I Just Want To Feel Better

I Just Want To Feel Better

I Just Want To Feel Better – This is what I told the doctor yesterday when I left my house after dinner, went to the clinic and sat in her office. My family doctor is away now, but his colleagues have my file and in it you can clearly see where I found my way to his office in 2015 with the same set of symptoms.

Then, as now, I was dealing with a bunch of issues beyond my control that were sending me into a daily spiral of anxiety. I wasn’t sleeping well, eating well or feeling well, ever.

I Just Want To Feel Better

I Just Want To Feel Better

But underneath that, buried under the obviousness of anxiety, was depression. The two often work in tandem in my life. The problem is also anxiety

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It’s hard to see anything beyond that. Then, as now, I dealt with anxiety. I went to the gym, did mindfulness, saw a therapist, talked to friends, cut back on caffeine (no small feat as a writer, believe me), and anything else I could do to avoid it. The concern was the focus.

This time, it was also the focus. And again, this time, the depression got worse. I didn’t even see him choke. Last night, when I heard about another stress reliever to add to my pile of running stressors, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t do it without help anymore. My mind and body are exhausted. I don’t see good things anymore. I don’t want to be with people most of the time; I’d rather be alone with a good show on TV.

When I saw the doctor, I had taken an online depression test to show him the results. I had made a list of my symptoms, and they were as clear as day. This is what depression looks like to me. This is how it manifests itself. I’m still working, but it’s all a big deal. I keep pushing every day, but with a lot of effort. I’m not sitting in a corner crying all the time, but I’m not happy either. Everything is sad. ash

I picked them up at 7:30am, just before I left home to perform at a local high school. The school was downtown, and I came from the suburbs west of the city. When I left, the GPS on my phone said I would arrive at 8:28 – 22 minutes before the pick up started. But as I drove, as the traffic grew heavier, my arrival time crept closer and closer to when I started to pick up.

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He broke out in a cold sweat. I didn’t want to be late, let people down. I began to worry about missing the opportunity to speak to hundreds of ninth graders about how to be a strong friend to the LGBTQ community. I take talking to young people very seriously, because I know how interactive and impactful they are. This group has just started high school and it takes four years to change and shape the culture of the school in a more inclusive way before making their way to other places and spaces to do the same. I can’t miss this.

This morning in the car, with my arrival time so fast, I realized that none of Amanda’s silent techniques were working. No deep breathing, no thought analysis, no reminders that the traffic was out of my control or that this wasn’t the end of the world. nothing. And I consider myself a professional and slow my role.

“Well, of course nothing works,” I finally said to myself out loud in the car. “You’re depressed. You’re exhausted. You can’t talk yourself out of this now. You have to give yourself a break.”

I Just Want To Feel Better

The other day, I read something the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert wrote on Instagram. She was talking about her negative thought processes and how that morning she tried to use thoughts to manage her thoughts, which resulted in a huge tangle. Then he remembered that he thought that his departure would not be the solution. He needed to let his heart run. At that moment, she simply chose to love herself, to let her mind rest.

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I loved what he said so much that I turned it into a quote to take with me,

. And I remembered her when I was in the car. I let my mind rest in peace and chose to love myself through it.

The meeting was great. I got there with a few minutes to spare. The room filled me with positive energy and I interacted with the students during and after. Even on the hardest days of my life, talking to a room full of people is one of my happy places.

The medicines will start working soon. It took just under two weeks last time, and I hope it will be the same this time. It’s a relief to know that reinforcements are on the way. I struggled a lot, and I’m not ashamed. I saw that I needed help and I got it; What are you ashamed of? I still think I look strong, now with a small serotonin army forming behind me.

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So I rest, I recover, I work as much as I can and nothing else, I love my family and let them love me, and one day soon, I will wake up again with a spring in my step.

If you’re struggling today and wondering if you should make a doctor’s appointment: do it. Don’t think about it anymore. Dial the number, send the email or come in and tell them you need help. Do it for you, do it for the people you love. You deserve to be happy. Depression quotes and sayings can provide insight into what it’s like to live with depression, as well as inspiration and a feeling that “someone gets it.” These depression quotes and sayings about depression deal with various aspects of the disease such as pain, sadness, loneliness and other related issues. Feel free to share it on your website, blog or social page for fun or to help others.

Depression quotes are there to remind you that there are treatments for depression and that you won’t be so depressed that you can’t get better.

I Just Want To Feel Better

Depression makes you want to hide inside yourself. But hiding your feelings (or not being numb) won’t help you recover.

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Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also harder to bear. Repeated attempts to hide psychological pain add to the burden. It is easier to say, “My teeth hurt,” than to say, “My heart is broken.”

“I’m bent, but not broken. I’m bent, but not deformed. I’m sad, but not hopeless. I’m tired, but not helpless. I’m angry, but not bitter. I’m depressed, but I don’t give. up.”

Giving up when you’re afflicted with a mental illness like depression seems appealing in your darkest moments. But take comfort from the quote above for depression and don’t give up.

“If you know someone who is depressed, never ask them why. Depression is not a direct response to a bad situation. Depression is like the weather.”

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What causes depression? Like the depression quote, depression is “fair”. Sadness has a direct cause.

“I have depression. But I’d rather say ‘I’m fighting’ the depression than ‘I’m fighting’ it. Because the depression is hitting me. But I fight. The battle is on.”

Self-help for depression is a viable method of alleviating the symptoms of depression. You too can ‘fight’ depression instead of ‘suffer it’.

I Just Want To Feel Better

Did you know that forcing yourself to be happy is a warning sign of depression? Talk about your feelings. Don’t force that smile.

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Describing depression through a metaphor helps others who are not depressed understand what you are going through. What does your depression feel like?

Depression and sleep disturbances (sleeping too much, too little or interrupted sleep) often occur. You can reduce the effects of depression by practicing proper sleep hygiene.

“Whenever I’ve had a few good months and think I’m past the worst of my depression, it quietly returns. This is not a battle I asked to fight. I’m sick of knowing it always comes back.”

Does the thought of falling back into depression scare you? You can reduce fear by making a healthy plan to take some of the mystery out of what relapse can involve.

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“I wanted to write exactly what I felt, but somehow the paper went blank and I couldn’t describe it better.”

Journal for self-care work. But sometimes, when you’re depressed, it’s hard to know what to write. Why not try keeping a positive journal? It’s easy and can be as simple as a list.

“No one realizes how powerful it can be for a depressed person just to do everyday things like take a shower, do their hair or get out of bed.”

I Just Want To Feel Better

Practicing self-care for your mental health can be affected when you’re depressed. Some days you can stay in bed

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