Latest Malayalam Film Songs Download

Latest Malayalam Film Songs Download

Latest Malayalam Film Songs Download – As 2018 draws to a close, let’s take a look at some of the best Malayalam songs of the year. Note that the list is in no particular order.

It’s fitting that such a heartwarming film has only two soothing soundtracks. The beautiful relationship that Sudu shares with his club manager Maji is beautifully captured in these songs.

Latest Malayalam Film Songs Download

Latest Malayalam Film Songs Download

With rival composer Ranjan Raj scoring all the songs in the film, ‘Pumotul’ and Karinila Kannula Pinu became instant hits.

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Anjali Menon’s emotional relationship story has some great songs that play a key role in the storytelling. She hired the services of two composers, M Jayachandran and Raghu Dixit, both of whom did well. ‘Code’ is one of the best singles of the year.

Another album that attracts novelty is ‘Maradona’ by the mighty Sushin Shyam. It is a complete album with two amazing songs and some amazing malayalam rap songs.

This song by Jacques Bijoy is his debut song in Malayalam which is a completely unique song. It is English, which paints a brief picture of the city of Detroit where the story takes place. The combination of Malayalam and Tamil songs has universal appeal.

The song of the year, ‘Jivamashami’ topped the music charts for weeks. Also, the film has catchy songs like ‘Oro Thiptikum Vinda’ and ‘Manatee Kanali’.

Face2face (2012) Malayalam Movie Songs Download

The Romeo-Juliet story set against the backdrop of Kannur’s politics did not do well in the theatres, but the song “Mizzi Niranjo” was well received. A beautiful song that depicts the blossoming stages of a deep relationship between two young people from different backgrounds.

Jacques Bejoy’s music has played an important role in the film Dream. A heartbroken hero who attends his ex’s mehndi ceremony and realizes the need to ‘go away’ is not something we usually see in South Indian films. Normally, this is the perfect situation for a wine soup song, but not here. So ‘Vennilave’ is the album’s highlight.

Vineeth Srinivasan’s musical score is free of twists and turns on almost all the songs. And when he teams up with Shaun Rahman, he never fails to deliver the best. ‘Rasati’ is one of the best from Vineeth and Shaan’s super hit combination.

Latest Malayalam Film Songs Download

These 10 songs in the direction of Abroad Shine have an amazing soundtrack. While the film received rave reviews, its music won the hearts of critics. It is impossible not to buy one from this album.

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Musicians – Perumbavar G. Ravinder Nath, Gopi Sundar, Faisal Razi, Leela L. Garikaktan, Arakal Nandkumar, Nasil P, KA Anish, Vishnu Sivasankar, Saiojya Das.

Ghazal – Ajesh Dasan Balachandran Cholikad, Nasil P. Ashna Babu Dayal Singh Arikal Nandkumar Dr. Padmabushan Lalgudi Gopala Iyer Jayaraman; BK Hrinarinan

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