God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing – A long time ago I spoke with a friend who was going through a very dark ordeal. As she began to share with me some of her feelings and struggles with her difficult circumstances, I felt a connection with her. The circumstances of her trial resembled something I had experienced in the past, and the feelings she described felt all too familiar.

Although the circumstances of our trials were not the same, I was able to share with her a Bible truth that has been a way of life for me in my experience. His face changed as he spoke that truth and the new perspective it presented!

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

I can’t describe what it feels like to be able to empathize, connect, encourage, and pray for my friend on a level that wouldn’t have been possible had I not been through my ordeal.

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When we go through dark times, we have a choice. We can sit in pity and bitterness or hope in God’s faithfulness. Trials often seem to bring only bad things. God’s grace allows them to have such sweet moments as I have described, but only if we have humble hearts surrendered to His will.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the merciful Father and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our sufferings, so that we may comfort those who are in any trouble, by the God of comfort who comforts us.

Indeed, just as we share abundantly in Christ’s sufferings, so we share abundantly in well-being through Christ. If we suffer, it is for your comfort and salvation; If we comfort, it is for your comfort, and you feel our sufferings when you patiently endure them.

As you share our sufferings, our hope in you is unwavering because we know that you also share our comforts.

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That’s not the only way God turns trials into blessings, but it’s what I’ve experienced firsthand. God does not waste our suffering! It may not happen today, tomorrow or this year. God’s promises are not bound by time. Claim the promises of 2 Corinthians (above) and ask God to turn your trial into a blessing.

It does not undo the past. Those trials still happened and the memories can still be painful. But in the sweetness of God’s grace, He allows us to share in the comfort that we give to others! I used to believe that believing in God meant that nothing bad would happen to me. If I believed enough, God would protect me from the pain and suffering of this world.

But as I learned what it means to truly and completely trust in God, I discovered that pain and suffering are inevitable.

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

“God does not want our faith to be in mothballs, so He sometimes allows trials and tribulations into our lives. It is in those critical moments that unexpected hardships and heartbreaks shake us in places we never thought possible as children of God, and we face life with a new and improved God-powered faith that shakes off the cobwebs of our daily faith. the only”.

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When our first daughter was born, I saw how amazing and inexplicable God is. Not long before she was born, my husband and I miscarried. There was a certain naivety with my first pregnancy when there was no fear or worry about what might happen.

We shared our pregnancy news with the world, were excited to celebrate our new chapter, but a week later I started bleeding.

Despite the signs, I believed in my soul that God would protect my child. I believed that the child in my womb would come to this world. But, after meeting our first doctor, I knew this wasn’t the case.

For a whole week I cried the ugliest tears that soaked my pillowcases and sofa cushions. There was no explanation for what happened, it happened and happens surprisingly often.

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It is easy for someone who has not read the Bible to believe that all suffering will end by trusting in God. However, when you read the Bible, you realize that suffering is inevitable. Consider these few verses about temptations.

When we choose to live a godly life we ​​may experience persecution, abuse, pain and suffering. In America we don’t feel the persecution, but Christians in the Middle East and Asia are constantly persecuted.

As followers of Christ, we will face various trials. For some of us, suffering comes from poverty, troubled relationships, abuse, addictions, etc. For others, our trials look like illness, disability, or the death of a loved one. One thing is certain: there will be suffering.

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

No matter what, we suffer. Every person living on this earth will experience trials. No one, rich or poor, black or white, male or female, can escape the possibility of testing their faith.

What Seems To Us As Bitter Trials Are Often Blessings In Disguise.

Some will break down from suffering, give up all hope, others will find a way to improve. Every situation is different, but we all control how we perceive and respond to our situation.

We can find despair in our suffering or the hope that exists, because even in the midst of suffering we can experience blessings and joy.

The basic definition of blessing is “God’s favor and protection.” But what does that actually mean?

Vaneetha Rendall Risner on God’s Desires said it best: “The Scriptures show that whatever God gives is a blessing, and it makes us fully satisfied in Him. Anything that brings us closer to Jesus, anything that helps us to weather the storm and cling to eternity. Often it is the struggles and trials, painful disappointments and unfulfilled desires that allow us to do better.

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Blessings go beyond money or material things. It is beyond intelligent obedient children. Or the perfect husband.

When our daughter came into this world, I was happy for her birth and sad for the loss of our unborn child. When we miscarried, my husband and I were in a season of trying to control everything in our lives, and God used our first pregnancy and miscarriage to draw us closer to Him and remind us who is really in control.

God loved me so much that He used the pain of miscarriage to grow me, refine me, and draw me closer to Him. Our pain was a blessing in disguise.

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

In Romans 5:3-5, Paul reminds the Roman church to rejoice in their sufferings! He says these tribulations, also known as tribulations/afflictions, help us endure, shape our character, and ultimately give us a hope that does not shame us, but instead makes us more like Christ.

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Moreover, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance and perseverance, that perseverance produces character, that character produces hope, and that hope does not make us ashamed, because the love of God has entered into our hearts. Done by the Holy Spirit. We have been given.

This verse has become my life verse through all the struggles I have faced. It brought me peace in the midst of a storm and highlighted the truth that pain, tears and unhappiness are all used for something greater. For me this is a blessing.

The Bible is full of stories of real people facing persecution. Let us take the apostle Paul. Paul gives a brief example of the suffering he endured during his ministry in 2 Corinthians 11:22-27.

He was always on the move, but never protected from nature, from robbers, from Jew or Gentile, from city or country, and he knew what it was like to be hungry, thirsty, cold, and naked.

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Even in the midst of a storm (in prison) Paul wrote to the Philippian church encouraging them in the faith. How many of us have the strength to encourage someone when we are in the middle of a storm? I don’t have enough energy to please myself let alone the whole church!

Paul understood what it meant to suffer, but he clung to his faith and realized that his suffering could be used as a testimony to God’s glory.

Paul’s trials were blessings in disguise. Counting your blessings means that you should be happy with the pain and suffering you are going through. Rather, it’s about understanding how God will take the opportunity to raise you, shape you, and use you to advance His kingdom.

God Will Make This Trial A Blessing

Paul was also the apostle who was given a thorn in the flesh to remind him of his dependence on the Lord. He begged God to remove the thorn, but it remained (2 Corinthians 12:8). The Lord replied:

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The only way I know how to reconcile the fact that God did not save or heal my child

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