In Everything Give Thanks For This Is The Will Of God

In Everything Give Thanks For This Is The Will Of God

In Everything Give Thanks For This Is The Will Of God – These were excerpts from letters written by my fifth grade class that said “I’m glad…” Each year the class writes letters about what they are thankful for and glues them to construction paper to make a mat for their Thanksgiving table. For the most part, each student was able to quickly write down ideas about their family, friends, pets, and food. One of my autistic students, as usual, had a hard time thinking about what to write. After a few minutes of trying to reason with him, he replied emphatically, “I’m grateful for everything! I told him that was fine, but he wanted specifics. I told him he couldn’t write just one sentence. This should have been a three paragraph essay! After several failed attempts to help him develop his vision, I finally decided to fight. Due to time constraints, I let her glue the letter on the construction paper and let her decorate her mat.

When I reread some of the students’ essays, I was struck by the choice of words, details, and descriptive language. Almost every one of them could write three paragraphs describing everything they were grateful for. I commended each of them for their efforts, while feeling frustrated at not succeeding in the battle. When I got home, I came across the above Bible verse and started thinking about its message…

In Everything Give Thanks For This Is The Will Of God

In Everything Give Thanks For This Is The Will Of God

How can my friend, whose daughter has cancer for the third time, be grateful for everything? How can a homeless woman who has no food or shelter be grateful for everything this Thanksgiving? How can the families who lost their lives last year be thankful for everything? Should I be grateful for the many disappointments I have experienced this year as a classroom teacher?

Thanking God For Everything

My mind was racing, as it usually is, and I was trying to understand the truth of this message that I received twice today. I searched the Internet and found this explanation from Charles Stanley, a Christian pastor from Atlanta:

“He never said, ‘Thank you for everything, whenever you want.’ This command has nothing to do with feelings. It is a choice to do what God says. Whenever he gives us a command in the Bible, that is for our benefit. The choice is not always easy. In many cases, we choose to get out of the difficulties rather than thank God for them. But have you ever thought that in reality you may want to stay in a painful situation for a while I know this may not seem like what a loving God would do, but remember, his purpose is to do what is best for you. God has created something better for you: eternal and lasting happiness. Change begins with two simple words spoken in the heart: thank you.”

LIFE LESSON: It’s easy to be grateful when things are going well, but that’s not always the case in life. We all face times of disappointment, pain, hurt, and pain, but we are commanded to “give thanks in all things”. This Thanksgiving, I want to thank not only my family, friends, home and work, but also for all the other unpleasant situations I face in life. Now I believe that by doing so, we are putting God first and opening the door to an abundance of blessings, encouragement and hope for the future.

“Give thanks in all things; for that is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) This year was difficult, but this Thanksgiving we have little reason to be thankful. This week’s discourse on discipleship is a call to seek and acknowledge how God’s grace has led you in 2020. Ask him for it today!

Give Thanks In Everything

As you turn your heart to gratitude, gently turn your family to gratitude. Don’t let this Thanksgiving be a time of so much grief that you lose your joy. God was good. Talk to those you trust about how His grace has moved you this year!

Thanksgiving 2020 is just as difficult as this year. Usually during this holiday, our hearts and homes are filled with our special people and blessings. However, 2020 has been a difficult year, and for many of us this Thanksgiving was very different from what we would have liked. Still, God’s Word tells us to ‘give thanks in everything,’ and we want to glorify God for that. ~ What makes this holiday season different? What things include “everything” in our lives this year? What can we be thankful for right now?

The phrase “give thanks” in our verse literally means “grace”. God’s grace has helped us in every situation this year, and for that we can be thankful. Being thankful for “all things” does not mean that we should be thankful for everything. Thanking means acknowledging and appreciating how God has helped us through it all. When we do this, we are living according to His perfect will for our lives! ~ How has God’s grace moved us this year? How was he with us? How did you help us?

In Everything Give Thanks For This Is The Will Of God

The Thessalonians (to whom the apostle Paul wrote our main verse) were grieving for their loved ones, facing intense persecution, and wondering if the world had come to an end. Their time was different from ours, but their questions were very similar to ours. In the midst of this, Paul encouraged them saying: “Be at peace… comfort the oppressed, help the weak, be patient with all… Always seek the good of one another and of all.” Rejoice at all times; ~ If these words inspired the Thessalonians when they were facing difficulties, how can these words inspire us now? As you give thanks, what else does God want you to do today?

Give Thanks In Everything: A 5 Day Thanksgiving Devotional

This Thanksgiving, let’s worship God by intentionally taking time to “give thanks for everything.” God’s grace has carried our family this year. He took care of us and took care of us. Let’s think about some of the prayers He has answered and how He has supported us this year. Think of his blessings and goodness to us. With that in mind, let’s make some thank you notes during our family Thanksgiving 2020.

Lord, we acknowledge your goodness to us this year. You are our hope and our Redeemer, our Savior and our joy. Thank you for not leaving us or forsaking us. We love you and thank you so much! Amen! Broken Door Ministries empowers people to resolve their issues and begin the healing process with the help of Jesus and dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ.

Once upon a time there was a man who wanted the perfect home in the mountains. He saw many houses, but never found one he could call home. One day the realtor took him on a long windy road full of potholes and weeds, to a house on a cliff right at the top of a mountain.

When they approached the house, the man was standing looking at the sad building. It was a very old building, unpainted and long abandoned. The windows were stained, and the porch was rotting. And once the beautiful front door was broken. The man tried to turn back, but the house was built right at the end of the cliff. It was not like entering a house with a broken front door.

Albert Schweitzer Quote: “the Greatest Thing Is To Give Thanks For Everything. He Who Has Learned This Knows What It Means To Live. He Has Penetra…”

As the man walked up the rotten stairs to the front door, he began to wonder why the salesman had brought him to such a strange house. He went to the door and opened it enough to enter a house that was no longer inhabited. When the door opened, the man saw ropes and dust in the dirty air from years of abandonment.

Finally, when the man was completely inside the house, he saw a bright light outside the house. He trudged through the dusty air to the grand mahogany and leaded glass doors. Through the glass pane, the light shone and flashed throughout the old house.

This man wanted to see more light. He opened the beautiful front door and stepped out onto a beautifully landscaped porch with fresh paint and charming rocking chairs. The sight that had been hidden in front of the house now opened wide before him. Looking down the valley, the horizon stretched into eternity. The river below led to an amazing waterfall. Birds flew beside the reformation, and the man heard the laughter of children and the bells of the church. The man seemed to be looking at the whole creature. Without delay, the man told the seller that he was going to buy the house.

In Everything Give Thanks For This Is The Will Of God

Many years have passed. Fascinated by the beauty of the light from the back door and the bright view from the back porch, the man began to make this house his home. He painted, repaired and

This Is The Will Of God

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