New Gospel Songs In Uganda

New Gospel Songs In Uganda

New Gospel Songs In Uganda – The gospel is constantly evolving. What you heard 10 years ago is different from what you hear today.

Sometimes the music played in the church raises doubts about whether the basic message of the Gospel has changed and how it has affected Christianity.

New Gospel Songs In Uganda

New Gospel Songs In Uganda

There is a common school of thought that says that the pictures painted by the word are not as beautiful as they used to be, and the connections to Scripture are not as strong as they used to be.

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Some would say that gospel music these days has become a bit flat; a lot of them are the same, but in the past it’s always been about the variety of brands or sounds.

Gospel music may face the problem of sound diversity, where it should become relevant for a whole new generation of believers.

But at the end of the day, this is ministry, the job of artists is to stay true to the gospel message through faithful ministry.

Although gospel styles have evolved over the years, what really sets it apart from other genres is the message.

Nsabira Uganda By Chosen Harvesters

In order to gain a wider audience, some artists have decided not only to strive for a more solid sound, but also to dilute the message, making it unclear whether the song is really about God.

According to gospel artiste Jaliya Naseije, popularly known as Zabuli, gospel music depends on the minister’s purpose for their gift as directed by the heavenly father.

“Personally, I am convinced that I add value to it. I study more, I spend time with God, I appreciate it, I serve when I am called to serve.

New Gospel Songs In Uganda

Our God calls us to be good stewards of our gifts. Salary follows value,” says Zabuli.

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He emphasizes that being faithful is worth it. Artists must live purposefully and work as ambassadors for the glory of the kingdom.

The salt won’t become effective until it reaches the decay region, and the light won’t become effective until it fades into darkness.

When we engage the world, we should represent Christ and His way, not the other way around, and that should also apply to music.

Spirit FM radio host King Wesley says gospel is profitable but we must seek God first and everything else will come later.

Ugandan Gospel Music Archives

This should be the basis of all services and the profit after that is what is added to us.

“After the talk, the church that invited you sends you off with just ‘Praise the Lord so and so,'” says Wesley.

Also, Edwin Kusasira popularly known as Kupi Bly says the gospel music industry is doing well and growing compared to the last few years.

New Gospel Songs In Uganda

“Our priority should be the ministry, but of course even the ministry is expensive. As Christians, we believe that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

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“A lot of people hope that something good will come out of this, because there is always an opportunity to make money,” he says.

Artists do their best because they are so passionate, but passion can only go so far. According to him, many artists are sometimes disappointed when they are not reimbursed even for minimal expenses.

After all, gospel music has always helped us to be prophetic, to evaluate modern ideology, it has awakened hope; whether it has beats or not. Most students on campus find gospel music boring and slow rhyming, but haven’t listened to these URBAN gospel artists and their music tracks. They range from gospel hip-hop, dancehall, rhythm and blues, soul to real ragga-muffin styles.

Unlike secular music, which can contain vulgar and dirty lyrics, urban gospel has a good message and is mostly meant to inspire you to become a better person. Let’s take a look at some of them:-

Uganda Rwanda Connection

Who doesn’t know this guy? Coopy is one of those danceable urban gospel artists whose tracks will set you on fire. He creates hard-hitting dance gospel music that will make you jump and dance for no reason. He recently won the VIGA Awards for Best Gospel Artist of the Year. Check out his songs like “what love”, “beautiful god” and others. Thank me later.

This is the king of gospel hip-hop. Check out his song ‘Tutuuse’ or ‘Ruu’ and you will know what I mean. Check out the latest “God’s DNA”, the hip-hop will blow your mind.

This is the Ugandan version of the gospel chameleon. Remember that Ganja Man and Igwe song? These songs were played on radio stations and in nightclubs much more often than even secular music. He currently has a new song called “Nyimimu” check it out.

New Gospel Songs In Uganda

At least every campus knows the song “Samanya” featuring Levixone featuring Jackie Akello. Nice tune, plus Levixone has one of the best vocals ever. His song “Jungle” is an inspirational song that motivates you to work harder.

God With Us By Hannah Olapade

Robinson is another dancehall culprit. His song “Forward” is another hot song. His collaborations with “Conqueror” Gamit, Race-T and Barna Bigung are a must for your gym.

I put them together, but they sing differently. “Extra Ordinale” by Red Ney featuring Zabul is exciting and hot from Titanium Records.

Barna is another hot dude who recently won Rock Music of the Year with his song Grip. His latest track “Lens On” is the fastest hip-hop rap you need to download today.

DReign’s song “Baaba” doesn’t sound Ugandan because of its sleepiness. His second track “Christian KungFu” will leave you breathless.

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Lyrical Micheal aka Lyll Mykk is another rap genius. His song “Wrong Number” will automatically make you shake your head.

Among the most popular female artists, check out these tracks that you can stream on YouTube or even on other download sites like

These are just samples, I’ll leave the rest after I’ve had my coffee. See you next time. I have everything!

New Gospel Songs In Uganda

Modest as always. Expressing ideas through letters We connect Facebook: Fred Warom Larmac Twitter: @fredwarom1 Instagram: Fred Warom It’s always great to hear from you, the Fam!Africa gospel music scene has grown tremendously and recognized over the years. Gospel artists from sub-Saharan Africa have come together to create music that glorifies and worships God in all his forms. With the weekend approaching, why not chill out with this beautiful gospel mix from across Africa. This is from artists, in particular…

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The African gospel music scene has grown tremendously and gained recognition over the years. Gospel artists from sub-Saharan Africa have come together to create music that glorifies and worships God in all his forms.

With the weekend approaching, why not chill out with this beautiful gospel mix from across Africa. This is from artists like Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach from Nigeria, Christina Shusho from Tanzania and Rose Muhando, Eunice Njeri from Kenya, Emmi Kosgei, Alice Kamande and Mercy Masika.

Famous stars Nathaniel Bassey, Mercy Chinwo and Christina Shusho brought everyone together to serve God. Download this blend for your daily spiritual nourishment.

It’s a powerful mix with a mix of artists from Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria showing the meaning of worship through God’s music.

Latest Gospel Worship Mixtape

Enjoy the best East African gospel music that will lift your spirits to God’s goodness. It’s a mix of gospel hits from Tanzanian and Kenyan artists singing mostly in Swahili.

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New Gospel Songs In Uganda

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