Glee Born This Way Live

Glee Born This Way Live

Glee Born This Way Live – Fox Finn (Corey Monteith, left) and Will (Matthew Morrison, right) tend to Rachel (Lee Michele, center) after Finn accidentally breaks Rachel’s nose during a Glee Club dance rehearsal.

After last week’s boring episode, Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) wasn’t the only one redeemed by today’s episode of Glee.

Glee Born This Way Live

Glee Born This Way Live

With enough ups and downs, twists and turns to keep viewers dizzy, Glee delivered one of its best episodes ever.

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The episode begins with Finn (Corey Monteith) accidentally punching Rachel (Lea Michele) in the face during a Glee Club dance rehearsal. This sparked an hour and a half battle over whether or not Mook should get the job. Rachel is favored, but the rest of the club disapproves of her, with the exception of Quinn (Dianna Agron), who offers herself as the model for Rachel’s new nose.

The best part of the scene wasn’t the “Faberry” interaction, but the “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” medley with two girls singing. As a person who constantly listens to this song on iTunes, I was pleased with the sincere and restrained performance.

Meanwhile, Santana (Naya Rivera) has a plan up his sleeve. In an effort to steal McKinley’s prom queen from Quinn and win over Brittany (Heather Morris), Santana decides to dump her boyfriend Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) in favor of a hardcore footballer, Dave Karofsky.

In an innocent moment, as Santana mulls over her idea, she sees Dave checking on Sam at the back of the fountain. A puzzle forms in her head and she makes an offer to share a “beard” with Dave over coffee in “The Lima Bean”.

Loser Like Me

Unwilling to admit it, the only two people who know about his sexuality are Kurt (Chris Colfer), whom he kissed in the first episode of the second season, “Never Kissed,” and Kurt’s current favorite, Blaine (Darren Criss). who made Dave’s unfortunate intervention. but eventually agrees.

Together, “Davetana” forms the anti-bullying group “The Bully Whips” and is tasked with stopping bullying in its path. It’s a good idea, but red jackets and berets can be overkill, especially if Dave has serious intentions of staying in his cozy closet.

Another part of Santana’s plan was to bring Kurt Hummel back from Dalton Academy. Before discussing Kurt’s return to school with Paul Karofsky, Bert Hummel, Kurt, and Principal Figgins, Dave apologizes to the glee club and states that Santana helped him “see the light” by informing him of the dangerous consequences of being bullied. .

Glee Born This Way Live

In a private conversation between Kurt and Dave, Kurt refers to him as “David” rather than “Karofsky”. In turn, Dave is open and honest with Kurt, confessing that he is unsure about his sexuality and Santana’s goals, so the glee club has a better chance of winning national competitions.

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Eventually, the plan works, and after a brief scene with Blaine and the Warblers (aka “Blaine and the Pips”) performing Keane’s “Somewhere We Only Know”, Kurt returns to the WMHS halls. Emotional and incredible cover of Sunset Boulevard’s “As If We Never Said Bye”

If Santana and Karofsky’s shared beard, Rachel’s plans for a smaller nose, and Kurt’s triumphant return weren’t enough, the failed storyline that unfolded between the development of the Lauren-Quinn-Finn or “Vemma” storyline was even more compelling.

Thinking she’s tossing her hat in the fight for the title of prom queen, Lauren Size (Ashley Fink) sets out to destroy her main rival, Quinn. Meanwhile, Finn and Quinn fight over everything from the glee club class to Rachel’s nose job and prom.

Every week viewers wonder why these two are still together. The highlight was Finn’s confession to Rachel at the glee club.

Lady Gaga’s ‘born This Way’ At 10: Billboard Roundtable

“Please don’t do this,” he said. “you are handsome.” At that moment, Finchel’s hearts skipped a beat everywhere.

Lauren ultimately succeeds in undermining Quinn’s popularity when she reveals that she is not as perfect as she seems. Quinn’s deepest and darkest secret is that she was once a fat kid with severe acne and no friends. The most surprising thing is that her name is not Quinn.

