Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This – We want to avoid pain at all costs, but sometimes life throws a ball that hits us right in the face and knocks us off our feet. The air is sucked out of us and all we can do is whisper, “God, please help me with this!”

This is a simple prayer that you can use as a springboard to get back on your feet and get back on track!

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

Thank you for this day. Thank you for loving me, for giving me mercy, for working faithfully in my heart even in the darkest times.

Prayers For The Sad Heart

Help me focus and focus on you instead of the circumstances around me. Help me to see myself as you are – I am the beloved daughter of the King of kings. Speak quietly to me. Calm my soul. Heal my heart. Give me an understanding of your purpose for today. Gently lead me out of this well. I’m in pain and I need your help.

Put the right person in my path today; someone who talks to me about life and encouragement. Help me open my eyes to someone I can bless today. Let your strength shine upon me in this dark time of my life. Help me to be your hands and feet even when I feel broken and weak. I know you are my strength.

I pray Philippians 4:7 today, knowing that your peace surpasses all my thoughts and that you guard my heart. Help me renew my mind. Lord, keep my thoughts; I offer it to you. Change me.

I also pray Philippians 4:8. Help me to focus on what is true, honorable, right, pure, beautiful, wonderful, and honorable. Help me to think about these things and catch any thoughts that conflict with your expectations of me.

Thank You For Waking Me Up Today

Help me take Philippians 4:19 to heart and be sure that You will meet my needs—all my needs—physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Thank you for your grace working in my life and help me to rejoice in you today. He is holy, just, loving and powerful in my life. Thank you for the peace. Thank you for the mercies that you renew every morning. Thank you for encouraging me today.

Do you feel the Lord pulling your heart to pray longer? Then continue! Add more rows. Open your heart to him!

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

Psalm 34:4 – I sought Jehovah, and he answered me; he saved me from all my fears.

Lord, Please Watch Over My Family And Friends! Amen 🙏

Psalm 86:15 – Lord, God is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, great in love and faithful.

Psalm 91:4 – He covers me with his feathers, and I lean under his wings; His word of truth is my shield and shield.

Isaiah 43:1 RSCB – And now, says the Lord who created me and who created me: Fear not, for I have redeemed you. You are me.

As it is difficult to find the words to pray in these difficult times, I have learned the value of writing the Bible as well as writing down my thoughts on paper. A good place to start is the 31-day Time With God Toolkit.

Dear God Please Help Me

Instead of feeling lost and like you don’t know where to start, you’ll feel like you have a game plan and an outline for your time with God each day. You can write down these Bible verses and your prayers for a few minutes here and there to come back to them later.

There is also a regular survey so you can mark your progress every day. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’ve accomplished something

What helped you in those times when you cried out, “God, please help me with this” — I’d love to hear your testimony!

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

Our weekly prayer journal comes to your email and is fully printable so you can print as often as you like. It is beautiful and will help inspire you to dig deeper in prayer. Get it here.

Dear God, Today I Just Want To Thank You For This Beautiful Life And Forgive Me

Hi, I’m Jaime. With my master’s degree in leadership and church work, with more than 20 years of ministry experience (where I worked as a pastor’s wife, lead preacher, docent, etc.), I am on a mission to come with you. we can grow together in our faith journey. If you’ve been looking for a good quote to cheer you up and get you through the tough times, you’ve come to the right page!

You will love hearing my collection of inspirational quotes that God gave me powerful quotes that helped me through the hardest times and I hope you will too.

Not long ago I was going through one of the hardest times of my life. There were times when I thought I wouldn’t make it. I was so sad I wanted to die. But here I am, alive and stronger than ever!

What helped me the most was reading inspirational quotes and God gave me the power of prayer quotes. Words have great power and can lift us up more than you can imagine.

Best Prayers For Healing — Powerful Prayers To Heal & Recover

If you are in the same situation and looking for inspiration and encouragement to help you through life’s trials, spiritual quotes can be very helpful.

In this article you will find a collection of encouragement and God’s encouragement to give me strong quotes to help you pick yourself up and keep going.

I’ll start with the top 10 God Gives Me Powerful Quotes that I like the most. Look!

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

1. “God is always with us and gives us the strength to face life’s difficulties.” – Wendell E. Mettey

Best Prayers For Anxiety

2. “Oh God! Give me the strength to face today’s challenges so that I can make a better version of myself.” – Sejal

3. “May God give me the strength to rise when I fall – and the grace to forgive those who pushed me.” – Nishan Panwar

4. “Ask God to give you the strength to endure and be sure that He will take care of you.” – Joel Osteen

7. “I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced to that.” – Maya Angelou

Dear God Grant Me A Beautiful Heart, Body And Mind

8. “The heights I scale are great, but the hope of glory makes me strong.” – Features

9. “I will continue as long as I have health and strength and God gives me the will.” – Sharon Jones

2. “May God give me the strength to continue. You are the answer to my prayers, the calm after the storm, and the answer to my problems.

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

5. “God, I’ve done my best, but if it’s today, I’m hopeless. Please tell me that you have plans beyond my wildest dreams.”

Dear God, Please Forgive Me When I Get Impatient. Help Me To See You Work In The Trial And Choose To Depend On Your Strength Instead Of My Own. Amen

6. “May God give me the strength to go through these untrodden paths of life! Give me the knowledge and understanding to be successful in this journey of understanding you! – Nishan Panwar

8. “People are always more encouraged when we share how God’s grace has helped us in our weaknesses than when we boast about our strengths.” – Rick Warren

9. “Therefore do not be afraid, for I am with you; fear not, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” — Isaiah 41:10 (Bible verse)

11. “Lord, I give you my heart; I give you all my worries, pains and sufferings that only you can understand. Please give me the strength to move on.”

Say A Salvation Prayer And Receive Jesus Christ Today

12. “God, give me strength in hard times, happiness in good times, desire for the future, and keep my heart strong in broken times.”

13. “God, I am asking you to give me the strength to move forward in life and achieve the goal you have set for me”.

14. “God, give me spiritual and physical strength to do the work to which you have called me.”

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

15. “God is our comfort and strength; — Psalm 46:1 (Bible verse)

Guide Me O Lord

16. “God, be with me and give me the strength to face the hard things in life.”

18. “God, please help me today. Give me strength when I’m weak, give me a shoulder when I cry, and help me when I fall.

19. “God will not give you a burden you cannot handle. So if you have an insurmountable problem, think of it as a compliment. God thinks you can. To believe in God.”

20. “God is the source of infinite power, and we are created to have His power in our lives. We unite for God.”

Putting God First

2. “God… I’m not asking you to make my life easier, I’m asking you to give me the strength to face all my problems.”

3. “God, give me strength to go through my day with grace and love in my heart.” – Jill Alman Bernstein

4. “My eyes are lifted up to the mountains – where does my help come from?” My help is from Jehovah, who made the heavens

Dear God Please Help Me Get Through This

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