God Bless This House Prayer

God Bless This House Prayer

God Bless This House Prayer – I love the Home Designs blog. If you haven’t visited it, check it out. Shirley posts beautiful photos of her beautiful home. Back in October, he posted a blog –

Where he shared photos of his previous fall shows. They were all beautiful. There was one small display in a side drawer that caught my eye РShirley wrote about the top of the pumpkin in the picture, but all I noticed was sheet music. In the box was a copy of the song

God Bless This House Prayer

God Bless This House Prayer

. It captured my heart. I loved it. I loved it. I wanted one like that. I even wrote Shirley. He said he bought it at an antique fair, but maybe I could find a copy on Ebay.

Two Hearts Gallery

Checking Ebay was a great recommendation. I even had options, and wasted no time in ordering myself a copy

. My copy is different from the one shared on House Designs, but I like that the entire poem is on the front page.

This wonderful poem was written in 1927 by the Englishwoman Helen Taylor. May H. Brahe from Australia composed the music. If you’re old enough, you may remember Perry Como singing

. I love the fact that blessings are specifically asked for each part of the house – walls, roof, chimney, door, windows, fireplace, and then the people who live inside.

It’s Time To Bless Your House.

, I headed straight to Hobby Lobby to get the frame. Fortunately the pre-set black frame fits perfectly. I placed the framed sheet music on the sideboard that serves as my entryway table. The feelings of these words speak to me. It is my prayer for our house. My favorite lines are at the end of the song.

God’s grace and salvation are free, but I ask that he think of us “good and faithful servants”.

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I pray for God’s blessings on this house, and all who enter. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer. so today I am sharing the blessing of the house.

God Bless This House Prayer

Our family has moved many times over the years, and we always prayerfully navigate the entire process. And when we built the house from the ground up in 2003, we built it on our knees.

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Every step we took, we prayed that God would make our house a light on the hill. So that His love shines from the heart of every family member through every window and door.

That is why we asked for his blessings when the foundations were laid. We wrote Scripture verses on sticks when our house was framed. We handed it over to the Lord when the finishing touches were applied. And we trusted in God’s abundant supply of strength and energy when the time finally came to move.

We have prayed this same prayer over every house we have ever lived in, before or since. Whether big or small. Near or far. Owned, leased or assigned by the military.

So I thought it was about time I posted a free copy of this “House Blessing” to add to my collection of prayer guides.

Things That (usually) Happen Before God Blesses You

Lord, we raise this house and all the people who live in it. We ask you to pour your abundant blessings on this place and make it:

I hope you enjoy and use this new printable version. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless your home and everyone in it with the abundance of his grace! Merciful Lord, once again, I turn to you with the intention that you hear my prayers. Only You know what is going on in my life, my family and my home. The reason I open my mouth now is to ask you, with all my heart, to come into my house and bless it with your mighty hands. Live in it, stay in every corner, and make your presence felt in every space of this house.

Loving God, full of mercy and compassion, today I open the doors of my house, the place where you gave me to live with my family and my loved ones, and I ask you to wash every wall with holy and purified water. You can roam freely in every corridor, room, and chase away every evil spirit, worry and sadness. Where there is darkness, let your light illuminate us forever.

God Bless This House Prayer

Enter every corner and space in my sweet house, my Lord, so that each one of them will be filled with your blessings, because you alone, my most merciful God, are able to paint every wall, door and window, and fill them with your . presence of glory, so that evil does not come to us, and that everyone who lives here is protected by your great love.

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Therefore, as you mention in Your Word, I want to say, my dear Lord: “Now I beseech You, bless the house of Your servant, so that it may dwell forever before You; for you, O Lord, have spoken, and with your blessing the house of your servant will be blessed forever. (Samuel 7:29)

Please protect this household, cover him with your infinite mercy; deliver him from all dangers and evil intentions of enemies, deliver him from theft, domestic accidents and natural disasters. For your protection, we fear no harm.

I pray, my incomparable God, that You take care of my house and all who live in it. May love, understanding, health and prosperity reign in my family. Let us be sure that every time we leave this house, You watch over it and protect it from the threats of this world. Let us return each day knowing that everything is in your holy and precious hands, my Lord.

I pray, loving Father, that with your blessings on this house, you give testimony of our unfathomable love. Leave this house, and everyone in it, from striving, arguing and misunderstanding. Let us be happy people and let peace and unity reign among us.

How To Bless A House: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Seal the door of this house with Your Precious Blood, as well as every wall, door, floor and window, so that the enemy has no place in this house. And that every time we face adversity, we can move forward and continue our lives in peace. May all people who enter this place be anointed by You, holy Lord.

Eternal Lord, I pray with faith and hope that you clothe me, and all whom I entrust to your protection, with love. I entrust my house to you Father to take it into your hands and help us to move forward, opening the doors of abundance and success. You, my blessed Lord, are good, and your mercy has spread over my house.

Right now, I know that you are working because you receive prayers by faith, and the faith that I place in your hands, because I know that you are with me. Yes, you are home with me, and there is nothing you can do to disturb my peace and quiet.

God Bless This House Prayer

Please continue to live under this roof, God bless you. Stay with me and all my people because I know there is no better place to be than your feet and in front of you that allows everything to work because everything you give is for the best. Stay in this house, Lord of Lords, fill it with your blessings.

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Thank you, loving Father, because you listen to the cry of your servants. I hope that your protective garment will cover my house and each of us who live in it, because your love is great and your mercy lives forever, the only name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. It’s not so much the physicality in my house, but coming together as a family unit that I really like.

Home is where my people gather… to celebrate, eat, socialize and grow…. it’s where we live and make memories together.

It is a place where we find peace and rest. And also a place where we want others to find it too.

Over the years we moved to many different homes, but the feeling of home always remained.

Bless This House

Knowing this has especially helped me pray for my home. There is a certain atmosphere that I want to set and a feeling that I want people to encounter when they enter my home.

Peaceful Dwellings My people will dwell in peaceful dwellings, in safe houses, in undisturbed resting places. Isaiah 32:18 18

One of the things I want most of all is for my house to be peaceful. I want people to feel at peace when they come in.

God Bless This House Prayer

I don’t mean peace as in noise… With 5 kids, a dog, and a pig… things are not always peaceful.

House Blessing Wood Wall Cross 6

The kind of peace I am referring to is more than a place of rest as described in the verse above.

Whether it’s my husband, children, or guests who enter our home, I want them to feel welcome when they enter and relaxed when they leave.

Our family loves to be with people.

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