Chop My Money By P Square Ft Akon

Chop My Money By P Square Ft Akon

Chop My Money By P Square Ft Akon – P-Square is one of the best and most popular artists in Africa. Previous singles include Personally, Do Me, Beautiful Onyinye Ft. Rick Ross and Chop My Money ft. Akon & May D. These songs alone have garnered over 60 million views on YouTube.

Now the P-Sqaure brothers (Peter & Nonso) are back with a new song ‘Ejeajo’ featuring American actor T.I. Their brand new album ‘Double Trouble’, which is their only release, has already proved to be a solid hit as it reached number 7 on the iTunes Global Music Chart.

Chop My Money By P Square Ft Akon

Chop My Money By P Square Ft Akon

Although they are the undisputed kings of the afrobeats scene, ‘Ejeajo’ sees them move away from their afro pop sound and expand towards a more disco-funk sound. Ejeajo means ‘let’s dance’ in Yoruba, a description that clearly describes what this song is about. The collaboration with TI adds a real American flavor (with a little nod to Flo Rida’s Shawty drops…) You won’t be slow with this one!

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The reaction to the album in Africa was great and now it’s a hit in the UK so let’s dance!

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Manchester hip hop / rap artist SINNER SERB presents his new single ‘DIOR VILLAIN’ Read more on the blog. My mom can’t know either, let alone my Heavenly Grandma :D.

Late on February 23, a friend of mine known as unilagolodo shared a link to the latest music from Nigerian R&B duo Peter and Paul Okoye (psquare) ft. AKON / MAY D.- CHOP MY MONEY, original song from their overrated album (especially on soundcity) ATTACK. I was so excited that the long awaited song has finally arrived from another Nigerian artist and an international artist. P-SQUARE for that, many of us who are impatiently waiting for their official retirement concert at the famous Eko Hotel and suits (#No Evil)… I immediately jumped on the net to download from Due to the slow internet connection in Nigeria, in the short time I waited to see the download complete, many thoughts were on my mind.

Best Songs About Money

1. Is this another 2face idibia ft R.Kelly *sigh* but I wasn’t sure about their relationship, since p-square and Akon have been seen together in different places, so nothing big about them doing a song together.

2. After D’banj ft BABA AJA (snoop dogg) rap veteran live on MR. Gifted, He (D’banj) quickly became the talk of the continent (if there is such a thing), Every African was proud of him and after months he was signed as GOOD MUSIC and his backbone 😐 Don jazzy. We all admired him, you don’t care what Nigerians go through and you hate COLD suddenly it was hard for him to protest against his country after years on the streets of the UK and later MOBOLOWON (survived. ) – (D’banj’s interview sa sahara Repoters ) hmmmmm aside is this PSQUARE an opportunity to put Africa on the map again? Will there be any more GOOD MUSIC somewhere that would like to sign them since they teamed up with D’banja and JUDE to become another international Nigerian producer?

I am willing to tweet about it, update my bbm and if possible change the ringtone to my favorite song Dami duro by David. In 1 minute I had the song on my laptop, ipad, cell phone ready to enjoy the song wherever I go *sipping Alomo :|* Akon’s intro/verse at 1:15 seconds was spot on as I expected, I immediately updated . My bbm *Akon killed chop my money remix* and within seconds I had to share the song with many big people on my list but after listening to this song more than 6 times, I found myself tired of the song wanna go back to OMO BABA OLOWO (davido) but the question is WHY so soon? I didn’t change the channel when mr. Edwored remix on air :s ….but these were my sad results

Chop My Money By P Square Ft Akon

1. I felt listening to the original Chop my money by psquare ft just MAY ‘D after 1:15 seconds of Akon’s verse.

Story (jazz Version)

2. After 1:15 seconds of Akon (only his voice) I didn’t hear his voice anymore MAIN or Background listening carefully or uploaded the wrong download track? I was confused so I decided to download elsewhere and it made no difference…. I was very angry because the 4:32 minute song was left unchanged after Akon’s 1:15 seconds, which means Akon recorded his spot, sent it to anyone and did something simple in the audio editing by adding the original song 😐 and that’s what you call an international remix qualities? Besides a new verse or a d duo single? … NOT ENUF MADE!!!

3. I decided to check the album art and found that all their pictures (AKON, PETER, PAUL AND MAY’D) are old pictures and taken differently. Let’s not forget that the same images were previously used by May D in a publication (PICTURE ABOVE). So art is lacking at the moment? ….*i fink say Nah fuel GAY REMOVE funding without creativity *

Now I’m really mad looking for ways to express myself, Twitter (only 140 characters), * I think * after a century of delaying starting this blog, I took my program, made this big blog and we’re ready to do it. this number of people :* ….

#pauza I have a new message from unilagolodo ¬–link to the video wow….. 🙂 it is their last chance, now I take this unexpected ……. Just watch and finish this because it’s long and I personally don’t like reading long blogs (LIFEISTOOSHORT) ….video rating 5/10 at least they were with AKON even though he was in ONE place (Club) in the whole video, the content was good , but not very good compared to any Nigerian artists of the past including international artists and it is definitely not their best video… as my grandma would say – BOWO BATI MO LOGUN MO (you can’t do more than this. your strength ) *yawn * after 3:00 am *open your eyes* … ..Finally, Brother Peter and Paul….if you can’t bring back the days SENORITA 😉 , OMOGE MI 🙂 , BIZZY BODY , I AM 🙂 ETC Just focus on developing a talented young man MAYBE YOU CAN NOW bowed down >>>>I talk too much ooo… Thanks for reading the blog for the first time. I am very happy to throw off the yoke….PLEASE WRITE MORE REAL COMMENTS… PLEASE Leave all your comments, I would love to see them a/read the reviews :* and other comments/suggestions too….they are enlightening … .dressed , WHWU!!!

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