Notebook Based On True Story

Notebook Based On True Story

Notebook Based On True Story – It is probably one of the most beloved romantic dramas in modern cinema. Based on the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks, the film follows star-crossed lovers Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Ally (Rachel Adams) who first meet in the summer of 1941 and reconnect a few years later.

Told in the past and present, Noah (James Garner) is now telling his love story to Ally (Gena Rowlands), who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Although the movie is loved by many, most people don’t know that it is based on a true story.

Notebook Based On True Story

Notebook Based On True Story

Although Sparks’ novel was a bestseller, the screenwriter thought it would be too simplistic and implausible. He worked hard to ensure that the characters appeared multi-dimensional on screen.

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“The problem with the book is that it’s melodramatic and bland, and you have to find a way to appeal to apprehensive audiences with another beautiful movie,” screenwriter Jeremy Levine told the Harvard Crimson. “So you have to give it an edge, make it real and make the choices the characters face real.”

As much as fans were and still are obsessed with Allie, Noah and the chemistry between Gosling and McAdams, in real life, the actors were at each other’s throats during filming.

“Ryan came up to me, and there were 150 people in this big scene, and he said, ‘Nick come here,'” Cassavetes told MTV. I said, “What?” We went into a room with a producer; They started yelling and screaming at each other…the rest of the movie wasn’t exactly smooth, but it was a lot smoother. “

It may seem like it’s actually based on a true love story. Sparks based the novel on the great-grandparents of his ex-wife Kathy, who had been married for more than 60 years. Sparks wrote on his website,

The Importance Of The Notebook

But as wonderful as their story was, what I remember most about that day is the way they treated each other. His eyes sparkled when he looked at her, how he held her hand, how he drank tea and looked after her. I remember seeing them together and thinking to myself that after 60 years of marriage, these two would treat each other the same way my wife and I do after 12 hours. What a wonderful gift they gave us, I thought, to show us on the first day of marriage that true love can last forever. Refers to a way to close an interaction or dismiss a notification.

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Notebook Based On True Story

The film is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, but the author wrote on his website that Ally and Noah were based on his then-wife’s grandparents.

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They have been together for more than 60 years, and Sparks is moved by how strong their love is.

“They told us the story of how they met and fell in love, and eventually pieces of that made their way into the notebook,” Sparks wrote.

Director Nick Cassavetes wanted to make a leading male role that was a little more than the typical Hollywood man.

Ryan Gosling told Company magazine in 2012 that Cassavetes said, “I want you to play this role because you’re not like other young actors in Hollywood. You’re not handsome, you’re not great, you’re just a regular guy who seems a little crazy.”

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Entertainment Tonight reported that pop star Britney Spears was originally in talks to play Allie. If Spears lands the role, she would be reunited with Gosling, her former co-star in The Mickey Mouse Club.

Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel and Jessica Simpson were also considered for Allie before the role went to Rachel McAdams.

The two lead actors ended up dating for a while after meeting on set, but during filming, Gosling once asked to bring in a different scene partner when he got into a fight with McAdams.

Notebook Based On True Story

“You’ve never been on a set. Not really,” she said, “and Ryan came up to me … I was shooting a scene with Rachel and he was like, ‘You can get her out of here and get another actress.’ to read with me to the camera?” … I can’t. I can’t do that with her. I’m not getting any of this.”

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Fortunately, they made it work for the movie, even though their romance didn’t stand the test of time in real life.

Maclean’s magazine reported that McAdams took ballet and etiquette lessons to master the refined nature that her character Allie Southern would have.

In a 2004 interview with IGN, the actress said she also worked with an accent coach for two months to achieve Allie’s Southern accent.

Gosling also had specific carpentry training for Noah, and ended up making some of the furniture for the set.

True Believer By Nicholas Sparks

Noah becomes a carpenter who builds his own house so he can get proper training. Gosling served an apprenticeship with a cabinetmaker in Charleston, South Carolina, prior to filming.

The actor told People in 2004 that he ended up making the two benches that Noah and Ally sit on on the front porch of the house. He also makes the table where Noah and Ally have a romantic moment.

Gosling has blue eyes in real life, but according to VH1, he had to wear brown contacts to match the eyes of James Garner, who played the much older Noah.

Notebook Based On True Story

According to McAdams, Allie has a “much bigger” role in the film than in the book.

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The novel is mostly told from Noah’s point of view, so Ally doesn’t get as much character exploration. However, the film changed this to give Noah and Ally equal levels of perspective throughout the film.

“I’m grateful for the changes because it made my role significantly bigger,” McAdams told IGN in 2004. “I’m glad they discovered so much of Young Love. I think it makes the ending richer because you get to see their memories and you get to see the memories you’re losing and the tragedy that’s there.”

Rowlands is an actress in her own right who began her career in the 1950s. And “The Notebook” isn’t the only film her son has appeared in.

Even years after the film’s release, Marsden said it still appeals to fans who are angry that his character almost broke up Ally and Noah.

One Young Man

Before me,” Marsden told Vulture in 2015. It’s funny how people take it with them… Some people are like, ‘I can’t even look at you.’

Cassavetes told VH1 in 2014 that according to the script, during the big fight scene, Noah was supposed to tell Allie, “Are you going to stop thinking about what everybody wants? Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what he wants . your parents want.”

Cassavetes was truly amazed by the improvisation, which has since become the film’s most recognizable moment.

Notebook Based On True Story

The crew raised pelicans from the ship scene on location to make the birds feel more familiar with the area.

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At one point in the film, Noah and Ally walk across a lake full of swans. But the scene was almost devoid of birds because people were worried that untrained animals would create chaos on the set.

Cassavetes told VH1 in a 2014 interview that they decided to take a litter of pups and raise them in the lake so they would feel comfortable and familiar with the area.

At the memorial for late basketball player Kobe Bryant in 2020, his wife Vanessa Bryant recalled how Kobe once captured the royal blue dress worn by McAdams during the iconic rain kiss scene in The Notebook.

He wanted to give it to Vanessa on Valentine’s Day in honor of the couple’s 2013 reconciliation.

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“When I asked her why she chose the blue dress, she said it was because it was the scene where Ally comes back to Noah,” Vanessa said. “We were hoping we could grow old together like in the movie.”

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling recreated their iconic kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. Getty Images / KMazur

At the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, “The Notebook” won Best Kiss thanks to Gosling and McAdams’ passionate rain-soaked kiss in the film.

Notebook Based On True Story

As the cast took the stage to accept their award, they re-enacted the emotional moment to a standing ovation.

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It probably would have been heartbreaking for fans to see Noah burn down the house he worked so hard to build, but Cassavetes said in

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