Fevicol Se Official Video Song

Fevicol Se Official Video Song

Fevicol Se Official Video Song – A throwback clip of Kareena asking the meaning of a portion of the lyrics of Fevicol Se is doing the rounds on the internet

Kareena Kapoor made it to the trending list after one of her videos from the sets of the 2012 blockbuster

Fevicol Se Official Video Song

Fevicol Se Official Video Song

And going viral on social media. The upbeat track featured Kareena dancing with Salman Khan, who played the lead role in all the three parts of the film.

Fevicol Se Full Video Song Dabangg 2 Kareena Kapoor Salman Khan Full Hd

Chain. Now, 8 years after the film’s release, a throwback clip of Kareena asking the meaning of a part of the track’s lyrics is going viral on the internet. Written by Sajid-Wajid and Ashraf Ali and sung by Wajid, Mamta Sharma and Shreya Ghoshal, the song contains several instances where words are intentionally mispronounced and mentions one instance where the word gasoline is pronounced ” carried out as “Patrol”. The actress gleefully asks, “What does this mean…

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Malaika Arora was featured in Munni’s song Badnaam Hui in the first part of Dabangg series. She also got everyone talking with her killer antics on the runway.

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Fevicol Se Full Video Song Dabangg 2 (official)

Budget Session 2023Business NewsCoronavirus CasesHindi NewsLatest NewsTech NewsIndia NewsSports NewsNew Hindi FilmStatus PNRLive Train StatusAssembly Election 2023Wrestling ProtestHair Wax for MenLaptopsMobile NewsPidilite Industries, the makers of Fevicol, have signed a marketing and promotion deal with the film’s producer Arbaaz Khan for the music.

New Delhi: Every brand in India would want to be a Salan Khan. Its stupendous record-breaking success, its audacity to drive the nation crazy, its frenzied rock star appeal is definite material no brand will want to give up.

Jhandu gained an unexpected following with provincial and sassy songs in Dabangg, Unni Badnaam Hui to Baal Ke Akar Ei, for which Aalika Arora-Khan grooved irresistibly with India’s Heart Mein Salan. Now, Fevicol, a brand that already has a strong connection with the country, has happily launched its sequel, Dabangg 2, hoping the peppy, rustic new music will keep Salon’s growing fanboy club engaged.

Fevicol Se Official Video Song

Pidilite Industries, the makers of Fevicol, signed a marketing and promotion deal with Arbaaz Khan, the producer of the film, for the song, in which actress Kareena Kapoor plays an item girl.

Fevicol Se (remix)

Pidilite marketing director Anil Jayaraj said that there is no financial arrangement involved in the association, but the company will co-promote the song and the film, which will release on December 21, through television programmes, panels and other media. “Fevicol’s central proposition of coming together and connecting works well in music,” he said.

Shreyas Khedekar, executive producer of Arbaaz Khan Productions, said that the makers made no effort to include Fevicol in the song. “Coopers take tips and we like it,” he said. “Unlike the previous round, we had an interim deal for Fevicol much earlier. The idea was to avoid any complications later,” Khedekar said.

In the last tie, they did not allow EAI to use Jhandu Baal in the song Que Adi Unni Badnaam, and the Kolkata based company filed a legal notice with the production company.

Later, both the parties settled the dispute and decided to use parts of the hit song for Zandu Baal promotional campaigns. Eai also appointed Alika Arora as the brand ambassador for the ball.

Making Of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Foot Tapping Number ‘fevicol Se’ From ‘dabangg 2’; See

Jayaraj of Pidilite said that although Fevicol has been featured in several films, including recent ones like Son of Sardaar and Golal, this is probably the first tie-in that the brand has featured in Hindi song lyrics. Adan Piyush Pandey, head of creative agency Ogilvy & AP; Another said that a few years ago a tale song mentioned the brand Fevicol.

“When translated, the song’s verse meant ‘I want to plant fevicol kisses on your cheeks,'” he said. Pandey, who was instrumental in promoting the Fevicol brand through a series of uncoordinated advertisements, said, “Even the news headlines used multiple associations to convey a sense of unity and togetherness. did not get it.”

The song from Dabangg 2 reads: “Angadaiyan leti hoon jab zor se, ooh aah ki awaaz hai aati sadak se, aarey photo ko dekha se yaar, chipkale saiyan fevicol se…” Not a problem. Paste a picture on the heart. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously as a brand,” says Pandey.

Fevicol Se Official Video Song

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Malaika Arora: Pidilite Signs Deal With Arbaaz Khan For Kareena’s ‘fevicol Se’ Song From Dabangg 2

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