Convert Wma To Mp3 Mac

Convert Wma To Mp3 Mac

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In order to play WMA files on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices without any compatibility issues, iTunes MP3 conversion is required. The conversion can be done using iTunes itself or using any third-party application. Both methods have their own advantages and the choice can be made based on your file and conversion requirements. Learn how to convert WMA to MP3 on iTunes and how to use other programs in the following sections of the topic.

Convert Wma To Mp3 Mac

Convert Wma To Mp3 Mac

While iTunes is primarily used to manage multimedia files on Apple devices, the program supports several other functions as well. One of these features is the conversion of WMA files to MP3 and other compatible formats. While the program converts one file at a time and doesn’t let you specify an output folder, the process is quick and easy, requiring no extra software.

How To Convert Apple Music To Mp3 On Mac?

Step 1: Open iTunes on your system. To change import options, click in the menu bar and select Edit > Options.

Step 2: A new General Settings popup will open, select the General tab in it. Click the “Import Settings” button and a new window will open. Here, expand the drop-down menu under the “Import Using:” tab. Select an MP3 encoding option. Also select the file quality in the “Settings:” tab. Pressing the OK button will confirm the setting.

Step 3: Next, find the file you want to convert in your iTunes library. You can also add local files by choosing File > Add File to Library.

Step 4: Then right-click the file name and select “Create MP3 Version”. Alternatively, you can select the file, then choose File > Convert > Make MP3 Version. iTunes will create an MP3 version of your WMA file, and both files will be saved to your library. You can check the file type by right-clicking on the file and selecting the “Get Info” option.

Simple And Quick Ways To Convert Wma To Mp3 On Mac

As we discussed above, iTunes is a simple tool for converting WMA to MP3, but the program only lets you work on one file at a time, there are no editing features, and you can’t choose where to save the file. So, if you are looking for a professional software that can convert multiple files in high quality with additional features, UniConverter is the best tool for you.

This versatile program supports conversion of all major video formats to over 1,000 device-specific formats and files. With batch processing support, multiple files can be processed simultaneously without loss of quality. Files to convert can be added from the system or directly from the device. The program also supports the feature of automatically adding the converted files to your iTunes account. The software also supports transferring files to various devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc.

Download, install and run the software on your system. In the main interface of the software, insert the desired WMA into your system and select the “Convert” section in the main interface of the software.

Convert Wma To Mp3 Mac

After adding all WNAs to the program interface, open the drop-down list on the “Convert All Files To” tab in the upper right corner. A popup will appear listing supported formats and devices. Under Devices, select MP3.

Ways To Convert Wma To Mp3 On Mac Flawlessly 2023

Clicking the “Convert All” button will start converting your WMA media to an iTunes compatible format. After the conversion is complete, the program will automatically save the file to your iTunes account.

So, to answer your question about how to convert WMA to MP3 for iTunes, use UniConverter. The software not only helps you convert files to lossless media, but also supports fast and easy transfer to the device of your choice.

If you can’t play CDA files, don’t worry! Here you will find 4 practical ways to convert CDA to MP3. Let’s check it out now!

This article will help you convert your video and audio podcasts to MP3 files so you can organize them in your iTunes Music folder instead of your Podcasts folder.

How To Convert Wma Files To Mp3?

Want to convert MP3 to MOV to play the file in QuickTime? Check out this article for the 7 easiest ways

Do you know how to convert MP3 to iTunes format? This article is well written and provides you with an easy way to convert MP3 files to iTunes. Go check it out! You may have recently switched from Windows to Mac and have a lot of WMA audio files that need to be transferred to iPod touch 4, only to be told that the WMA format is not compatible with iPod. Click 4. don’t worry. There are various options for converting WMA files to MP3 on Mac.

EaseUS Video Converter enables you to easily convert video and audio files to any desired format. With advanced conversion technology, it can convert and compress multiple video files in one package with high quality. It supports a variety of video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, M4V, WebM, and FLV. You can also use it to compress videos for Facebook if you want.

Convert Wma To Mp3 Mac

Besides video, it also supports converting MP3 or any other audio to various video formats for use on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter that do not allow audio. Whether you want to convert audio to audio or extract audio tracks from videos, it will be a good choice.

Easy Mp3 Converter Pro 2.9.0

Now let’s download it to your computer and follow the steps below to convert WMA to MP3 on Mac.

Step 1: Launch EaseUS Video Converter on your computer and select the “Audio Converter” option on the left panel. Then add or drag audio files to the conversion area.

Step 2: Click on the settings icon to open a new window where you can select “Audio” from the top menu. Then you can choose MP3 or other audio formats as the output format. Also, you can choose the quality according to your needs.

Step 3: Then return to the previous interface and click the “Convert All” button to start the conversion.

Wma Player For Mac

Mac users can use iTunes to convert WMA to MP3. We all know that iTunes is a built-in program in Mac operating system for playing media files. You can also convert WMA to MP3 with iTunes conveniently. Here are some step-by-step methods to help you out;

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac. Don’t forget to update iTunes to the latest version to make sure it works properly.

Step 2: Browse for WMA files in the music playlist. If you don’t have a WMA file, you can also add it to your music library.

Convert Wma To Mp3 Mac

If you don’t want to install third-party software on your computer, using an online converter to convert WMA to MP3 is a good choice. There are many such converters on the market, below we have selected some of the best ones for you.

Best Wma To Mp3 Converters For Windows/mac/online

CloudConvert is a WMA converter for Mac that can convert WMA to MP3, AAC, AIFF, M4A, WAV and more. It can also handle videos, documents, images, eBooks, spreadsheets and other file types. Because the free account is limited to only five conversions at the same time, and the input file cannot exceed 1GB, it is not suitable for converting video files).

Convertio is a free online WMA to MP3 converter that supports more than 200 video and audio formats and can be accessed from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or even via URL. You can use Convertio to convert WMA to MP3 in minutes by following these simple steps.

FFmpeg is a versatile library for recording, streaming and transcoding media files. It is used to convert one audio and video file format to another. It also allows you to convert multiple files, change codecs and add subtitles, etc. You must be flexible with instructions. However, if you are not familiar with encoding techniques, you should avoid FFmpeg.

Step 3. Enter the command -I xxx.wma -map 0 xxx.mp3 or -I xxx.wma xxx.mp3. Note that the WMA file is the input audio and the output MP3 file can be named anything, eg sample-audio.mp3.

Top 8 Best Converters To Convert Mov To Mp3 On Windows/mac

Step 4: Press “Enter” on your keyboard to start transcoding, and the converted MP3 will be saved in your Mac’s home directory.

If you want to learn more about WMA and MP3 files, here are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.

Answer: Yes, you can follow the steps below to convert WMA to MP3 in Windows Media Player.

Convert Wma To Mp3 Mac

Step 3. Then choose MP3 as the format and specify where you want the song copied to.

Free] How To Convert Wma To Mp3 By Using Itunes

You can convert WMA to MP3 on Android using an app like WMA to MP3 Video Converter, which is available on the Google Play Store.

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