God Help Me Get Through This Day

God Help Me Get Through This Day

God Help Me Get Through This Day – My faith will grow stronger as I focus more on Jesus than on my pain, loss, or hardship. My mountains will shrink as I focus on my deliverer and healer. He is bigger and stronger than anything I face.

I won’t let my pain go. I will let him be more grateful and less negative. I can let my experience break me, or I can use it to make myself stronger. With God’s help, I will be a winner, not a victim.

God Help Me Get Through This Day

God Help Me Get Through This Day

God is able to…do more than I could imagine, dream, ask for, or imagine. It’s not my ability that matters, it’s His. There is nothing he cannot do.

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I may not find the way, but God makes a way in the wilderness and a river in the wilderness. He makes a path without a path. He makes the crooked road straight; God has it and He has me.

I’m not going to look back at what I can’t change. The light at the end of the tunnel is ahead of me, not behind me. With God’s help, I will move forward little by little.

Whatever happens in my life or in the world, I will not worry, worry or be afraid. God is in control. Nothing surprises Him. The last word is always his. He will keep me in perfect peace when my mind is on Him.

I will not give in to doubt, fear, or disappointment. My Heavenly Father said that I am an overcomer and overcomer through Jesus. He is my source of hope. What I can’t do, he can do, and we can do it all together.

Help Me To Focus Today On What Really Matters

Today, I will give the Lord all my insecurities, doubts, and reasons why I “can’t do it.” I will believe in his ability and his promise that I can “make” everything through Christ who gives me strength!

I may feel like a thread, but God is holding me and supporting me.

Today I will meet with confidence because I am more than a conqueror through Christ. He left before me and is with me now.

God Help Me Get Through This Day

If I start to feel tired, I will remember that I need to get through the day and God will guide me through… hour, minute after time.

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Today, I will remember that God’s track record is 100% up to the challenge. He will see me still too

I don’t need to look around in dismay. There is nothing to worry about here. God about me. He will help me. He is holding me. He will support me. He will give me his strength.

The Lord… not in the past and not in the future, but HE is now… my Shepherd. He knows me by name and takes care of me. He will guide, guide, protect and provide for me. I don’t have to worry or be afraid because He is with me.

God is the Great Healer, the Great Comforter, the source of my rest, my breadwinner, my destiny, my strength and my Redeemer. He is my Redeemer and the Beloved of my soul. When I look to Him and trust Him, He will bring me back, renew, set me free and heal me in the best way He can.

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God can calm the wind and the waves with a word, a thought, a wave of His hand… If He decides not to calm the storm around me, He will calm the storm in me. He wants me to trust and calm down. He is under control. His eyes are looking at me. He will see me.

Remember this truth… God Himself is preparing me for everything I face today. Belts are part of a warrior’s armor. Supports and strengthens the body. When God surrounds me, it means that I am ready, equipped, surrounded, supported and supported by the power of God!!

It may seem like I’m wandering aimlessly through life with no real direction, but God promises that when I trust Him with all my heart, when I don’t rely on what I think I know… when I remember and accept To him. in everything I do, He will guide and guide me and direct my path.

God Help Me Get Through This Day

God knows where I am now. He knows how to get me where I need to be. I don’t have all the answers, but He does. I just have to look at Him and accept Him. He will show me the way.

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The Lord is my shepherd. I don’t need. He takes me to rest; He brings back my soul. No matter how hard times I go through, I don’t have to be afraid because He is with me. He comforts me. His goodness and mercy is with me every day of my life.

Fear may be a healthy thing that protects me…but I won’t be a prisoner of fear. God is my Protector, my Refuge, my Deliverer. He told me not to be afraid because He is with me. He freed me. I choose to trust Him and walk in victory, not fear.

God saves the poor crying, the poor who have no helper… God deliver me from my fear of… trouble… God will be my strength when I am weak… God will supply all my needs

God tells me not to be afraid. He promises to strengthen me, help, hold and support me with his right hand.

Psalm 25:5 Guide Me In Your Truth And Teach Me, For You Are The God Of My Salvation; All Day Long I Wait For You

It’s okay to be frustrated, but I won’t stop there. I’m not leaving. I don’t give up because God doesn’t give up on me. He believes in me and will see me.

The Bible says that everything I do should be for the glory of God. I live not only for myself to heal or overcome, but to glorify God by doing all of this. God will arm and help me to do whatever He asks of me.

God already knows the end of everything I face. Everything may be big, but my God is bigger than anything I face. The battle is already lost and victory is mine. I will be safe because He is in control.

God Help Me Get Through This Day

Worry doesn’t change anything, but prayer does. Today I am going to turn my time of worry into a time of prayer and I will ask God to help me put my worries in His hands and not take them from Him!

Morning Prayer For Monday, 9 November 2020

Today I will remember that God is with me. He is a mighty warrior who saves me. He loves me, loves me and sings about me. I am loved, protected and cared for!

I can’t always stop the bad thoughts that come into my head, but I can choose what to say. Today, I will not let negative thoughts, fear, anger or worry consume me. I ask God to help me focus my heart and mind on things above.

Today I will save my time. I’m not sure about tomorrow. I will never return this watch. I ask the Lord to help me organize my day. I will not be afraid to say no to anything that is not the best use of my time.

Today I will protect my time with the Lord and make it my priority. My time alone with Him is the most important, rewarding, and meaningful part of every day. I will ask God for help to be more consistent in having a good time with Him every day, without rush or pressure.

Guide Me O Lord

Prayer for January 28 Prayer for January 27 Prayer for January 26 Prayer for January 24 Prayer for January 23 You may have difficult days at work or at home without much warning. These difficult times can take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health and often leave you feeling too weak to deal with what life throws at you. But God already knows that you are strong enough despite obstacles, no matter your size or weight, and these prayers for strength will give you the courage you may need to remember how patient you are.

Sometimes it’s easier to accept the flurry of thoughts and feelings that come up when you’re struggling with a situation. But seeking guidance through faith is a way to see what can give you a sense of comfort and peace. Of course, there is no “right way” on the path to healing, but coming to terms with your faith through prayer can offer a quiet place where you can find strength when you feel weak. These prayers for strength will give you the strength to get through your toughest days.

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