God Help Me Out Of This Situation

God Help Me Out Of This Situation

God Help Me Out Of This Situation – Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it’s hard to cope with the challenges we face. Here are 25 uplifting encouraging prayers along with printable pictures that you can use or share.

My Advocate God, please come with me with your encouragement and strength as I face these daunting challenges. I feel overwhelmed, but you restore my soul. I stand by the faith that even if I sow in tears, I will reap in songs of joy. I praise you and thank you that blessing and prosperity will be mine as I fear you and walk in your ways. Amen.

God Help Me Out Of This Situation

God Help Me Out Of This Situation

Lord of hope, please encourage me with your love and truth. Please take me out of despair and worry. In these dark times, please counsel and guide me with Your Word. Help me to rise above my circumstances and put my trust in Your goodness and compassion. Holy Spirit, remind me that I can do all things through you, for you are my strength and my song. Amen.

For The Love Of God Please Help Me Properly

God, my champion, encourage me with the power of Your Holy Spirit when I am tempted to fear. Please strengthen me, help me and hold me with your righteous right hand. These circumstances will not prevail against me, for you plead my cause. These afflictions will be like grass that withers in the heat of the sun, for your blessed hand rests upon me. Amen.

Uplifter of my soul, come to me now with your comfort and support. I’m tired and weary, feel like I can’t go on. Oh my Lord, please renew my strength as I wait for you. To rise on wings like eagles. From the depths I cry to you; hear my voice and pay attention to my plea for help. In Your Word and Your mercy I place my hope. Come to me now, God of loving devotion. Amen.

God help me, I confess that this fiery trial took me by surprise and I almost lost my leg. Jesus, please gather yourself to my side as I remember that I share in your sufferings and in the end I will be overjoyed at the revelation of your glory. Holy Spirit, remind me that this trial produces perseverance in me, which develops my character and builds my hope. How blessed am I to have you with me in the fire. Amen.

Merciful God, I ask you to give me your support and encouragement as I face this difficult situation. I am grateful that You, my God, go with me and fight for me against everything that opposes me and give me the victory. I will be calm and peaceful my soul and I will hope in you, now and forever. Bless me with Your mercy. Amen.

Help Me To Focus On You And Your Promises

God my trust, you know that I am currently going through a time of weakness and I cannot achieve what I want to do. Lord, I ask for your mercy, for I know it will be sufficient. I pray that your strength rests on me and is made perfect in my weakness. Because of you I rejoice in my own lack of strength, I rejoice in difficulties and difficulties, because when I am weak in myself and for myself, I am strong in you. Amen.

Loving Savior, I pray that you will support me under this heavy burden that I carry. You told all who are weary and heavy laden to come to you, and now I get your rest. Thank you for giving strength to the weak and strength to the weak. I know that you will have mercy on your servant. Amen.

My God heals, I suffer from an illness and feel weak in my spirit. I pray that you will revitalize both my body and my soul. Though my flesh and my heart fail, You are the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Thank you that the day I call you, you hear me and answer me. You encourage me and strengthen my soul. Amen.

God Help Me Out Of This Situation

Lord of justice, I stand in sorrow before you, I cry for my sin and for not fulfilling your commandments. And yet I thank you that when I confess my sins, you are faithful and just to forgive my sins. I seek your joy, for it is my strength. I direct my thoughts and reflections to You, to Your love, to Your grace and to the work of Your Holy Spirit in me. Amen.

Bible Verse About God Carrying Us Through Hard Times

Righteous Lord, I know that your desire for me is to live a holy and pure life, and I share that desire; but right now I’m very tempted to be wrong. Jesus, I am encouraged by the knowledge that you too were tempted when you walked the earth as a man, and you endured. Lord, thank you for giving you a way to escape temptation. Amen.

God of comfort, I pray for your comfort as I mourn the loss of my loved one. Lord, I miss my loved one so much, but I find confidence in knowing that when the spirits of your children leave the body, they are at home with you. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Father, please comfort and lift my soul, for my heart is heavy. Amen.

Faithful Lord, you know how desperate and lost I feel after this failure. I was sure we were on our way to victory, and now this. Lord, stretch out your right hand and help me. Fulfill your purpose for me. Do not forsake the work you began in me. Lord, please motivate me with the confidence I need right now. Your loving affection lasts forever. Amen.

Jehovah-Jireh, my provider, I need your guidance and encouragement as I work through these financial matters. Lord, I know that you support justice for the poor and defend the cause of the poor. Please lift my spirits now and remind me that there is light at the end of this tunnel. My eyes are fixed on You, my Lord God, and in You I hope. Amen.

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God of loving devotion, you know the problems I have in this relationship. I need your assurance and your support at this time. Guide me in how to direct my actions and words to help mend this fence, for I know it is your will that I live in peace with all, as much as I can. Lord Jesus, I am encouraged by studying your example when you lived among us. Amen.

God for comfort, I am so discouraged now because I have no work and no income. Please serve me with comfort and hope. I bless you, Lord, because you carry my burdens daily, and I am confident that you will meet all my needs and lead me to a well-paying and fulfilling job. Oh my god, you are amazing! You give strength and power to your people. Amen.

Oh God of infinite wisdom, you know the challenges I have with my children. I ask for your support and inspiration as I manage their behavior and try to keep them on track and do all I can to help them thrive academically and spiritually, emotionally and socially. Encourage me, I pray, and guide me with the wisdom of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

God Help Me Out Of This Situation

Lord, you are my source of everything I need. Now I ask for your encouragement and motivation as I press forward to pursue healthy life choices. You know my problems with weight control and unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Encourages me as I strive to make wise choices and follow through. I rejoice in you Lord, and know that you will help me overcome my bad habits. Amen.

Prayer For Money And Financial Breakthrough

Majesty God, I accept my decisions, even when they were made after prayer and careful and discerning judgment. Lord, please strengthen my resolve to follow the path you have set before me. I am grateful that you go before me and that you invest your strength on my behalf. Blessed be my God who rides in the highest heaven, whose mighty voice resounds through the universe. Amen.

God of abundance, you know how discouraged I am in my workplace. I feel like I’m not going anywhere. I need your motivation right now. Please light a fire under me to do my work wholeheartedly, with all my being, work in your name and not for men, thank you. I know you will lead me to a position of prosperity. Amen.

Oh Father, You are the refresher of the weary and I need Your strength and inspiration to persevere towards the goal You have set before me. Help me to run with endurance and fix my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith, so that I do not grow weary

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