In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse

In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse

In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse – Last Sunday, I spoke to excited children about what makes a house a home, before our congregation made their pledges in our leadership campaign, “Let’s Build a House.”

Later that day I met a family who had lost their way not long ago, and although I did not know them, I grieved with them as I read the words of the Psalmist and prayed for the Lord.

In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse

In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse

After returning to my desk to prepare for youth group, I read about the shooting in Texas and my heart ached as I prayed for the community and wondered what I could do.

Thessalonians 5:18 Give Thanks In Every Circumstance, For This Is God’s Will For You In Christ Jesus

On Sunday afternoon, high school students gathered for Bible study to discuss the phrase “Here I am” and what it means when we respond to God like Moses, Samuel, and Mary. We look at the world where we are, in who we are

Individuals and those with whom we have a relationship with God. At the end of the study, I listened as these high school students explained the problems and heartaches they saw in the world and explained how they would use their skills and passions to respond to them. They are asked to think about what this answer says about their relationship with God and who they believe God is; to whom they say: “Here I am” when asked who they are.

On Monday, I was lying in bed looking out the window at the changing trees and thinking about the previous day. It is full of beauty and sadness, tension and fear. There was a time when I wondered how anyone could doubt whether God exists and there was a time when I wondered where God was. Finally, my childhood showed me exactly where God is – in each of them and in all of us when we want to cry “Here I am!” with Moses, Samuel and Mary.

As the holiday season approaches, the tradition begins again for many. Facebook is full of people listing things they are grateful for. In a world that seems broken, these brief moments of prayer bring much needed light. These prayers of thanksgiving help me gain focus and be able to say, “Here I am.”

Give Thanks In All Circumstances Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

On Sunday, I remember that in these moments of family gatherings and joyful songs, there are also people who sit alone and sing mourning songs. I pray that as we each find ourselves at different points on this journey, we find those brief moments of Thanksgiving and carry them with each other into the dark winter nights and early mornings.

When I was talking to those children on the steps of our church on Sunday, I told them that the best way to thank God for everything we have been given is to help make our home a home for everyone. We talked about the need for love, forgiveness, kindness and family to make this change. It is through this love and kindness shared with those around us that we can say to God, “Here I am.”

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, as we watch the news and wonder what we can do – let’s join the voices on Facebook and give thanks. Let us join the voice of those who before us say to God and live together to share in this thanksgiving and praise, so that they share in God’s love and grace.

In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse

How do you respond with “Here I Am” in your life and ministry? How do you encourage your congregation to join you in giving thanks to God? does not support older versions of your web browser to ensure the safety of user data. Please update to the latest version.

In Everything Give Thanks Svg Cutting File, Thanksgiving Svg

In everything give thanks and be thankful Bible Verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Thankful Bible Verses To Encourage You

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In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse

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In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse

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In All Things Give Thanks Bible Verse

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