Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story

Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story

Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story – “Buford Pusser was only 26 years old when his name entered history,” sang rockabilly Eddie Bond in the tribute song “Young Sheriff.”

The Tennessee folk hero directed the 1973 film Walking Tall, featuring a lonely sheriff waging war against the small-town underworld. The sheriff was Buford Pusser.

Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story

Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story

A strict precedent for law enforcement agencies has not been created. He first made a name for himself in professional wrestling as “The Big Bull”. Once he fought a grizzly and won. When he decided to settle with his family in his hometown of Adamsville in southern Tennessee, he immediately immersed himself in the area, which was poisoned by crime and corruption.

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“I was beaten and robbed on the Mississippi-Tennessee state line and local law enforcement did nothing,” Pusser later said in an interview. “That’s when I decided to run for sheriff.”

Buford Passer served as Sheriff of McNairy County for six years, doing it because it was the right thing to do. Screenshot from YouTube.

The Dixie Mafia was an organized crime group that terrorized and terrorized the citizens of the county. The State Line Mob, a branch of the Dixie Mafia, engages in prostitution, illegal gambling, theft and extortion.

“I’ll answer all the calls,” promised Pusser, who was elected McNairy County Sheriff in 1964. The youngest sheriff in the state’s history was a 6-foot, 250-pound attorney with one thing in mind: law and order.

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The government gang had everyone in power in their pockets and even tried to bribe Pusser with an offer of $1,000 a month to ignore their crimes. Instead, in 1965, he decided to disrupt the operation of 87 machines for the production of whiskey. He was a vigilant advocate for the community, doing it himself before other MPs were mobilized to join his cause.

One of Pusser’s campaign promises was to stop crime without a gun or a badge, instead using his weapon of choice: the “big stick.” The wooden weapon looked like a cross between a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and a pickaxe. Although Pusser had a “big stick” with him, he also used a gun to defend himself as his life was in danger and he was attacked several times.

Buford Pusser is pictured with his famous “big stick” used against McNairy County criminals. Photo courtesy of the Buford Pusser Festival.

Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story

Petey Plank, one of Pusser’s deputies, described Louise Hathcock as being as ruthless as Al Capone. Pusser arrived at the Shamrock Motel on February 1, 1966, to question him about the robbery. He pointed the .38 caliber revolver at Pusser and the first shot went over his head and through the window. When he fired a second time, the gun misfired.

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Pusser had to shoot him in self-defense. However, he was not always on the side of the winners in the penalty shootout.

On August 12, 1967, Pusser and his wife, Pauline, responded to a distress call at 4:30 in the morning. head. He knocked him to the floor and then stopped 2 miles away to tend to his wife’s wounds. The attackers ambushed them again, firing 30-caliber bullets into their car. Puser was wounded in the face.

Was released in 1973. A year later, he died in a road accident. Image courtesy of IMDb.

His wife was killed, but Pusser survived. After a hospital stay and 14 plastic surgeries later, his broken jaw was repaired.

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During his six years as sheriff, Pusser survived at least seven attempted murders and several violent incidents. He was thrown out of the window and was almost hit by a car. He killed criminals twice in self-defense, was shot eight times and stabbed seven times. All because he believed that he was doing the right thing.

The release of a movie based on his life made the small-town Tennessee sheriff a Hollywood star. He met Johnny Cash and bought a brand new Corvette, which he loved to drive fast. On August 21, 1974, Buford Pusser was 36 years old when his car overturned and he died.

The Buford Pusser House Museum was established in 1988 and displays photographs and memorabilia to preserve his memory. In 2004, Walking Tall was remade with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Immortalized by many films, Pusser’s legacy is a hero the small country desperately needed.

Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story

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The Triple 7 Expedition team of nine veterans completed their space expedition with a final launch ceremony in Florida on Wednesday, January 18. A memorial service for Buford Pusser was held on August 21, marking his death 40 years ago in Adamsville. . Those present met at the fair square, where Pusser left before he died in a car accident. Eight miles away, local law enforcement and Fri

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When Buford Pusser became McNairy County Sheriff in 1964, he didn’t expect to become a legend and a hero to outsiders.

Old friends said he was a gentle gentleman. He was stocky, over 6 feet tall and about 250 pounds, with red hair and freckles covering his face. He wore khakis and button-down shirts every day.

He loved his family very much and named his daughter a few minutes before his death. He was a sheriff who was known for wielding a big stick, thanks to Hollywood. He was the one who cleaned up McNairy County. In 1973, a film called “Walking Tall” was released, which was based on Pusser’s life. Two more films were made after his death. All three continue to provide inspiration and hope to viewers.

Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story

“Lawyers didn’t have a hero until Buford came along,” said Bill Wagoner, a high school classmate and Pusser family friend. “He became a hero to many law enforcement officers across the United States.”

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Officer Ryan Burleshi of the Adamsville Police Department said Pusser’s story inspired him to go into law enforcement.

“I moved to Adamsville eight or 10 years ago, and the first thing we did was go to the Buford Pusser Museum and see all the things and learn about his history here,” he said. “That’s why I’ve always wanted to do it.”

Pusser served as sheriff until 1970. During that time, he suffered several stab wounds and injuries while trying to eradicate organized crime in McNairy County.

It has been 50 years since he was elected sheriff when he was only 26 years old. It’s been 47 years since his wife, Pauline, died in an ambush that some believe was an assassination attempt on Pusser. And 40 years have passed since Pusser’s death. He left the county fair and lost control of his 1974 Corvette, crashing into an embankment on Highway 64 in the town of Lawton.

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“I was at the fairgrounds that night and he passed us on the way home and he died in my arms,” ​​said his daughter, Dwana Pusser Harrison.

Today, people still visit Pusser’s home in Adamsville. Harrison has been told many times how much his father means to today’s law enforcement officers.

“It’s amazing the amount of people that come here,” he said. “They want to pay taxes, even after so many years.”

Is The Movie Walking Tall A True Story

On Thursday, the anniversary of his death, about a hundred people gathered at Pusser’s crash site to pay their respects.

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In a quiet Adamsville neighborhood on Pusser Street is the house where Pusser lived. Now it is a museum.

Guests enter through the front door and are asked to first sign in the guest book with their name and location.

Family photos on the right: Buford Pusser and his wife Pauline. Their only child together, Dwana. His children and grandchildren. Pauline’s children, Mike and Diana.

Newspaper clippings from Pusser’s life hang in frames on the wall on the left. The Pusser sofa is inviolable, a rope protects it from visitors. Further to the left are brown leather and metal chairs in front of the TV. Before continuing, visitors can watch an eight-minute video about Pusser’s life.

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