Gospel Song This Is My Story Lyrics

Gospel Song This Is My Story Lyrics

Gospel Song This Is My Story Lyrics – This narrative hymn was written by two prominent gospel songwriters, lyricist Fanny Crosby (1820–1915) and composer John Sweeney (1837–1899). According to Crosby, his friendship with Sweeney was formed at annual summer revival meetings held at Methodist camps in Ocean Grove, NJ.[1] He remembered being there as early as 1877; Sweeney was appointed song leader there in 1878 and served for twenty years until failing health prevented him from continuing.[2] Crosby said after Sweeney’s death that “paying tribute to his memory is one of the saddest tasks of my life”.[3]

One of their most enduring collaborations is the hymn “Tell Me the Story of Jesus,” first released in 2012.

Gospel Song This Is My Story Lyrics

Gospel Song This Is My Story Lyrics

For more than a decade, Sweeney was the music director of the Sunday School program at Bethany Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, which at one time was described as “one of the largest Sunday schools in the United States”.[4] Crosby was a longtime member of Old John Street Methodist Episcopal Church in New York. Both had a special interest in creating music for Christian education. The didactic nature of this hymn – and its relevance to Christian education – is simple and clear: it describes the life of Jesus on earth, from his incarnation, his temptation in the desert, his earthly ministry, his crucifixion, his crucifixion, his crucifixion, his crucifixion, his incarnation, his life on earth. tells about. burial and resurrection. He does so in the context of a man longing to hear a story described as “precious” and “the sweetest,” a love that can be written to the heart, “so tender, tender.” brighter.” like never before,” has “paid the ransom” for me.

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Notable scriptural references include Luke 2:8–14 (the angelic message); Luke 4:1-14 (temptation; also Matt. 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13); Isaiah 53:3-4 (sorrow, contempt, suffering); and Matthew 8:20 (the homeless; also Luke 9:58).

In this earliest printing, publisher John J. The visual solfege (Sol-Fa) system developed by Hood is used. Hood’s notation was intended as an alternative to the more common form-note system developed by William Little and William Smith.

Evangelist Homer Rodeheaver (1880–1955) described his unique experience with this song while serving in World War I:

During World War I, soldiers in France sang “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” to many groups—in old shell-shocked barracks, in dugouts with only a small candle to show the words, or in the open as a line. soldiers on their way to the front stopped to rest; and once, on October 4, 1918, in the Argonne Forest, just as the great drive began. But no matter where I sang this song, the soldier boys would take off their dirty service caps or slung their trench helmets in their hands and lie quietly. There was no other song sung with such effect. Many men have met me since the war and told me of the unusual circumstances in which it was sung and how the song made an impression on them at the time. All day long” lyric canvas wall art. A perfect gift for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, friends or someone you love!

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Gospel Song This Is My Story Lyrics

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. Our customer service team will review your request and send additional instructions to help you have the best experience with Christ Follower Life Orders. Click here for more information about the refund policy “I Surrender All” – American art teacher and musician who later became a music minister and evangelist, Judson W. A Christian hymn written by Van DeWter (1855-1939). This music was composed by Winfield S. Weed (1847–1908) and published in 1896.

For some time I tried to develop my artistic talents and do full-time evangelistic work. Finally, the decisive hour of my life came and I gave up everything. A new day has entered my life. I became an evangelist and discovered a talent in my soul that was unknown to me. God put a song in my heart, struck a chord and made me sing.[1]

Battle Hymn Of The Republic The Story Behind The Song

Born in 1855 on a farm in Michigan. After graduating from Hillsdale College, he was an art teacher and art director in the public schools of Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Van DeVeter was also an active worker in his Methodist Episcopal church, participating in the church’s evangelistic meetings. Frieds recognized his talent for ministry and encouraged him to leave teaching and become an evangelist. For five years, Van DeVeter vacillated between becoming a recognized artist or seeking the ministry.

He eventually dedicated his life to Christian service and wrote the lyrics to the hymn while leading a meeting at the home of a prominent Ohio evangelist, George Sebring.

Gospel Song This Is My Story Lyrics

After deciding to commit his life to God, Van DeVeter traveled throughout the United States, England, and Scotland, doing evangelistic work. He was joined by his partner and singer for many years, Winfield S.

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Late in life, Van DeVeter moved to Florida and was professor of hymnology at the Florida Bible Institute for four years in the 1920s.

Van DeVeter wrote more than 60 hymns during his lifetime, but his most famous is “I Surrender All.”

“I Surrender All” was set to music by Weed and first published in 1896 in Gospel Songs of Grace and Glory, a collection of old and new hymns by various hymnists compiled by Weed, Van DeVter and Leonard Weaver and published by Sebring Publishing Co.

Born in Ohio in 1847, Weed taught singing schools before becoming an evangelist and was a well-known song leader and singer.

Blessed Assurance Hymn

Weed published many hymns in several volumes, including The Peacemaker (1894), Songs of Peace (1895), and Songs of Independence (1897). The title of this hymn, “I Conquer All,” is inscribed on his tombstone.

It is a classic hymn and hymn performed by churches that prefer contemporary music because of its gospel nature.

In the late 1930s, when the famous international evangelist Billy Graham was a student at the Florida Bible Institute, he studied and collaborated with Judson Van DeVeter, and Van DeVeter later said that Van DeVeter was a major influence on his early preaching.

Gospel Song This Is My Story Lyrics

Pop singer Deece Williams, who had a No. 1 hit last year with “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” in 1986, has released an album of gospel songs called “So Glad I Know.” Her rendition of “I Surrender All” from the album won her a Grammy Award for Best Female Soul Gospel Performance.

Mary, Did You Know?

As a minor Chicago talk show host, she auditioned for the role of Sophia in the 1985 film The Color Purple, a role she coveted. After being told that real-life actresses were being considered instead, she went to a weight loss camp in a last-ditch effort to lose weight. As she walked down the treadmill, she sang “I Surrender All” until she surrendered her desire to God and brought her peace and freedom. When she returned, Steve Spielberg was on the phone offering her the role.

For her performance in the film, Winfrey was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award in 1986, and later that year her talk show was commissioned, expanded to a full hour, and aired nationwide.

In 2005, when singer Faith Hill appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, during a rehearsal Winfrey noticed that Hill also had an interest in the anthem, and had her sing it on her Oprah After the Show.

Theological historian Charles Lippi points out that the text of the hymn expressed the values ​​of late 19th-century evangelical concepts of “victorious life”.

A New Song: In The Valley (bless The Lord)

Living a victorious life means completely surrendering to God’s will to overcome the challenges of daily life. Lippi sums it up this way: “[T]hrough absolute surrender

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