Comedy Central Stand Up Mexico

Comedy Central Stand Up Mexico

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On some streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, they retain the attention of some local broadcasters to integrate it into their content.

Comedy Central Stand Up Mexico

Comedy Central Stand Up Mexico

More and more people in Mexico are interested in stand-up, because they think it’s a special moment to go on stage with a microphone and make people laugh / Photo: Special. @Manunissima @sofffiaa1 @francoeskamillaoficial

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For some, laughter is one of the most enjoyable moments of the day, a feeling often associated with happiness, while for others it is a singular movement heard around the block called laughter.

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More and more people in Mexico are interested in stand-up, when you come on stage with microphone in hand to provoke spontaneous laughter. On many streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, they have caught the attention of some local broadcasters to integrate it into some content, but where to start?

Undoubtedly, among the first comedians who won the hearts of Mexicans and created the first group of comedians in the country were Polo Polo and El Costeo. Although stand-up has not been practiced in Mexico for as many years as elsewhere in the world, there are already some important figures in the media who have gained international fame and are highly respected in the country.

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Born in Koyakan, he always needed attention and now he is doing comedy. This is the autobiography of Alexis de Anda / Photo: Special @comedycentral

Nowadays stand-up shows in Mexico are an event that attracts more people and although there are no live shows due to covid-19 there are other ways in which you can enjoy and meet new stand-up artists.

For this reason, in El Sol de Hermosillo we share the best stand-up in Mexico so you can enjoy a moment of laughter with family and friends.

Comedy Central Stand Up Mexico

It’s not a traditional stand-up show, comedian Alex Fernandez, originally from Mexico City, has shared some comic routines on his YouTube channel, En Vivo While We’re Alive, where he creates comedy shows. He interacts with people watching him on screen

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On the other hand, Alexis De Anda shares black humor and self-effacement, the goal of the comedian is to share the stories he lives with a touch of grace that will make you want to laugh or cry.

Mexican comedian Sofia Nio de Rivera is still active and is now a mother, and as expected, this experience becomes part of her show, as she jokes about her new adventures as a new mother.

Franco Escamilla is not only a comedian, but also a Mexican voice actor, musician, philanthropist and entrepreneur. His stand-up was always based on the personal experiences of comedians, but he knew how to limit it, because he included all the anecdotes that happened to him, which may seem a little out of place.

Manu NNa has a comedy show that most people love because it is so inclusive and diverse, she knows how to joke about her gender identity and sexual preferences in a very free way, making people laugh and normalizing possibilities at the same time. That which exists so that we can identify ourselves as human beings

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On social networks, users commented on the increase in final ticket prices, even up to 24% to see artists such as Karin Leone and Alejandro Fernandez.

This incident happened this afternoon in El Cote Ejido; State elements withdraw aggression; No one has been arrested

Comedy Central Stand Up Mexico

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Top row, from left: Manu Nana and Sofia Niño de Rivera Bottom row: Ricardo O’Farrill, Franco Escamilla and Alex Fernandez. They are part of the growing stand-up comedy scene in Mexico

Ten years ago, the general consensus was that the term “stand-up”—not to mention the format it denoted—was not widely known in Mexico.

Today, however, the country has a thriving industry centered around “standoperos” (stand-up comics are popularly known), not just live shows but also a content ecosystem including streaming platforms, podcasts, scripted specials and reality shows. Sequences, stage plays, and cameos in theatrical films A decade later, the genre and its practitioners became almost ubiquitous in Mexican entertainment

While Mexico has a long tradition of idiosyncratic humor, the auteur approach that characterizes American stand-up, which draws on personal observation, was largely foreign to older local artists. Their work, for the most part, involves telling jokes or creating cartoon characters for sketches. But that’s changing with Mexican millennials, who are growing up as digital access opens the floodgates to alternative comedy.

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“We are a culturally mixed generation. “We definitely have our Mexican identity, but there’s also a lot of American influence,” said Raul Campos Delgado, the director and producer responsible for Netflix’s first comedy special in Latin America. “We had Cable Generation, Napster, LimeWire, so we started importing content that wasn’t in Mexico before.”

Initially, this wave consisted of small open mic sessions in bars, mainly in Mexico City. There, the cast would frequently test material for an audience of mostly fellow comedians Others set up workshops specifically to teach stand-up And when they build a subculture from the ground up, a community is born

Comedian Sofia Niño de Rivera was one of the pioneers of the Mexican stand-up comedy scene: I could set my own rules from the beginning, he says.

Comedy Central Stand Up Mexico

“It was a really exciting time where most of us weren’t looking at stand-up as a career,” recalls comedian Alex Fernandez, a former office worker with two Netflix specials to his name, including Personal and The World Movement. “World’s Greatest Comedian”). “No desire to be famous We are just a few talking foolishly among ourselves. “

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One of these pioneers and the first woman to gain major recognition in the Mexican stand-up space was Sofia Niño de Rivera, who is cited as another comic mentor in those early days. Because the genre is relatively new, Niño de Rivera said the challenges she faced in the field as a woman were minimal, as it was not yet a male-dominated space — not dominated by anyone. “Being one of the first women here, I was able to set my own rules from the start,” she explains.

Indeed, stand-up routines represent a monumental shift in the role of comedy in Mexican political discourse. Broadcasting taboo topics on television, which is dominated by Televisa and TV Azteca, range from calling out outdated policies to confronting stereotypical depictions of homosexuality.

Comedian Manu Nana often used to talk about his daily life in a homophobic society.

Manu Nana, the first openly gay Latin American to feature in a Netflix comedy special, frequently uses this to talk about his daily life in a homophobic society, and finding humor in trauma is an integral part of his approach. Formally trained as a theater actor, he incorporates his love of soap operas, cabaret and melodrama into his every work. “From the first day I started doing stand-up, I decided to talk about homosexuality. I have nothing to hide I always say, ‘I’m a comedian and I’m gay.’ “My comedy comes from that experience,” said Nana. “I think it’s very important to use comedy to debunk what we’re dealing with Our responsibility is to make people laugh while speaking on stage for our visibility

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Discussions of hot topics in Mexican comedy, like those in the United States, were sometimes controversial, which did not stop commercial interests. Since around 2012, cable networks such as Televisa’s Unicable and Comedy Central have sought to capitalize on the popularity of the new country style — which often goes viral on social media platforms — with programming to highlight up-and-coming voices. UNICABLE “STANDparados” and “Stand-Up Comedy Central Show”.

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