Christina Aguilera Songs Feel This Moment

Christina Aguilera Songs Feel This Moment

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Christina Aguilera Songs Feel This Moment

Christina Aguilera Songs Feel This Moment

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Christina Aguilera Songs Feel This Moment

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However, the latest song from Armando Cristian Perez, aka Pitbull, makes this very specific hypothetical reality. With “Feel This Moment,” Pitbull and his long list of writers — Nasri Atoue, Chantal Krujazuk, Adam Messenger, Sir Nolan, DJ Buddha and guest vocalist Christina Aguilera — have crafted an electropop blockbuster about enough glory. And money to do what you want. Many actually have both, all they really need is to bask in the glory of well-funded self-sufficiency.

For the pit bull and his “lucky” lady, the moment in question at first glance seems like a hug of the best without limits. He tells us, “I see the future but live for the moment/…Make dollars now, it’s billions, I’m a genius, it’s brilliant/…I’ve lost a lot, I’ve learned a lot/ But I’m still invincible like Shula/… Baby, we can travel the world/And I can give you everything you see/Time is money/The only difference is that I own/Like a stopwatch, come on time Let’s stop and enjoy this. a moment.”

Pitbull + Christina Aguilera ‘feel This Moment’ With A Ha Frontman Morten Harket At 2013 Billboard Music Awards

As for Christina Aguilera’s contribution to the song’s repeating chorus, she’s busy reaching for her brass ring (or golden trap, as the case may be). “One day while the light shines, I’ll be golden in my castle/But until the gates open/I just want to feel the moment,” she sings.

There, the worst that can be said about him is that he clearly enjoys a lot of privilege, and he wants to share those pleasures with someone special, someone who shares his love of all things good and financially endowed.

An inappropriate boastful shallowness, perhaps. And I could write a whole review about what those things mean and what fans learn from them. But, of course, it doesn’t stop there.

Christina Aguilera Songs Feel This Moment

“Now baby we can talk, or baby we can have fun,” he rhymes. “He reads books, especially about red rooms and ties / I caught him because he saw me in a suit with a red tie.”

Pitbull And Christina Aguilera Perform ‘feel This Moment’ At Billboard Music Awards

The books you read and we need to say which books you want to bring to life. Because those specific literary poems are widely cited as references to E.L. James’ bestselling S&M novel,

Ah-ha, indeed. I guess now we have a hint of what constitutes moments for a pit bull.

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