Convert A Wav File To Mp3 Free

Convert A Wav File To Mp3 Free

Convert A Wav File To Mp3 Free – So, you’ve recorded some audio for your latest podcast The only problem is, it’s a WAV file How to convert WAV to MP3? The good news is, there are different options, and none of them are difficult In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best path for your needs and workflow Before we do that, though, there are a few questions we need to answer

Simply put – size and quality WAV files are larger in size, and they contain more detail This means that audio in WAV format has the potential to sound good – but converting your WAV to MP3 will be unknown to all but the most experienced sound engineer. However, when we only work with spoken word audio, it is very difficult to find the difference Most people just can’t

Convert A Wav File To Mp3 Free

Convert A Wav File To Mp3 Free

Actually, let’s test it Here’s a clip from one of our podcast episodes One in its original WAV form, the other converted to MP3 WAV is 14 times the file size of MP3 But can you tell which one?

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This is why podcasters upload MP3 files when publishing their shows The files are small, which means listeners can download them to their phones without eating up all their data Again, looking at a recent podcast episode, the final MP3 was under 13,000kb, while the same version in WAV form would be over 207,000kb. It’s about 16 times the size!

There is also a quality scale about the MP3 files themselves The general rule applies – the larger the file size, the more room there is for better quality sound

An MP3s “bitrate” or “kbps” will tell you about its general size and audio quality The traditional “CD standard” was the 128kbps – 192kbps mark An audio drama producer might choose one of these bitrates for his final episode, but most spoken word podcasters can drop to 96kpbs. In the two example files above, the MP3 version (whatever it was, incidentally – can you tell?) is only 96kbps, which is considered low quality by many. On the one hand, one of the world’s most famous podcasters, Mark Marvin, publishes his episodes at a minimum of 64kbps. Looks like he means no harm!

We now know the difference between the two, and some different size and quality options with MP3 It’s time to look at some options for conversion

Wav File Extension

Your podcast hosting provider is where you upload and publish your episodes Some boast their policy of “what you upload, your audience downloads”, others take a “wait, let’s make it better for you” approach. Neither right nor wrong: it’s entirely about what works best for you

As podcasting becomes more popular, few people are interested in learning the ins and outs of things like audio formats and optimal bitrates. So, if you upload a WAV file to hosting provider Buzzsprout, they will automatically convert it to 96kbps MP3 for you. If your show has a lot of music, sound effects and other audio elements you can use their “Magic Mastering” feature to automatically create a high-quality MP3 (192kbps).

Buzzsprout is not alone in this I initially tried uploading my audio samples to this article via Transistor, and it automatically converted WAV to MP3. I could stop writing here 😀

Convert A Wav File To Mp3 Free

Buzzsprout and Transistor are two of our recommended podcast hosting providers You may find this roundup useful if you’re choosing a home for your show, but it’s probably not a reason to switch podcast hosts. There are other options…

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There are many different podcast editing software options out there these days A long-serving and popular option is Adacity Adventure is free, and it can do nothing If you drag a WAV file into Audacity, you can do whatever you need with it (edit, reduce noise, compress, etc.) then click File > Export as MP3. You’ll be asked to select a bitrate, which we’ve already talked about, but that’s really it It’s not very intuitive or easy on the eye, and it can be quite intimidating for a complete beginner If you have a look and don’t think it’s for you, another option is Alitoo

Alitu is our very own ‘Podcast Maker’ web app, and it’s designed to make podcast editing and production easy and as automated as possible.

For example, I talked about noise reduction and noise compression With Alitu, you don’t have to think about it – it’s all done automatically You’ll need to manually cut out any errors or unwanted bits in your audio, but Alitoo’s tools and interface make it easier than navigating your average social media website. Here’s how to create a podcast with Alito for a more detailed look around the tool Bottom line, though, Alitoo will automatically convert WAV to MP3 for you before publishing In fact, you don’t even need to

You can upload your finished file to most hosting providers directly within the Alito interface

How To Convert Audio Files To Mp3

Honestly, there are a few reasons why this is your best option in 2021 However, you can easily convert WAV to MP3 if you are already using VLC media player or iTunes desktop app.

, then select MP3 Encoder Next, highlight the WAV file you want to convert to your iTunes library, and hit .

As I say, both are very simple, but probably neither app is worth downloading if you don’t use them. There are many good options

Convert A Wav File To Mp3 Free

WAV files are great source material, but think of them as your original painting, and the MP3 version as a printout of that painting that will be distributed to your audience.

Wav To Txt

You can export your finished episode as an MP3 to the podcast editing software you use. Typically, these programs are Audacity and Adobe Audition

Already using iTunes or VLC media player on your desktop? You can convert WAV to MP3 files quickly and easily

Finally (and easiest), you can probably use a tool or platform that will do this conversion for you For example, if you do your editing and production through Alitoo, or if you host on a provider like Transistor or BuzzProot, the WAV to MP3 conversion will be automatic!

At PoDraft Academy you’ll find all our courses, from planning and exposure to editing, interviewing and development. We have downloadable templates and checklists on top of that, and we also run weekly live question and answer sessions.

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There is no “best” podcast editing software option, because everyone is different. In this post, find an option for you!

Want to hire a podcast producer but don’t know where to start? Our podcast production directory has options for every need, desire, and budget!

Ever wonder about podcast volume levels, and how loud a podcast episode should really be? Our complete guide to podcast audio

Convert A Wav File To Mp3 Free

Matthew is a writer and audio producer who enjoys podcasting and storytelling He has over 12 years of experience… If you’re creating your own music, podcasts, or just a collection of music in WAV format, you’re probably aware of one notable drawback of this file format – the audio files there are. Also, what do you do if you want to share a file and a player or online platform only works with MP3s? Of course, you convert WAV to MP3

Best Online Mp3 Converter

As you already understood, you can’t just change the .wav to .mp3 extension on your file and call it a day, you need a WAV to MP3 converter. Luckily, we have just the tool for you

Both WAV and MP3 are file formats for music and audio, so what’s the difference between them that you want to convert? It’s mostly about file size

You see, WAV is a compressed file format while MP3 is compressed This makes the MP3 format more compact in size, which means it is more suitable for wider distribution and casual listening. And since high-quality MP3 files allow devices to reproduce tracks that sound great, it only makes sense to downsize.

Why record in WAV, you ask? The thing is, WAVs are great for editing music and podcasts – those times when you want to keep the highest quality, incredibly detailed sound and want to tweak and edit everything. Note that hearing all the audio nuances requires advanced equipment to reproduce the recorded sound, not just high-fidelity WAV.

Hd Audio Converter Iso Dff Dsf Flac Wav Aiff Mp3

Universal converter and advanced media player, all in one suite Access the best curated collection of apps

As we said, there are WAV files

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