Comedy Central Stand Up Videos

Comedy Central Stand Up Videos

Comedy Central Stand Up Videos – 01:55 S1 E9 Central Comedy Show Josh Johnson – Life as a Non-Alpha Male Josh Johnson talks about who he is (and the possibility of being attacked by a marsupial). October 14, 2017

02:04 S1 E9-centric comedy indie shows Josh Johnson – The theater kid on the Josh Johnson football team learned the hard way that his theatrical background didn’t prepare him for it. football team. October 14, 2017

Comedy Central Stand Up Videos

Comedy Central Stand Up Videos

01:56 Comedy Central Stand-Up Gift S1 E10 Sam Jay – No wonder White Men Like “Mad Men” Sam Jay didn’t understand what disgruntled white men were complaining about until he She watched the first three seasons of “Mad Men”. October 14, 2017

Celebrating Women Of Comedy

02:06 S1 E10 Referral Center Comedy Standout Sam Jay – White man’s trouble – Sam Jay has no problem with all white people — he just has a problem with cheating on whites white. October 14, 2017

01:38 Comedy Center Stand-Up Presents S1 E11 Joel Kim Booster – Growing up at home going to school Joel Kim Booster has been homeschooling since the age of 16, which may contribute to his knowledge gap him today. October 21, 2017

02:16 S1 E11 Presentation Center Comedy Joel Kim Booster – Life After Divorce – Uncensored Joel Kim Booster is having trouble adjusting to single life since the end of his 8-year relationship . October 21, 2017

01:43 S1 E12 Presentation Center Comedy Solomon Georgio – Life After the 2016 Election – Uncensored Although 2017 was a tough year for many, Solomon Georgio is having a great time. October 21, 2017

Jenny Zigrino “comedy Central Stand Up Featuring” Performance

02:10 Comedy Stand-Up Center Gift S1 E12 Solomon Georgio – Gay Sex App – No Censorship October 21, 2017

01:15 Comedy Center Stand-Up Presents S1 E13 Adam Cayton-Holland – Slurpees & Condoms – Uncensored Adam Cayton-Holland (and the rest of America) took advantage of 7-Eleven’s Slurpee promotion. October 28, 2017

01:21 Comedy Center Stand-Up Presents S1 E13 Adam Cayton-Holland – Colorado Chill – Uncensored Adam Cayton-Holland recounts the best Colorado catchphrases he heard from others. October 28, 2017

Comedy Central Stand Up Videos

04:17 Comedy Center Stand-Up Presents S2 E1 Langston Kerman – The Only Kid Who Fallen From D.A.R.E. – Langston Kerman Uncensored thinks he might be the only one really listening to D.A.R.E.’s anti-drug campaign. September 25, 2018

Comedy Central Stand Up Presents

04:50 Comedy Center Stand-Up Presents S2 E2 Megan Gailey – How Not to Kill – Uncensored Megan Gailey shares her pointless plan to stop murder, then breaks her complicated feelings about man and his orders. September 26, 2018

Sneak Peek04:12Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents S2 E4 Emmy Blotnick – Pop Is A Lie – Uncensored Emmy Blotnick is forced to reevaluate her sexuality after learning about Max Martin, the Swedish musician, who possesses ‘responsibility alone in modern pop music. 10/03/2018

04:44 Comedy Stand-Up Center Presents S2 E6 Chris Garcia – Solutions to Drug-Based Exercise, The crooked tooth trade and thoughts in Cuba – Uncensored Chris Garcia finds new excuses to go to the gym, refuse to be the crooked salesman, and explain why he is. going to visit Cuba. September 10, 2018

Sneak peek04:32 S2 E8 Referral Center Comedy Featured Sarah Tiana – Chivalry Doesn’t Die – Uncensored Sarah Tiana explains how tough a men’s and women’s dinner party can be. October 17, 2018

Comedy Central Stand Up Presents 105 Act 2

05:16 Comedy Center Comedy Stand Up Presents S2 E9 Mike Lawrence – The Sai People Are Deported – Uncensored Mike Lawrence shares his thoughts on the 2016 presidential election, deciding who should be expelled from the US and unmasking the real person -evil in “The Lion King”. .” October 23, 2018

Trailer 00:30South Park S26 There’s No Place Like South Park Feel at home in the new season of South Park, which premieres Wednesday, February 8 at 9/10. January 26, 2023

Mike Judge’s 00:15Beavis & Butt-Head Trailer Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butt-Head Your Texas favorite is back and ready for more chaotic situations when Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butt-Head arrives on Wednesday, February 8 at 10:30/9:30c. January 26, 2023

Comedy Central Stand Up Videos

Trailer 00:15South Park S26 Get ready for new South Park adventures Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny return for a new season of South Park, starting Wednesday, February 8 at 9/ ten. 23/01/2023

Comedy Returns With Comedy Central Stand Up Featuring

Trailer01:00 Fire and Full Moon Rekindle New Terror in the Wolves A California wildfire awakens a wolf, but a group of curious teenagers — once bitten — won’t shy away from the threat of destruction. Killing of the Wolves, airing January 26 on Paramount+. 12/10/2022

