Just Want To Feel Better

Just Want To Feel Better

Just Want To Feel Better – That’s what I told the doctor yesterday when I left the house after dinner, went to the clinic, and sat in his office. My family doctor is far away now, but his friends have a file, and clearly show where in 2015 I came to the office with the same symptoms.

Then, as now, I was faced with a pile of uncontrollable problems that caused me daily anxiety. I don’t sleep, eat well, or treat myself – all of it.

Just Want To Feel Better

Just Want To Feel Better

But underneath, clearly buried in the anxiety, lies depression. The two often work together in my life. The problem is that anxiety

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It is difficult to see what is beyond. So, like now, I deal with anxiety. I hit the gym, practiced mindfulness, saw a therapist, talked to friends, cut back on caffeine (no small feat as a writer, believe me), and anything else I could do to get it under control. Anxiety becomes the focus.

This is also the focus this time. And this time depression took over again. I didn’t notice until he strangled me. Last night, when I heard about another stressor to add to the stress pile, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t do it without help. My mind and body are tired. I can no longer see the good. I don’t want to be around him most of the time; I prefer to be alone with a good show on TV.

When I saw the doctor, I had taken an online depression test to show the results. I made a list of symptoms and they were clear as day. This is like depression for me. This is how it manifests itself. I still function, but everything is a huge obstacle. I am still patient every day, but with great effort. I don’t always sit in the corner and cry, but I don’t like it either. Everything was just a blur. gray

I picked him up at 7:30 in the morning, right before he left home to give a talk at a local high school. The school is in the middle of the city, and I come from the west side of the city. When I left, my phone’s GPS said I would arrive at 8:28 – 22 minutes before the installation started. But as I drove, as the traffic increased, my arrival time was getting closer and closer to the start time of the train.

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I broke out in a cold sweat. I don’t want to be late, I don’t want to disappoint people. I began to worry that I would miss the opportunity to speak to hundreds of 9th graders about how to be a solid friend to the LGBTQ community. I am serious about talking to young people because I know their loyalty and influence. This group is now entering high school and has four years to change and shape the school culture in a more inclusive way before moving on to other places and places to do the same. I can’t miss this.

In the car this morning, as my arrival time ticked up, I realized that there was no reassuring technique Amanda used. No deep breathing, no mental analysis, no reminders that traffic is out of control or that it’s not the end of the world. there is nothing. And I consider myself a pro and slow roll.

“Well, it’s definitely nothing,” I finally said out loud inside the car. “You’re depressed. You’re tired. You can’t talk yourself out of this right now. You need to give yourself a break.”

Just Want To Feel Better

The other day I read something incredible Elizabeth Gilbert wrote on Instagram. He talks about his own negative thought process and how he tries to use his mind to overcome his morning thoughts, making a big mess. Then he remembered that he thought that would not be the answer. He should let his heart do the work. At that moment, he just decided to love himself and let his mind rest.

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I liked what he said so much that I turned it into a quote for myself,

. And I remember when I was sitting in the car. I let my heart be worried and decided to love myself through it.

The compilation is great. I got there with a few minutes to spare. The room filled me with positive energy, and I joined the students during and after. Even on the hardest days, speaking to a room full of people is one of those fun places.

These medicines will work quickly. Most of the time it takes a little less than two weeks, and I hope this time too. It’s a relief to know that reinforcements are on the way. I fight hard and I’m not ashamed. I saw that I needed help and I got it; is there anything to be ashamed of? I still think I look strong – now I have a small army of serotonin behind me.

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So, I rest, heal, work as much as possible and no more, love my family and let them love me, and one day I will wake up again with spring.

If you’re struggling today and wondering if you should make an appointment with your doctor: do it. don’t think about it anymore. Call the number, send an email or come in directly and say you need help. Do it for yourself, do it for the ones you love. You deserve to be happy.

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