Free On Hold Music Mp3 Download

Free On Hold Music Mp3 Download

Free On Hold Music Mp3 Download – In this post, we look at 5 great places, free and paid, where you can download music for your business phone system.

We’ve looked at a number of factors including catalog size, music quality, price (if applicable), available music formats/licenses and whether you can use the music for commercial business purposes.

Free On Hold Music Mp3 Download

Free On Hold Music Mp3 Download

It contains a collection of instrumental music tracks that (if you’re not too picky) can be used as music on hold.

The Complete Guide To The Best Hold Music For Your Business

Stylistically, the music in the free library would be more suited to YouTube videos than business phone lines.

Although YouTube claims you can use the music for any project, it does not expressly allow the use of MOH. You will also not receive a license confirmation or certificate listing your company as a license holder.

It’s a huge collection of free music shared by other users. You can download and use their music freely as long as you meet the requirements of the Creative Commons license.

Many songs cannot be used commercially, so you cannot use them as music on hold for your business.

Will Your Anchor Hold (organ, 5 Verses)

As with YouTube’s audio library, you don’t get a license or certificate that proves you’re allowed to use the music.

All content is uploaded by other users. FMA makes no guarantees as to the legality of uploads.

Easy On Hold is a US based company that provides a range of call center related services on hold, yet at a great price.

Free On Hold Music Mp3 Download

Each issue will cost you over $100 a year (!). If you just want to download some music on hold, this might be overkill.

Hold Me Back By Nil Empire

Is a multi-genre music library with thousands of royalty-free music tracks, loops and sound effects that can be used commercially (including music on hold).

For $99 you get unlimited access to the entire catalog. Download anything you like and use it forever, royalty free!

If you only need a few songs for your phone system, you can get a small download package for just $39.

You get a royalty-free lifetime license and a downloadable PDF license certificate listing your company as the licensee.

How To Import Downloaded Music To Itunes

If you’re not sure how to format your downloaded music before using it on your phone system, here’s a simple step-by-step tutorial: Format audio files for phone system on hold

Check out Amazon, there are some sellers that offer a variety of their own music tracks on hold.

However, pay attention to the reviews. Some reviewers complained that the music would be more suited to a spa than waiting company.

Free On Hold Music Mp3 Download

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about what the license covers, other than “music on hold” in the title. Use at your own risk.

How To Change Mp3 Album Art On Windows: 6 Free & Easy Tools

A flexible music library that offers royalty-free music for general commercial use may be the optimal choice. You may need to reconfigure it to work with certain phone systems, but this is usually a quick and easy task.

Get access to a wide range of music on hold at a fraction of the cost charged by the specialist company.

Is a royalty-free music library. Get unlimited download access to thousands of tracks, loops and sound effects with an affordable subscription. Use our music in personal and commercial videos, movies, games and other projects. New music added daily.

This audio sample is for evaluation purposes only and is not licensed for use in videos or other projects.

How To Choose Background Music For Presentation

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