How Do I Give Myself A B12 Shot

How Do I Give Myself A B12 Shot

How Do I Give Myself A B12 Shot – Until now, B12 injections cannot be bought from UK pharmacies by the general public, but can be bought from a hairdresser or beauty salon or from any of the 2500 specialists, clinics or shops in the UK at a reasonable price. £25 – £100 each.

Following on from my previous blog about the B12 OTC application and the future Westminster Hall debate where my MP Jane Hunt will be working – some of you kind people have asked the MP to join Jane and speak in support. Some members of Parliament said,

How Do I Give Myself A B12 Shot

How Do I Give Myself A B12 Shot

However, the following information may help your MP take action – but if not, you know what it is and I advise you to get yourself a new one as soon as possible!

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“…… Vitamin B12 cannot be legally classified as an over-the-counter drug because it is an injection and because the condition it is licensed to treat, fatal anemia, requires a doctor to diagnose and monitor it. its treatment (see point IV above) . This also applies to insulin injections and the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

Vitamin B12 injections are currently approved for use in maintenance treatment of pernicious anemia every 2 – 3 months depending on the type of pernicious anemia. Although the product could be developed to be available for sale in pharmacies, it will not be used more often than every 2 – 3 months, so the repeated administration of the drug will not help those who need regular injections.

“The recommendation we have for private clinics offering vitamin B12 injections without a license for non-medical injections is that these are not considered medicines and fall outside the scope of the MHRA. It should be very clear in the marketing of such products that they have no medical purpose. “

So the same B12 (hydroxocobalamin in this case), from the same manufacturer, at the same time;

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Some sellers of B12 injections have been telling the public the truth, that B12 injections help to strengthen the immune system, fight fatigue and can help fight against COVID but the MHRA rules are very simple about non-pharmaceutical products which also POM means that these claims are true. . not listening and telling the truth is a BIG FAT NO NO.

The MHRA took time during the COVID period alongside the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) to warn people who are selling B12 injections directly to the public through salons and the like – not to tell those they are advertising to, what the B12 injections will do either. anything. they can help with that.

The MHRA allows clinics and individuals to advertise B12 injections using the words ‘wellness’ or ‘boost’ or ‘supplement’ but not ‘deficiency’, they cannot be sold for medical purposes, and these few do NOTHING. , because those of us with B12 deficiency keep being told ‘Prescription Only’ !!!!!!

How Do I Give Myself A B12 Shot

In May, the MHRA and the ASA issued a Notice of Action clarifying to businesses that provide vitamin supplements the optional feature and instructing them to remove any claims related to CCID-19 from their websites and social media pages.

Patients Self Injecting Vitamin B12 Without Telling Their Gp, Finds Study

Like anything in this world there is good and bad culture. Some clinics and individuals sell B12 injections directly to people who are properly trained and follow their company’s guidelines to the letter, keeping good records.

If they see that a person may be deficient in B12 but has not been diagnosed and needs to be referred to a doctor, they explain this without affecting the chances of being diagnosed by not injecting B12. Some may not, may not know that knowing a person’s B12 deficiency is the key to being able to get B12 from their doctor as it is often a lifelong need and having regular B12 injections from a private clinic would not be financially sustainable. .

These clinics and professionals provide a living for many who are dragging themselves trying to survive with one injection every three months while trying to work, keep their mental health in good shape, take care of the family, hold a job and maybe I should have. at home they learned more than anything else during these years of confinement.

They also provide a lifeline for many patients who are deficient in B12 but remain untreated due to in-range results on the serum B12 test. Too many doctors do not understand the limitations of the test and that the clinical picture of B12 deficiency is important. Some do not want to give up and allow treatment even when they are faced with a patient who is crying on his knees and asking for treatment.

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Although my job and my website is to keep people under their doctor’s care if possible, I refer people to B12 services at clinics and specialists. This happened when people became seriously ill and lacked the strength or will to fight their doctor for treatment. This means that these trusted sources can provide the first injection and train the patient to self-inject before purchasing supplies from an overseas pharmacy for around 60p per ampoule.

The sad thing is that the opportunity to import has decreased with BREXIT and so now the situation is more urgent. We need B12 injections to be available OTC in pharmacies so that when there is no help from a GP and where expensive private injections are not an option, people can access essential treatment.

Let’s not forget that BSH sent out dangerous Guidelines to stop the vital B12 injections they had to fix. Some Medical Practices proudly report that they are referring most patients to small and ineffective 50mcg cyanocobalamin tablets unless severe anemia is detected. This is a very dangerous practice that must be changed. It needs to be announced from the rooftops that PA is just ONE of the MANY causes of B12 deficiency. It is NOT more serious than any other cause and apart from confirmation of malnutrition, treatment and injection are required for a speedy recovery.

How Do I Give Myself A B12 Shot

“However, we are concerned about the amount of clinical supervision available for IV vitamin therapy and general injection services and the appropriateness of these services being evaluated.”

It Would Be More* Better If…. Myself, And Many Others Like Me…

This ‘revision’, if it decides to stop the treatment of B12 injections by clinics that comply with the unreasonable rules of the MHRA, will not only have a negative impact on the companies and people who give B12 injections, but also on the people who rely on them. maintain physical and mental function.

There will be people who do not want to inject themselves with B12 and I have only one hope that pharmacies will offer help to people who are afraid to take it.

Since they started the bid to make B12 OTC, some have said they fear that doctors may stop prescribing B12 altogether if they succeed. I feel that this fear is unfounded, doctors in countries that allow OTC still prescribe and give B12 injections to patients who need them. It will still be the responsibility of Primary Care to diagnose and treat patients with B12 deficiency but they must make the decision.

Because most people are limited to one life-saving B12 injection every three months. Some say they can handle this control but most of us can’t, including me. Each of us is affected differently and needs a different frequency of B12 injections.

Buy B12 Injections Online: Where To Get B12 Shots

Although most doctors will not treat patients according to individual needs (or feel that their hands are tied), it is important to allow patients the power to take care of themselves.

If the laws are dangerous, discriminatory and ridiculous they need to be changed. Surely the MHRA could make life-saving B12 injections available over the counter if they wanted to?We use cookies for good. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Cookie policy

This article was medically reviewed by Shari Forschen, NP, MA and staff writer, Amber Crain. Shari Forschen is a Registered Nurse at Sanford Health in North Dakota. Shari has worked in healthcare since 1996 and her specialty is in clinical oncology bedside nursing. She received her degree from Medcenter One College of Nursing in 2003 and her Family Nurse Practitioner Masters from the University of North Dakota in 2014. Shari is a member of the American Nurses Association.

How Do I Give Myself A B12 Shot

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If you’ve been feeling sluggish or low on energy lately, getting B12 injections can help you get back on track (especially if you have a B12 deficiency). Giving yourself B12 injections at home is easier and more convenient than having your doctor do it for you, but you’re just getting started.

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