transferred to the laptop. Then you can send it directly to

Directly from the laptop. Only then can you download photos that have already been previously uploaded and are automatically stored on your laptop without the need to use any connection.

. You need to know that this feature is already standard on the iPhone so you don’t have to worry about installing any apps to use it. The way it can be done is to be able to enter the iCloud section.

Then select the photos to sync. After that, enter the settings to enable synchronization on the mobile phone. Then automatically the photos stored in the cell phone can be accessed easily via

Cara Terbaik] Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Komputer Ke Iphone

The last method, which is easy but time-consuming, is to use a USB connection. All you need to do is connect the cable to your laptop and allow access to view all data on your iPhone. Continue to enter the storage section to select the photos you are going to move.

. Then you can remove the USB connection after everything is done successfully. But this method was avoided because it takes too long to do.

The first iPhone recommendation that you can use is the iPhone X 64 GB. This cell phone is very good to use because it has a minimalist design and is very modern to use. You will be spoiled with some excellent specs to support peak performance.

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

Even if the size is small, don’t worry because the screen size will still be very comfortable when used for entertainment or work. The interesting thing about this phone is that

Cara Memindahkan Data Iphone Ke Laptop

The second recommended iPhone that you can buy is the Apple iPhone 8 256GB. This cell phone is very good and has an affordable price, so it is very suitable for use by schoolchildren and students. The performance provided is also excellent, so it supports the enchanting needs of multitasking.

As well as storage capacity of up to 2GB and 64GB/256GB for internal memory. Curious to use this iPhone? You can buy it right away for around IDR 3.7 million.

The third no less interesting product to use is the Apple iPhone 7 32gb. You will really like this iPhone because you use it

The storage size offered is also qualified, which is around 2 GB as well as the dimensions of the cell phone that fit in the hand of 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm. This iPhone has a very good responsive side to use, so it really helps support all your activities.

Cara Memindahkan Foto Di Iphone Ke Laptop Windows & Mac

The fourth product recommendation that you might consider purchasing is the Apple iPhone 12 Mini 128GB. You will be very comfortable with the on-screen display because it uses types.

. You will really like the bokeh and contemporary shots. For those interested, you can buy it right away for around IDR 12.4 million.

The fifth product that you can buy is the iPhone 11 Smartphone New Package [128GB]. This mobile operating system uses IOS 13 with

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

Some detailed explanations are the main camera with 12 MP dual camera, f/1.8, 26mm (wide), 1/2.55 inch, 1.4 µm, PDAF, OIS 12 MP, f/2.4, 13mm (ultrawide) and 12 mm front camera. MP, f/2.2. Very suitable for you who often use mobile phones for documentation needs.

Ways To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Ipad

Enjoy the ease of communication with the original iPhone and at an affordable price, of course, only here. There are many benefits waiting for you, from free shipping promotions to everyday discounted product prices. What are you waiting for? Yuks shopping right now!

Addicted to gadgets and technology. My main job is to write clear, concise, and compelling web copy that demands attention. I love playing with my son, indoors or outdoors on the weekend. How to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop is often asked by many iPhone users. Because the iPhone process has a slightly different configuration system than most other smartphones. So here are some ways you can try.

Windows Explorer is a pretty easy way to do this photo transfer process. You don’t even need an internet connection to do this. Well, just take a look at the following ways.

The second way to move photos from iPhone to laptop is to use Google Drive or commonly known as Gdrive. Gdrive is one of the easiest storage media you can try. Here are the steps.

Cara Transfer Foto Dari Iphone Tanpa Itunes

For laptop users running Windows 10 OS, you can move photos from your iPhone using the default app on it. This method is very easy and anti-complicated so that anyone can follow it. just follow these steps.

If some of the above methods are still not satisfactory, you can also try this method. Earlier, make sure you activate iCloud Photos first, then you can use it. Check the steps below.

The last way that can be done is using Google Photos. Indeed, this method requires a long process, but the results will be safely on your laptop. Here are the steps.

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

So, that’s how you moved photos from iPhone to laptop smoothly. In fact, by transferring photos to your laptop, you can also reduce the memory usage a bit so that your iPhone doesn’t slow down. Good luck () How to move files from iPhone to laptop is a very easy matter. Typically, this step is for storing various important data. Even moving files to a laptop is useful for saving iPhone memory, so you should know how to do it.

Cara Memindahkan Foto Dari Iphone Ke Macbook

It is different from a laptop that uses an operating system in the form of a Mac with iCloud capabilities

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