Trailer02:29 A Familiar Face Returns in Teen Wolf: The Movie Derek Hale fights for his life when a hunter chases him and his son Eli in Teen Wolf: The Movie, which premieres Monday Year, January 26, 2023 on Paramount+. 12/10/2022Full Ep05:33Comedy Central Stand-Up with S1 • E12 Stavros Halkias – No One Had Sex in the 50s – Unfiltered. February 15, 2019

Full Ep02:28 Comedy Center Stand-Up With S1 • E13 Martin Urbano – When Your Joke Insults You’re Still a Good Person If you don’t believe Martin Urbano is a good guy, look at his hat. 22/02/2019

Full Ep04:24 Featured Comedy S1 • E14 Chris Cotton – 23andMe and Ancestors will use your DNA to clone you – uncensored 23andMe will do no different to your genetic worth in a country ? 22/02/2019

Matt Ryan

Full Ep06:20 Featured Comedy Center S2 • E1 Kiry Shabazz – “Home Alone” Is A Survival Guide – Uncensored Kiry Shabazz Can’t Understand Why Everyone Laughs At “Home Alone,” Protects separation distinction of the lunch table and feel earned . in a debate about Donald Trump. 01/03/2019

Full Ep07:00Comedy Central Stand-Up With S2 • E2 Caleb Synan – When Your Dad Sends You the Eggplant Emoji – Uncensored Caleb Synan shares suggested passages from his father, doubts his parents’ ability to deceive God and says he “shrugs off” after urinating and doing nothing 01/03/2019

Full Ep04:48Comedy Central Stand-Up With S2 • E3 Vanessa Gonzalez – In The Teeth Market Vanessa Gonzalez names the gift she loves more than an engagement ring and swears she’s fine when her boyfriend texts his girlfriend his. 03/08/2019

Comedy Central Stand Up Videos

Full Ep06:38Comedy Central Stand-Up with S2 • E4 Ron Taylor – Tinder is not for friends – uncensored Ron Taylor speaks out against racism, confronts women who use Tinder to make friends and wonders What was the use of his public school? he. 03/08/2019

Stand Up Comedy Scene Blossoms In Saudi Arabia

Full Ep07:56Comedy Central Stand-Up Highlights S2 • E5 Brendan Scannell – All 11 year olds are queens of the band – Uncensored Brendan Scannell brags that he knows about Mike Pence before anyone else and wonders why the 4th graders who follow her on Instagram are always saying, “Kill it, kween.” March 15, 2019

Full Ep06:03 Featured Central Comedy S2 • E6 Gavin Matts – Should Everyone Die At 40? – Unfiltered Gavin Matts says people shouldn’t live past 40 and remembers how upset he was with his girlfriend when she used sex toys. March 15, 2019

Full Ep04:43Comedy Central Stand-Up Included S2 • E7 Paige Weldon – Know the difference between flirting and customer service – Uncensored Paige Weldon explains how she struggled to distinguish between flirting and good customer service and wonder why men don’t have hand towels. 22/03/2019

Full Ep04:58Comedy Central Stand-Up With S2 • E8 Patti Harrison – Performs a song for Dua Lipa – Uncensored Patti Harrison performs a controversial song that she wrote but was rejected by Dua Lipa’s team. 22/03/2019

Comedy Central Stand Up Presents Season 8: Where To Watch Every Episode

Full Ep04:22Comedy Central Stand-Up Includes S2 • E9 Dave Ross – Buys a Gas Station Chicken – Uncensored Dave Ross recalls buying a bucket of fried chicken at a gas station in Florida and then fighting someone who tried to steal it. March 29, 2019

Full Ep05:59Comedy Central Stand-Up Highlights S2 • E10 Chase Bernstein – He’s Not Very Good With Clocks – Uncensored Chase Bernstein admits he has difficulty using analog clocks to tell the time and overcomes frustration with people who do. bread. March 29, 2019

Full Ep07:08Comedy Central Stand-Up Starring S2 • E12 Danny Jolles – The Rock is the Greatest Alive Alive – Uncensored Danny Jolles defends his passion for professional wrestling, confirms The Rock as an actor awesome and talk about the first time he was bullied. 04/04/2019

Comedy Central Stand Up Videos

Ep06:14 S2 Center Comedy Highlights • Jordan Temple E11 – Is Oprah evil? Jordan Temple refutes Facebook fights and recalls how Oprah betrayed her to Frank Sinatra. 04/04/2019

How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

Full Ep05:06 Featured Comedy Center S2 • E13 Biniam Bizuneh – Antidepressant Ad for Blacks – Uncensored Biniam Bizuneh recalls his family’s unique American tradition and shares his idea for an ad antidepressant aimed at black audiences. 04/11/2019

Full Ep03:33 Featured Central Comedy S2 • E14 Babs Gray – Lying is a great way to raise one’s self-esteem. Shape. 04/11/2019

Full Ep09:00 Central standout comedy starring S3 • E1 Ali Siddiq – Why does the white neighbor keep falling off the roof? – Uncensored Ali Siddiq describes the epidemic of white neighbors falling from their roofs and explains why he thinks the US-Mexico border wall is a terrible idea. May 17, 2019

Full Ep07:16 Comedy Center Stand-Up S3 • E2 Dusty Slay –

Comedy Central Presents Standup 3000

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