My Name Is Mahtob Book

My Name Is Mahtob Book

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In the early 1980s, Betty Mahmoudi was an American housewife married to an Iranian-born anesthesiologist. She had sons from a previous marriage and a young daughter named Mahtob from her marriage to Seyyed Bozorg Mahmoudi (nicknamed Moodi).

My Name Is Mahtob Book

My Name Is Mahtob Book

Betty and Moody once lived a comfortable lifestyle in Texas and Michigan. Moody earned a doctorate in mathematics and worked as a mathematics professor and engineer at NASA before attending medical school. Having lived in England and the United States until the age of 18, Moody seems to have fully assimilated into the Western way of life. He and Betty were married in Houston in 1977, and Mahtob was born in 1979.

Mahtob Mahmoody Photos

In August 1984, Moody took Beti and Mahtob to Iran. It was supposed to be a two week holiday. Moody said that if he captures the passports of Beti and Mahtoob, we will not take them. Betty tells her husband and they go on vacation.

At the end of the two weeks, Moody told Betty that she would not be returning to America. Moody told his wife he would kill her if she tried to leave the family home. Because Moody was an Iranian citizen by birth, according to Iranian law, he automatically had full responsibility for Mahtob. Betty was an Iranian citizen because she married an Iranian. She and Mahteb are trapped.

Not wanting to spend the rest of her life in Iran with her daughter growing up Muslim, Betty decided to take action. Her husband used to look after her and Mahtoob. In early 1986, Betty learned that her father was dying. Moody told her to return to America without Mahtob. He bought a plane ticket for Betty; On January 31, 1986 Iran was about to withdraw. But a few days before the flight, Moody was suddenly called away. Beti and Mahtob finally get a chance to run to freedom.

After eighteen months in prison with Moody and his family, Beti and Mahtob escaped to Iran on horseback in the mountains of southern Turkey. Betty almost died of exhaustion and fatigue. In 1987, Betty Mahmudi published her most famous book.

Writing, Not Drowning: Irresistible . .

Years ago I read Betty Mahmoudin’s book and saw the movie based on the book. I wanted to read her story when I saw a book written by Mahtob Mahmudi. I downloaded Mahtob Mahmudi 2015 book,

Mahtob Mahmudi’s book is very well written. She clearly inherited her father’s intelligence and her mother’s writing skills. Mahtob has the gift of language. She excelled in school and was accepted into an excellent academic program at Michigan State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Mahteb is also a devout Christian. She said a lot about the Christian faith in her book. I suspect her Christianity is partly because her father told her she had Fatima blood and would not allow her to become a Muslim. We feel that it is not because of Mahtob’s faith that she is very faithful to Christianity, but also because of her disobedience to her father. Desperate has given up on being in Mahtob’s life and threatens Betty and Mahtob by constantly trying to contact them. Betty finally opened Moody’s in 1989.

My Name Is Mahtob Book

Mahtoob and her mother are very close. The constant worry about Moody forced them to have a difficult relationship. Mahtob was diagnosed with lupus when she was thirteen, and stress made the problem worse.

By Mahtob Mahmoody

One of Mahtob’s stories that struck me the most was her constant reference to Armenia. As regular readers know, I spent two years in Armenia, which borders Iran. Many Armenians live in Iran, and Mahtob has experienced the culture and food. I enjoyed reading that and also some of the communications he received from the Iranians. Moody and Betty write a letter referring to their friend as “John”. In the Armenian language the word “John” is a word of love. It is basically the same as “expensive”. Apparently, it means Iran.

As the wife of a man who was denied access to his daughters, I enjoyed reading about Mahtab’s estrangement from her father. She remembered and had stories of compassion for him, even though he was afraid of forcing her to return to Iran. For example, she wrote about how her father taught her the best way to eat pomegranates when she was young. In the 80s, it was not easy to get Roman to Michigan. Betty didn’t grow up with them. But pomegranates are abundant in Iran, and Moody knew the best way to extract all the delicious juice. He taught Mahtob.

My husband’s daughters say they don’t remember Bill when they were little. They did not remember that she was part of their lives. Now that they are adults and one of them is talking to Bill again, we now know that they really remember him. This time, it looks like Bill’s youngest daughter is dating again. Of course, Bill is a very different person than Moody. It’s not a different culture from his daughters.

Moody has repeatedly said that his ex-wife made false claims about his behavior. He even made a documentary called

Local Author’s Book Tells Story Of Escape From Being Kidnapped To Iran

. He should have presented his side of the story, although I didn’t see it. Mahtob Moody thinks he may have narcissistic personality disorder (died 2009). It is entirely possible that he did. On the other hand, when it comes to this type of relationship, it is difficult to know where the truth lies.

I think this story is particularly interesting to me because in many ways, like Bill’s story, it boils down to religion. Naturally, fundamentalist Mormonism is not the same as Islam, although fundamentalist Mormonism has some similarities.

I read Betty’s book years before I met Bill. I had no way of knowing that I would one day marry someone other than children. I think, in a way, that makes it hard for me to fully condemn Moody. Although Mahteb says she has forgiven her father, there is no relationship. I find it sad, although understandable. I think being Persian is a big part of Makhtoob’s identity. She loves food and culture and keeps in touch with him. She is Persian because of her father.

My Name Is Mahtob Book

Mahtoob said that her mother told her that she was welcome to meet her father. In fact, it inspired her to talk about kidney problems (which later killed her) and Mahtob’s lupus affecting her kidneys. Mahtob refused to meet her and when he died in 2009, he closed the door forever to resolve the conflict with her father. Although this is how she said she wanted a tattoo, I felt it was too dark. Now she has to live with this for the rest of her life.

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And advise those who care. I find Mahtob’s writing to be practical, modern and sometimes beautifully poignant.

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Mahmudi’s sweet memoir, My Name is Mahtob (I don’t mean to use that much spelling) — a fascinating story that begins through the eyes of a 5-year-old boy who is exceptionally bright. Account maintained I was very impressed with the behavior of Mahtob’s father and his Iranian relatives, and I was happy for the kind strangers who volunteered to help Betty and her son escape.

Believe it or not, the story of the movie is the first quarter of the book. Mahtob said her “free” life in America is still clouded by the fear that her father or his friends will come for revenge. In particular, Mahtob’s harrowing experience of the many destructions she experienced in her college home anchors this story.

De Schaduw Van Mijn Vader, Mahtob Mahmoody

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