Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata

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A “Hakuna Matata” version of Disney’s The Lion King was released, and fans didn’t like it.

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata

Disney unveiled the clip just a week before the film’s release and it features photorealistic versions of Simba (Donald Glover), Timon (Billy Eichner) and Pumbaa (Seth Rogen) performing as they sing the beloved song.

Hakuna Matata Simba, Timon & Pumbaa

While the initial response from the film was positive, this clip caused concern among die-hard fans of the 1994 original.

This wasn’t helped by a Twitter user who posted the clip alongside the original in a brand new video to Twitter.

“Oh my god, it looks sad when you put them next to each other,” wrote one Twitter user, while another wondered how Jon Favreau’s direction could match the aesthetic achieved in the animated genre.

“I don’t see how Favreau can improve on this, especially considering how his driving is often more effective than descriptive,” wrote AdequateEmily.

The Lion King: Disney Trademarked ‘hakuna Matata’ And People Are Not Having It

While the film may feel light compared to the other animated titans in this series, there’s something really great about this Pooh, filtering AA Milne’s words of wisdom through Sterling Holloway’s slow and brooding tones.

Bambi isn’t the most overrated Disney film, and it’s hard to imagine that many people enjoy the song “April Rain.” But is there a bigger shock in a child’s cinema program than the sudden and brutal killing of Bambi’s mother?

In the offerings of the Disney Renaissance, Pocahontas stumbles in its poor treatment of the story, since it turns any connection between the white settlers and the natives into a romantic love that is undoubtedly white the reality of what is happening. But there’s more to be found, since Pocahontas was a huge influence on Disney’s later depictions of strong, intelligent women.

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata

The movie may be simple in story (it’s basically Lady and the Tramp, but with an added twist), but who cares, when the movie features the hottest team in the entire Disney franchise? It’s true what they say: “Everyone wants to be a cat.”

Disney 100 Years: Hakuna Matata Funko Pop! Movie Moment

In a way, Robin Hood is the ultimate Disney film of the 70s. It’s a popular and low-key entry into the canon that’s all about keeping the peace and spreading good vibes. It goes without saying that he also reused a lot of animation for things like Snow White and The Jungle Book.

It may not have generated the same level of insanity as Frozen, but Zootopia doesn’t deserve to be another forgotten Disney film. While it’s as entertaining as you’d expect from an action-packed animal movie, it also gives parents an easy entry point to talk to their kids about racism and xenophobia. And this should not be taken lightly.

Dumbo features two classic Disney films. There’s pure energy, poignant moments, as seen in “Baby Mine” (a show that’s almost impossible to watch without digging). Then there is the ability to descend into the extraordinary, as shown by the terrifying sequence of “Pink Elephants on Parade”.

Tangled finds fun, humor and adventure in the retelling of Rapunzel’s story, but the key to its success is the way it holds the entire film to a breathtaking sequence: “I see the light”, where Rapunzel watches hundreds of pages. lights float in the sky. It is, quite simply, a beautiful piece of cinema.

New Clips For The Lion King Include

Disney’s brief return to traditional animation reminds us of what was lost in the 3D animation revolution. There’s a wonderful sense of art in the way The Lady and the Frog presents New Orleans during the Jazz Age, especially in the Art Deco-style number “Almost There.” And a Disney princess working hard to make her dreams come true? It’s something to celebrate.

Although Cinderella is the main member of the Disney princesses, her film is not as old as other original Disney films. There is an odd amount of time spent with Lucifer the cat and less time spent on Cinderella’s magical night.

Cruella de Vil may have attempted murder as a puppy, but there’s still something irresistibly sweet about her “Ab Fab’s Patsy” combination of luxury and terrifying taste. Only Cruella can simply answer “How are you?” with the line: “Dear darling, as usual, we are perfectly sad.”

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata

One of the many films on this list that contains problematic elements, Lady and the Tramp is certainly not a flawless film. However, because the central relationship is between two dogs, the film boasts a wonderful love story. It’s not the famous scene of “Bella Notte” and the accidental spaghetti kiss, but the Pekingese song, voiced by Peggy Lee, is very simple.

Hakuna Matata By Kuumo On Deviantart

Disney took the easiest way to make a successful musical today: they hired Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hamilton’s composer and lyricist is a master when it comes to songwriting. Opetaia Foa’i helped create a South Pacific-inspired soundtrack, while Dwayne Johnson also came up with a simple rap for his take on the demigod Maui. Moana tells a culturally specific story with wit, heart and humor – more so next time please, Disney.

The Emperor’s New Groove didn’t get the credit it deserved when it was first released, mainly because, like Lilo & Stitch, it was dismissed as another forgettable entry in the post-Disney revival. Not so fast: While it may not have the epic scale of Mulan or Beauty and the Beast, The Emperor’s New Groove is a fun, endlessly quotable (“Pull the lever, Kronk!”) Disney’s quintessential film — finally let Eartha Kitt voice a Disney villain.

It may be the least popular Disney movie of today, but Frozen is so good that you don’t have to watch it five times a day, seven days a week. In addition to a heartwarming story about self-acceptance and sisterly love, Idina Menzel’s version of “Let it Go” is a catchy song that deserves to be played at least once on karaoke night.

A flight of fancy that celebrates the power of imagination, JM Barrie’s Peter Pan has always been an obvious choice for Disney. The film shows an uplifting and endless world to the young audience, leaving the adults to pretend that painful things like taxes and divorce do not exist for a precious hour and time. Also, Tinker Bell seems to gossip and is the perfect person to go out drinking with, even if she doesn’t speak our language very well.

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata Sweater L. In…

It’s the movie that started it all. While Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been overshadowed to some extent by its successors, it still has its fair share of magical moments. There’s a small army of birds and mice that come to Snow White’s aid during “Whistle While You Work,” and the Evil Queen-turned-Joan Crawford, who utters her oft-quoted line: “The magic mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of them. all of them.”

A round of applause for John Musker, who had the idea to tell the Greek myth of Hercules with a gospel choir. They are, without a doubt, the real heroes of this film, because of the crazy catch “Zero to Hero”. That being said, Megara is definitely a runner-up for the award, because “I’m a bridesmaid. I am facing difficult times. I can handle this “routine” made her a Disney princess for the cool kids.

Let them deny it all they want, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a nineties guy who hasn’t secretly put “I’m Gonna Make a Man of You” on their workout playlist. After all, the entire film is an anthem of strength, while Mulan’s one-woman feminist revolution makes her one of those rare multi-talented princesses who can do more than win a handsome prince.

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata

As the last film produced by Walt Disney himself, The Jungle Book marked the end of an era for the studio. The film captures the kind of simple charm that made Disney’s work such a big part of childhood from the start. As Baloo relaxes in “The Bear Necessities,” it sounds like someone is going to give you a gentle pat on the back and tell you everything is going to be okay.

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata Musical Snow Globe Simba Timon Pumbaa Rafiki

Aladdin may have many tricks up his sleeve, but he deserves his place in the top echelons of Disney movies based solely on Robin Williams’ performance as the Genie. The comedian recorded more than 18 hours of enhanced footage for the film, and the finished product is one of the greatest tributes to his strength as an actor, and his vast gallery of ideas.

Another excellent adaptation of complex sources, Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland doesn’t get lost in Lewis Carroll’s maze of puns, but cooks up its own delightful nonsense. Alice studies the dirt from the garden shed

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