Donald Glover Comedy Central Stand Up

Donald Glover Comedy Central Stand Up

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Atlanta writers have revealed that members of the cast and crew, including Donald Glover, were discriminated against while filming in London last year.

Donald Glover Comedy Central Stand Up

Donald Glover Comedy Central Stand Up

FX’s acclaimed comedy, starring Glover, Bryan Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz, filmed its third season in England, far from the usual Georgia setting.

Why You Need To Watch Atlanta Right Now

Speaking at the TCA conference this week, writer and executive producer Stephen Glover recalled a racist incident that happened on the show’s first night in the English capital.

“It’s a group of people moving up,” Glover said (on Variety). “And maybe one of them sees Donald or knows him. Then he stops, and they start asking if they can get a drink somewhere. I think we were talking to them for a while. This girl and two or three guys .”

, they are black,” Glover continued. “So he says we all have a hammer and we can just enter this place, which we ignored.

“It was offensive, but not offensive at the same time because it took five minutes to fully understand. He got to the point where if the lies about us got lost, he was clear and said, ‘You black men, you went to jail and you do things like that.’ Which.”

Donald Glover And Atlanta Crew Suffered Racist Harassment When Filming In London

“The girl said ‘I’m sorry’ as she was taken away,” Glover added. “So it was bad.”

Season three returns to FX in the US on March 24. In the UK it will be available to stream on Disney Plus.

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Donald Glover Comedy Central Stand Up

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Comedy Central To Live Stream 24 Hours Of Free Stand Up Content On Its Youtube Channel

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Sometimes laughs are needed – and in today’s political climate, those are few and far between.

Fortunately, there’s always Netflix and its programming section to help you escape your Brexit/Trump leadership concerns (depending on which side of the Atlantic you live).

From Donald Glover to Iliza Shlesinger, the platform is home to some of the funniest, biting, and funniest comedies out there today.

Why Is Donald Glover So Damn Good At Everything?

Here are 10 of the best comedy shows currently in the catalog, with a stand-up lineup selected for each line.

Be warned: While each line is meant to embody the character of a particular show, that doesn’t mean it’s the least funny of that show. The tone, body language and build of the comic unfortunately come close – for it is impossible to write in written form, and it will only be appreciated by seeing the actual sketch.

If you thought you couldn’t laugh at some gender stereotype jokes, think again. New York native Iliza Shlesinger brings a fresh take on topics from modern dating to wedding planning. His show is a fun mix of reality checks and clever takes.

Donald Glover Comedy Central Stand Up

Standout line: “There is no secret [to meeting your future partner], just to be clear. Don’t buy the books, don’t buy the hype. There’s no secret, right? I will be 35 when I get married. If there was a secret I would have used it. There’s no secret. There is no special magic involved. I will never say, ‘Bring your wives in! From 405 there is a toad pit. You have to go there.’”

The 25 Best Netflix Comedy Specials

In 2018, Nanette pushed the boundaries of stand-up special – and of course that’s much more than comedy. In just over an hour, Hannah Gadsby tackles the craft of a good joke, explains why she did it with self-loathing, and gives an unforgettable, powerful look at the trauma she experienced as a gay man in Tasmania.

Standout Line: “I’ve built a career out of self-deprecation and I don’t want to do it again. Do you understand what self-deprecation means when it comes from someone who’s already on the street? It’s not humility, it’s humility. I submit myself to speak, to ask permission to speak, and I won’t do it again. Not to me or anyone who goes with me.”

If you loved Ali Wong in Always Be Mine (which she co-wrote!), you’ll love her in Hard Knock Wife (her second Netflix special and the sequel to her 2016 debut Baby Cobra). Her unashamed view of motherhood and marriage (did you know she earns more money than her husband and isn’t poor?) is worth gold.

Standout line: “Now I make more money than my husband, about a height. My mother is very afraid that she will leave me because of threats. I had to explain to her that the only man who leaves a woman who earns a lot of money … the man who does not want free money.

Fx Orders Donald Glover Pilot ‘atlanta’

After 15 years of non-standup, the actor and talk show icon returned to the stage – and, of course, turned the event into a Netflix special. On the pretext of considering whether she’s still in a relationship, Ellen DeGeneres lives in the (deserved) glory of what she’s done, reflects on her experiences — including her 1997 coming out and how it was received in Hollywood — and she argues about absurd things. everyday life. How are you?

Notable sentence: [When he lost his sitcom, he now struggled to sell a talk show to TV executives after coming out as gay:] “A lot of people didn’t want to buy it because no one thought they’d watch it . There was a station manager who said, and this is the quote, ‘No one will see. No one is going to see gay people during the day.” And I said, “Well, they wouldn’t see me at night. What time of day is best for gay people?'”

Trevor Noah has been performing in comedy shows for 10 years, so it’s no surprise that he can cover any subject (tours in Bali, river music, an interview with President Barack Obama) and crack hilarious jokes.

Donald Glover Comedy Central Stand Up

Standout Line: [We established America’s love of tacos]: “We live in a time where we are all learning about leadership at the same time as the president. That never happened. How scary is that thought? You wake up every day reading the news and you think, “Wow, I didn’t know that.” And somewhere, right at that moment, he reads the same news and says, ‘Wow, me too.'”

Comedy Central Presents

Katherine Ryan’s second Netflix special (a sequel to In Trouble, which came out in 2017) tackles some of her signature topics, from dating to co-parenting, in a light-hearted, self-affirming way. Enjoy passing.

Notable Line: [About a romantic partner:] “He said, ‘Well, I want to be with someone who makes me special.’ And I think because you have a child, I’ll never be your first. I’ll always be second.” And I was like, “Hah! Second? Oh no.”

In 2012, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, appeared in the community as the unforgettable Troy Barnes – leaving some time to shoot a special for Netflix, which is still available. During this one-hour show, he shows his life, reflecting on his music career, up to the last 20 years, and the brief period when the internet really wanted him to play Spider-Man.

Standout Line: “I used to live in Downtown LA, and Downtown LA is like the 1980s decided to live there. They say, ‘Oh, well, you guys go ahead and be 1990s. Go enjoy Ace of Base – us’ I’m here to practice the Moonwalk and sell crack.”

Why Dave Chappelle Got Netflix To Remove Chappelle’s Show

There’s only one person on Earth who can get Mueller to say something funny – and that person is Wanda Sykes. The singer may be best known for his roles in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Black-ish, but his standout appearance is worth a look. He has impeccable timing, sharp writing and a knack for connecting with his audience.

Standout line: “In Mueller’s investigation, how does [Trump] not know he’s the first person? Don’t deal with it. Everyone got charged or went to jail… Papadopoulos, Gates, Flynn, Manafort… Mother ***** , it’s you! Or everyone you meet and he contracted herpes right away, didn’t he, [confused face] ‘Do I give everyone herpes?’

Amy Schumer was expecting when the special released in March 2019, so it’s not surprising she discussed pregnancy — and the whole hassle of being in a woman’s body — with her brand of loyalty to the great.

Donald Glover Comedy Central Stand Up

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