Love Like This Mp3 Download

Love Like This Mp3 Download

Love Like This Mp3 Download – A new era of Nija has begun. The singer-songwriter has shared “Love Like This,” the first track of new music since the release of his debut project.

With the acoustic guitar playing and chilling, Nija’s bright sound leads to a love story where she puts her heart in the hands of someone new. This comes after she has gone through the revolving door of the heart.

Love Like This Mp3 Download

Love Like This Mp3 Download

“You took all my baggage, all my baggage / Rewrite my bad habits, bad habits / I’ll leave all that pain, go, go / Give me love, I need more, more,” Nija sings on the produced production by IamTash. and Jack Rochon.

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“Love Like This” is a refreshing change from the toxicity she exuded on “Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn.” It gives you a moment of reflection when you finally discover something forever.

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In January, Nija perfectly maintained his talent machine. He collaborated with Capella Gray on Confujawn, which premiered in March.

The following month, she co-wrote the song “Tangerine” with Phabo, taken from Kehlani’s third album, Blue Water Road.

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Nia’s best moment is yet to come, appearing on the credits of Beyoncé’s upcoming album, Renaissance, on July 29. She, along with Beyoncé, The-Dream, Honey Redmond and others. talent wrote the second track “Cosy”.

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The thing about Nija’s debut project Don’t Say They Didn’t Warn You is that it’s well named. “I chose this…

Love Like This Mp3 Download

“On Call” by Nija is one of those songs that hits you right away. Produced by Ambezza and Larkin Noir,…

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