Miracle Of Marcelino True Story

Miracle Of Marcelino True Story

Miracle Of Marcelino True Story – The winner of the main prize at the Cannes International Film Festival and the heartwarming film “Marcelino Pan Y Vino” is about a small orphan who can perform a miracle.

Abandoned as a child at the door of a monastery, Marcelino was raised by monks. One day he found a strange friend in the Forbidden Attic… hanging on a cross. A friend who returns Marcelino’s kindness grants him his heartfelt wish.

Miracle Of Marcelino True Story

Miracle Of Marcelino True Story

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The Miracle Of Marcelino

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Miracle Of Marcelino True Story

Winner of 6 Oscars including Best Actor, Director and Best Picture (1966)! When English Roman Catholic chancellor Sir Thomas More (Scofield) finds himself in a difficult situation…

Miracle Of Marcelino By Pablito Calvo: Amazon.co.uk: Dvd & Blu Ray

The beautifully animated, award-winning film is the true story of a boy whose charity and concern for people helped him become Saint Nicholas, whose spirit lives on as Santa Claus.

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Fiction From Afar

The Imitation of Christby Thomas and Kempis is the most popular book next to the Holy Bible in the last five centuries. It lays the groundwork…I’ve noticed that kids have a smart strategy of leaving the lights off and waking up a little later. They ask tough questions during the tuck.

“Why is the sky blue?” “Where do babies come from?” “Why is the ocean so close to the shore?” If the family is religious, children learn that theological questions get even more time. When he was a kid, my nephew Jordan once asked before bed, “Who is more powerful? Luke Skywalker or Jesus?”

5-year-old Marcelino, the title character of The Miracle of Marcelino, knows how to play this game. When the father superior of the Franciscan monastery where he lives puts the orphan to bed, he asks him difficult questions. If he says his mother is in heaven, he asks, “Are all mothers in heaven?” He asks.

Miracle Of Marcelino True Story

Well, I have to say a theological error here. It’s one thing when your average dad responds that he’s trying to get his kid to shut up and go to sleep. But a priest should not only talk about being “good”. In Catholic theology, salvation is more than being “good.” Nothing about rituals? What about Jesus’ sacrificial death? (These Franciscans don’t talk enough about Jesus. We’ll talk about that in a moment.)

How Can You Be Church Militant If You Refuse To Train To Fight?

Here’s a big spoiler. The “miracle” of the title is the way Marcelino is carried up to heaven – one of the many things that make this a very different film. José María Sánchez-Silva’s screenplay is based on his novel Marcelino Pan y Vino (Marcelino’s Bread and Wine), inspired by a medieval legend. The Spanish film was directed by Ladislav Vajda and was a critical and commercial success.

The narrative opens with a small village party celebrating a miracle, but the priest is visiting a sick young woman who cannot attend the party. He asks the girl if she knows Marcelino’s story. The father advises that it is better not to tell the story, but the priest asks the girl if she wants to hear the story. When she says, “Yes,” she begins.

A long time ago, shortly after the establishment of the Franciscan monastery in the village, a child was found at the door. The brothers were unable to locate the boy’s parents. The Father Superior sends the brothers to find a family to adopt the child. (Some brothers don’t do a great sales job. They tell prospective parents that the baby cries all night and won’t stop eating. It’s almost as if the brothers want to keep the baby alone.) When they can’t find a family, the brothers promise to be the baby’s father. He was given the name Marcelino because he was baptized on the saint’s feast day.

The boy reaches the age of five and brings great joy and happiness to his brothers. But like many little boys, he causes trouble. He was told not to climb the stairs to the top of the monastery, but he did. Cookie’s brother (that’s what Marcellino named him) told him that there was a big man upstairs. When Marcelino first went up, he saw a man and ran down the stairs.

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After a while he goes back upstairs and sees the man again. The man is hungry, so Marcelino goes to the kitchen and returns with bread for the man to eat.

Viewers see a man being crucified on the floor. It is a statue, a cross with Jesus on the cross. But when Marcelino returns, the man descends from the cross to take the bread.

It bothers me a little more now. Even at the age of five, a boy raised by Franciscan monks could be expected to recognize Jesus on the cross. Although the friars read stories about St. Francis during meals, we never see them reading scriptures, let alone the Gospels.

Miracle Of Marcelino True Story

Marcelino continues to visit the living statue of Jesus in the attic, bringing him bread and wine (hence the boy’s name “Bread and Wine”) and a blanket. In time, Jesus asked Marcellinus what he wanted in return for his mercy. Marcelino says he wants to go to heaven. Jesus tells Marcelino that he must sleep and then he will go to heaven. Marcelino says he is not tired. Jesus says Marcelino can sleep in his arms.

Man For All Seasons

The brothers go up the stairs to look for Marcellin and see the statue of Jesus on the cross in Marcellin’s hands. The statue returns to the cross and Marcelino is dead.

There aren’t many movies that present the death of a child as a happy ending (Pan’s Labyrinth is another that comes to mind). But if one believes the words of the apostle Paul that “it is much better to be with Christ” than to live on earth, it is a happy ending – which seems strange to modern observers. But even if Heaven is accepted as Marcelino’s destiny, there will be great sadness in the monastery and one can think of the death of a 5-year-old boy in the city.

How should we evaluate the miracle of Marcellino to the Franciscan brothers? With their false Christian upbringing, they are steeply losing their young responsibility. But they deserve more credit for raising a child as their own and earning a Three Steeple rating.

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