Christina Ft Pitbull Feel This Moment

Christina Ft Pitbull Feel This Moment

Christina Ft Pitbull Feel This Moment – , which won the BMI Film Award for Music for the creative video for the Weezer remake, A-Ha’s hit song “Take On Me” continues in pop culture.

Recently, the internet is excited to hear that the official music video has reached 1 billion views on YouTube. On Monday, the Los Angeles Times published an article on the song’s rich background and lasting legacy, as well as the video itself.

Christina Ft Pitbull Feel This Moment

Christina Ft Pitbull Feel This Moment

Makes a good point because different styles of music have been used in some of the biggest productions of 2018 including

Feel This Moment Sheet Music

The song has a long history of appearing in TV programs and earlier songs as well. Pitbull’s “Feel This Moment” (released in 2013) features a catchy tune with the brutal beat of “Take On Me,” featuring the vocal talents of singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera.

The song’s inclusion on Pitbull’s soundtrack led to A-Ha’s lead singer Morton Harkett making a surprise appearance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Harkett ended “Feel This Moment” by singing a song from “Take On”. I.”

What’s more, the 1985 song has received numerous treatments, flourishes and covers over the past three and a half decades. One of the most recent and notable covers was Weezer’s “Take On Me,” released in February 2019. The music video attempted rotoscoping like the 1985 original and gave a glimpse of Weezer’s early days.

The iconic cartoon-book-esque monochrome artwork is the biggest artistic feature of the original music video, which was directed by Steve Baron, who has a natural knack for creatively visionary music video projects.

Pitbull Feat. Christina Aguilera

Today, the original music video has become a sensation that has infiltrated the meme culture of social media. Graphic designs of the A-Ha band members are sported on the t-shirts. JibJab, an eCard design website, offers a template that puts your loved one’s face on top of the character in the “Take On Me” music video.

In 2019, “Take On Me” is as strong as ever and continues to be heard and seen on the web.

Now, in the music video’s official description, viewers are told that they can guess when the video reaches 1 billion views for a chance to win two tickets to A-Hana’s concert in Trondheim, Norway on February 7.

Christina Ft Pitbull Feel This Moment

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Christina Ft Pitbull Feel This Moment

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Pitbull Feat Christina Aguilera

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