Lady Gaga Born This Way Special Edition

Lady Gaga Born This Way Special Edition

Lady Gaga Born This Way Special Edition – The paradox of the modern music industry: albums are better every year, but in terms of sales they are bigger than ever.

A case in point is Lady Gaga, whose new album Born This Way (Interscope) was released on May 23 and sold 1,108,000 copies in the US in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. About 662,000 of those sales, or 60 percent, were digital downloads, more than albums sold in a week.

Lady Gaga Born This Way Special Edition

Lady Gaga Born This Way Special Edition

The phenomenal success of “Born This Way” — it outsold 42 albums to come on the Billboard chart combined — is a testament to Lady Gaga’s appeal and performance. strength of its business team, which has developed one of the most extensive marketing campaigns. together. to music.

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An artist’s greatest source of income, recorded music is now second only to touring, endorsements, sales, and other sources of income that are considered ancillary. . This is especially true for an artist like Lady Gaga, who has received more business and publicity in the past six months than most artists in a lifetime.

“People are watching an artist’s progress in 2011,” said Billboard Editor Bill Verde. “He can sell 600,000 albums, or a million, or two million. But in terms of revenue, it’s a small piece of the pie.”

If the starlet has any credit for his accomplishments, it’s that about two-thirds of digital downloads coming from a 99-cent deal offered by Amazon have helped push sales ahead of the mark. million. The high price has prompted an angry response from many consumers who have seen their sales fall in response.

Ish Quebas, vice president of music marketing for Trans World Entertainment, which operates 460 music and media stores including FYE, said his stores sold about half of the copy of “Born This Way” as he intended.

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“I don’t think it’s a good sign,” said Mr. Quebas for Amazon deal. “I can understand what Amazon did, but I think it’s going to lower the music. It’s 99 cents in the consumer’s mind.”

But there is something necessary to speed up the flow of products, events, and pages that make up the business of an artist, and especially filling an album in that right, without cost. The album always reflects the artist’s sound, look and message, and provides an anchor on which long-term campaigns can be built, from first tracks (and leaks) to concert tours and TV shows.

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Lady Gaga Born This Way Special Edition

Knowing this, Interscope and Lady Gaga, Troy Carter, built their campaign around a release date they chose at the end of last year to take advantage of the music events on the television calendar, such as February’s Grammy Awards (where Lady Gaga performed her first single “Born This Way”) and last week’s American Idol finale (where she sang he sings his latest single “The Edge of Glory”).

Lady Gaga Announces ‘born This Way The Tenth Anniversary’ Edition

“We want to approach it like opening a blockbuster,” said Steve Berman, vice president of Interscope Geffen A&M. “It became: “We will raise the flag on this day first. We are not moving. And what we’re going to do for the next six months is put gas on that fire every day, really marking the day. “

Like all good movie ads, Born That Way began marketing about a year ago and has continued as a box office success of promotional features, marketing campaigns and media deals that have ended. as the release date approaches.

A new online marketing strategy is helping to make Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way the fastest-selling album in six years.

Lady Gaga announced the album’s title at the MTV Video Music Awards last September and set a New Year’s Eve release date. As with many of the announcements that have been made in recent weeks, it has become impossible. If you haven’t missed his HBO special or Saturday Night Live, his GagaVille web game, or Gilt Groupe sales, then you’ve probably ridden one of New York’s decorated subway cars. up and down. announcement.

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Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stephanie Germanotta, knows exactly the value of these contracts. Mr. Carter has accompanied her on numerous trips to Silicon Valley startups and clients looking to partner with the Gaga brand.

But the best idea is probably one that Gaga’s team doesn’t know about. On May 23, Amazon sold the digital version of the album for 99 cents to attract music lovers to Cloud Drive, the gateway to the world of cloud music services to store music and user on remote servers.

Amazon paid Interscope’s client, Universal, the full retail price for the album — $8 to $9 — and accepted the difference as a loss, according to people who reported it. about the purchase arrangement, was not authorized to speak publicly about the details. . Billboard reported two-day sales on Amazon of about 440,000 digital sales; if so, that means the seller has lost more than $3 million in advertising. (Amazon declined to comment.)

Lady Gaga Born This Way Special Edition

Several new singles reached the top spots on the Billboard charts this week, but none of them came close to Born This Way. Brad Paisley’s new album ‘This Is Country Music’ (Arista Nashville) comes in at number two with 153,000 copies and ‘Glee: The Music, Vol. 6″ (Colombia) sold 80,000 copies, peaking at No. 4. Adele’s “21” (XL), which was #1 for a total of nine weeks this year, dropped two spots. place at #3 with 127,000.

Born This Way Deluxe

Mr. Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager, said the pre-release campaign for “Born This Way” ran for six months. “If you look at The Fame,” continued Mr. Carter, about Lady Gaga’s first album, “it wasn’t the sales team that made this album a success. It was the quality of the content and Gaga’s desire to travel the world and play for fans , advertising, doing TV shows, hitting radio stations and DJ sets. This is more than just a marketing gimmick.”

In other words, the “Born This Way” campaign is far from over. “This is where the work begins,” he said. New: Brand new, unused, unopened and undamaged. See the customer list for full details. View all status descriptions that open in a new window or tab

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Lady Gaga Born This Way Special Edition


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