Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na

Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na

Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na – Today, as the pick of the day, we present Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na starring Imran Khan and Genelia D’Souza. The movie not only takes you back to your old college days but also reminds you of your loved ones.

The lockdown order in India has been extended till May 31 after the number of infected people has increased in some cities. On top of that, finding a movie to binge-watch with your family must be tough for you at home, and since the lockdown started, we’ve been helping you pick the best movies to watch. And again, we are here to help you overcome the sadness of loneliness and watch a great movie with your family. Everyone is missing their friends, girlfriends, boyfriends who are away due to the lockdown orders, so today pix suggest you to watch Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na.

Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na

Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na

Written and directed by Abbas Tyrewala, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na stars Imran Khan and Genelia D’Souza in lead roles. Produced by Mansoor Khan, Aamir Khan, this film marks the directorial debut of actors Imran Khan and Pratik Babbar. Released on July 4, 2008, the film received generally positive reviews and was a box office success. The film revolves around two best friends Jai and Aditi, who make a perfect couple but refuse to consider a romantic relationship. However, when they start dating other people, they realize that they are actually in love.

Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na Is A Bowl Of Warm Soup In Movie Form

While there are many reasons to watch Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, we suggest you 5 reasons why this movie is still relevant today:

Aditi Mahant is Genelia’s breakout performance in this film. Many have preferred her role due to her sweetness, freshness and novel acting. Aditi is an aggressive and impulsive girl for whom Jai (Imran Khan) is everything. Aditi is loud, doesn’t look at people and isn’t afraid to throw punches when someone insults her. Genelia’s performance surprised everyone and everyone loved her amazing performance. He is the main attraction and the main reason to watch the film again and again.

This film marked Emraan’s acting debut and no one expected that the actor would make an impact with his first film. Emraan as Jai, the most non-violent Rajput that has ever existed, loved the audience. He is a far cry from the ‘masculine’ stereotype that Bollywood heroes usually follow. His beautiful and flawless looks make girls go crazy for him. Emraan is the best choice of the producer for the character of Jai. From a lovable son to a loving friend, Jai is what every girl wants.

Nirav Mehta as Ziggy Patel, Alishka Varde as Bam, Karan Makhija as Rotlu and Sugandha Garg as Shalin Verma played Jai and Aditi’s perfect friend. Ziggy’s Gujarati accent, Bam’s agility, Shaleen’s caring yet loving demeanor and Rotlu’s emotional personality made the audience fall in love with them. Apart from these amazing friends, we also have Anuradha Patel as Pumpkin (Aditi’s mother), Jayant Kripalani as Peachy (Aditi’s father) who are the best parents in the series. Jab Ratna Pathak Shah as Savitri Singh Rathore (Jai’s mother). A wonderful mother but lies to her son about his father’s (Naseeruddin Shah) background to prevent him from fighting. The film also has a perfect brother played by Prateek Babbar, whom every sister should touch. Paresh Rawal, Ayaz Khan, Manjari Phadnis and other actors are also acting in the movie. Bring along to watch this great movie.

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Like every Bollywood story, the story of this movie involves a girl and a boy who are best friends who fall in love but it has many twists, many friendships, many emotions attached. Any teenager will associate immediately. . The film also shows the close relationship between two brothers, Amit and Aditi, always chasing each other, arguing like Tom and Jerry. Ziggy, Jai, Aditi, Rotlu, Bums and Shaleen will have fun conversations, toe-to-friend moments and laughs that will remind you of your college group. But what makes people LOL in the movie is when Jai fulfills the three conditions to become a Rajput. Overall, the story is lighthearted and fun to watch, which will stay fresh in our minds.

The music of Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na is composed by AR Rahman. From funny numbers, Pappu Kant Dance to the romantic song Kahin To are the songs that are heard and hummed by many people. The soundtrack stayed at number one on the music charts for several weeks in a row. The soundtrack was well received by audiences and critics alike and “Pappu Can’t Dance” became one of the biggest hits of 2008.

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Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na

For the latest Bollywood news, Telugu news, entertainment exclusives, gossip, movie reviews and more, follow the website and YouTube channel or visit our social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram! Jaane Tu Ya Jaane is a Hindi romantic comedy. So here are 14 dialogues from the movie given below.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Star Imran Khan Has Quit Acting, Confirms Best Friend Akshay Oberoi

Written by Deblina Chatterjee Updated July 25, 2021 | 06:29 IST | 694.9KZK

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is a popular Hindi romantic comedy film which also marks the debut of her nephew Aamir Khan and the film’s lead actor Imran Khan. The film also stars Genelia D’Souza. It is the story of six friends, two of whom are mistaken by their parents for their lovers. But later, they also realize that they are not only best friends, they also love each other. This movie contains some funny dialogues given below.

1-“Ek Gadha Ke Baad Jab Log Milte Hai To…Har Mulkat Me Ek Chhoti Si Kahani Hai”

Amit: One, you are not surprised, two, you are poor, three, you are gone, which girl will love you, Jai.

Can You Answer All These 15 Questions About

9- “I went to the doctor, my reports came, and how many people have died.”

Journalist. Craving entertainment for a long time. Listen carefully to everything that starts with “So, last night…” Currently…making the web a more entertaining place Read more

For the latest Bollywood news, Telugu news, entertainment specials, gossip, movie reviews and more, follow the website and YouTube channel or visit our social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram! For me, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na was the highlight of Channel 4’s last big Bollywood season, but it faces stiff competition.

Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na

The new Voice series last September that the channel had scheduled in four years was the best Hindi movie season I have seen and introduced me to many entertaining and thought-provoking films.

From ‘jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ To ‘dil Dhadakne Do’: Movies To Watch With Your Siblings This Raksha Bandhan

This includes six films by new directors, none of them bad (so last year’s Mahal, Hyderabad Blues 2 or Mangal Pandey). But it was Yo jaane tu ya jaane na (roughly translated: You may know, maybe not) that stole the show for me.

It is basically a fun teen movie and produced by Aamir Khan, with all the production qualities it lends and colors. Indicates from the producer/star of Basanti.

But unlike any of those (great) films, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na focuses firmly on a coming-of-age story, ignoring political or historical points.

The 2008 film is based around a university in Mumbai and is the story of a boy (Jai by Imran Khan) who meets a girl (played by Genelia Aditi) – though it’s a boy meet girl story, the girl loses the boy. And they return together to a diverse airport.

What Happened To Meow And Rats After Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na?

In the accompanying introduction, director Abbas Tyrwala says that he had to write this flashback about his own college days before it was too late to do them fairly.

He oversees a film that has a very effective ‘story told in retrospect’, complemented by a well-paced plot.

While the feature focuses firmly on Jai and Aditya, the supporting cast provides enough depth to feel like a fusion of the two leads.

Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na

Naturally, it sticks to some of the usual ambitious levels of teen movies. So of course some friends have cars, but the story is much more than you might expect from such comparisons.

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Sometimes the film did not score well. Aditi jokingly writes “I’m gay” on Jai’s hand and Jai fools two sadistic drunkards by lying to a girl saying she has AIDS, which makes me wish there were some other sexually transmitted diseases used for comic purposes.

Despite those incidents, the film is generally enjoyable. It opens with a deafening rendition of the title track that got me thinking

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