She confesses to Lauren that her first name is Lucy and her middle name is Quinn, but when she changed schools after high school and wanted a new look from “Caboose Lucy”, she asked her parents to call her Quinn.

Glee Born This Way Live

Just when I expected Lauren to have heart and sympathy, she tells Quinn to check the message boards that have posters of Quinn’s picture from high school. Even for Lauren, it was a low blow. But in the end, it worked when Lauren approached Quinn in the hallway and informed her that Quinn had moved up 40% in the Jacob Ben Israel poll. Instead of being cruel to Lauren, Quinn cracks a joke and walks away with an outstretched hand.

Glee (season 2)

Even adults had time to prove themselves in this episode. Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jaima Mays) explore Emma’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, which begins disastrously with Will torturing Emma with unwashed fruit, but ends with a touching scene between Emma and her therapist.

Next to a Barbara Streisand mall flash mob performed by Duck Sauce led by Kurt and Pak, they make Rachel hug herself (her nose), the coffee shop scene between Dave and Santana, and the confrontation between Kurt and Karofsky. , the best moment of the night is the heartbreaking scene between Emma and her therapist.

Brittany walks up to Santana at her lockers and offers her a t-shirt, then culminates in a powerful band rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” with all Glee Club members, Will and Emma, ​​wearing shirts that exude insecurity. performance The shirt said “Lebanese”, but Brittany intended to read “Lesbian”.

The glee club performs with glee and pride as Santana and Dave, dressed in Lebanese T-shirts, sit at the end of the room and watch their friends from a safe distance.

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Next week’s episode is about Rumors, and the promo looks promising. I pray to Heaven (pun intended) that we will not be disappointed.

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“Born This Way” El decimotavo episodio de la segunda temporada de la serie de televisión tadounidense Written by Brad Falchuk and directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, its plot was inspired by the song “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, which, in addition, was processed by part of the cast. El episodio cuenta con las edition de otros cuatro temas, todas lansadas como sensillos en formato digital

Glee Born This Way Live

Y cuatro de ellas includas en las septima y octava bandas sonoras de la serie, Glee: The Music Prints the Warblers

Cory Monteith Was Invaluable To Glee. Where Does The Show Go Now?

Santana (Naya Rivera) Se postula a reina del baile collar con la peranza de ganar el amor de su amiga brittany (Heather Morris). Dave Karofsky (Max Adler), gay Dave Karofsky terrorizes Kurt (Chris Colfer). Lauren (Ashley Fink) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) along with Reyna del Bale and Rachel (Lea Michele) got rhinoplasty. Meanwhile, Will (Matthew Morrison) enseña sus alumnos autoaceptarse Y Emma (Jayma Mays) inicia el tratamiento de su trastrono obsivo-compulsivo.

El treno de “Born This Way”, released April 26, 2011 in the US by the Fox Network,

Consiguió una audiencia media de 8, 616 million pectador y una cuota de Pantalla de 3, 4/9 en la franja demographica que inclueda las personalas de entre 18 y 49 años.

During a dance rehearsal for the national choir competition, Finn (Corey Monteith) accidentally breaks Rachel’s (Lee Michele) nose. Su medico (George Weiner) La recominda que Approche la Evente para realisarce una rhinoplasty y Rachel consideration as modelo la naris de Quine (Dianna Agron). Finn and Puck (Mark Salling) oppose the operation and one last attempt is to help Rachel accept her nose as part of her Jewish heritage. Por su parte, Kurt (Chris Colfer) tries to convince her to follow her idol, Barbra Streisand, who refused to succumb to the prion in order to have her nose operated on, and Rachel is finally out of some sort of surgery.

Glee Live Tour 2011 T Prop Shirt No Weave! Born This Way Amber Riley

Lauren (Ashley Fink) Se postula para reina del baile e intention to sabotage la Campana de Quinn, quene tambian candidata a la corona. Tras invtigar junto a Puck, dcubre que el verdadero nombre de Quinn Lucy y que ant de llegar al Instituto McKinley tenía sobrepo y se

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