Glee Episode Born This Way

Glee Episode Born This Way

Glee Episode Born This Way – Looking back at Glee’s “Born This Way” episode, from the dark comedy, emotional character development, to Faberry’s “I Think Pretty / Not Pretty” duet commentary on our society as a whole, it perfectly sums up the energy of Glee.

It’s been 10 years since Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album was released, and to celebrate, I want to look back at one of the most memorable episodes of Glee, titled “Born This Way.” In retrospect, the entire Glee band was burned because of their problems. that. very. This is a product of the time series, because even ten years ago television was very different from today. The answer will vary among fans as Glee begins to lose its charm. Some will say that there have been countless guest stars since season 2, while many will say that there was a nosedive in season 3 as the narrative and character development began to lack focus. But the series still has a lot of nostalgia for Gleeks, who are at every live broadcast, waiting for every interruption, and still hold the top spot for “Glee Cast” on Spotify every year because they still listen to their favorite covers.

Glee Episode Born This Way

Glee Episode Born This Way

The episode focuses on Mr. Schuster trying to teach the choir to love the most disabled. The idea was inspired by Rachel, who broke her nose when she was accidentally pushed to the floor by Finn during dance practice, and after a quick trip to the doctor, she considered plastic surgery to reduce the size according to the doctor’s recommendation. After he brought up the surgery in front of the choir, he considered the surgery received a mixed response, with some members, especially Santana and Mercedes, understand why Rachel wanted to change her own situation to ease the alienation. Santana was blunt, agreeing with Rachel, even pointing out the flaws of most of the members in the room and telling her that she was lying that she wouldn’t change her affairs if she could.

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Mr. Schuster was surprised. He responded to everyone’s comments by saying (honestly, especially Santana who walked in at the time, so it made me laugh) “The most interesting part of you that you want to change is the most interesting part of you.” This prompts Mercedes Response, “Well, maybe. But what sets you apart in this school is what people use to crush your spirit.”

We cut to the next scene where Mr. Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury, the school’s guidance counselor, had lunch and discussed how to help students during the week. Schu’s teachers created the “Born This Way” curriculum to help students accept that they will change themselves or be ashamed because they were born that way and should accept themselves. Some have pointed out that the lectures are flawed in the way they are taught, and I have to agree.

Teenagers who already have fragile identities should not be taught that any part of themselves is considered “shameful”. Especially the episode with Rachel, where her doctor recommends the surgery because she’s Jewish and it should be considered a “vanity” adjustment. At the end of the episode, Kurt, who spent most of season 2 having the courage to open up about life in a deeply homophobic environment and fall in love with Brian, put on “like a Boy” shirts, implying that he is gay. something he would change or be ashamed of, not examined or talked about at all. When Santana’s famous “Lebanon” shirt was explored more thoroughly, the episode ended with her sitting in the audience for a big performance, as she came out as a lesbian and the shame was a big part of the storyline. Mercedes wore a shirt emblazoned with the words “No Weave,” alluding to the insecurities of being the only black girl in the choir, wearing a braid or showing her natural hair. But this is Glee, and this is Mr. Schuester, wearing a “jaw-hip” outfit at the end of a weekend class to show his students what they’re most embarrassed about or most want to change.

Rachel and Quinn at the doctor’s office. Before the doctor came to see Rachel, he asked Quinn if it was like her, short beautiful. Quinn answered honestly:

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He said that his appearance convinced him that the people were good and willing to meet his needs. Rachel has nothing to say about it, and having spent a season and a half with these two characters, we know that the natural expectation of a nice and easy-going person when you first meet someone is something Rachel just can’t understand. Things that many students in the school had accepted, including Quinn himself. Shortly after this exchange, the Doctor arrives and they begin a duet in one of the choir’s best and most memorable mash-ups, “I Feel Pretty / Not Pretty,” a combination of “I Feel Pretty” from the Broadway musical.

The best Glee has to offer. But, in true Glee fashion, there’s a bunch of people yelling at Rachel and telling her the surgery was a bad decision, and then there’s her and Quinn, her former bully, platinum blonde narrative choice cheerleader, singing A duet, part of The popular song by the black group TLC about the unpopular, is

. Glee has delivered a culturally significant song to everyone except Mercedes, Tina and Santana. Hearing shaggy-haired Quinn Fabray say the phrase “if your hair isn’t long, you can buy it” was stupid then, and it still is. But the absurdity of why the duo is so successful is because that’s what makes Glee the show it is. When Glee goes all out, she goes all out. The duet, the only one where Rachel and Quinn sing together, perfectly sums up comedy, offense and sentimentality.

Glee Episode Born This Way

We see the two of them singing together, back up in glee, and cut them apart while taking pictures for Rachel’s potential surgery. The duet came up in the first half of the episode, and now we’re unsure of Quinn’s motivations for helping Rachel. After all, the two have an unbearable history. Quinn’s boyfriend, Finn, was one of the few people who spoke up earlier in the episode and said he liked the way he looked, even when Santana pointed out his “swollen body that looks like custard” and begged Rachel not to. surgery and told her she is beautiful now after she released a photo of the discussion changed to the club. We snapped a photo of Quinn after speaking to her, and she looks distressed.

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We learn about Quinn’s background and motivations in half of the “I Think Pretty / Not Pretty” duet. At McKinley High, prom is coming up and Quinn is vying for prom queen. Another member of the Glee Club, Zizes, also wants the title. Zizes is one of the best characters on Glee and is seen as a direct threat to Quinn. The girls at school who look like him are thrilled to see someone who looks like him run for prom queen. But Quinn huffed and told Zizes that people nominated him as a joke and that he could do it

And have to stop running so as not to be embarrassed. He vowed to sulk after taking things personally.

But the next time they meet, Zizes pulls up Quinn’s personal history in order to discredit her name and ruin her chance to be prom queen. They know her real full name and the high school she attended, and show her a photo of Quinn when she was named Lucy Q. Fabre. Quinn is quick to explain to Zizes that when she was in high school, she hated the way she looked, and as she got older, she worked out to lose weight and even asked her dad to get a nose job (which she was required to do). As he gave an almost tearful account of his past life, Zizes thought:

“No, I love myself, that’s why I did all this… I was a miserable little girl and now I’m going to be prom queen.

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If we go back to the beginning of the episode where Rachel openly wants plastic surgery, we can now see why Quinn is willing to help Rachel. Rachel validates everything Quinn has tried so hard to get rid of, and having that kind of praise, even from Rachel, is worth it. but there is

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