Original Oil Painting By Artist

Original Oil Painting By Artist

Original Oil Painting By Artist – This original framed oil painting measures – 13 x 13 inches approx. (double framed in a distressed silver frame)

It is framed in silver, but is also available in viet pewter or brushed white upon request (call after ordering or to change framing options in the “notes to seller” box on the cart page send me a message)

Original Oil Painting By Artist

Original Oil Painting By Artist

I like to paint with oil. Depicting wildlife is something I have always done in my paintings, but never in such a concentrated manner. I loved creating this new range, the detail and character of each animal. For my regular paintings I like to have a firelight at a distance from a window or door. It makes me want to be inside, to warm myself against the fire. For me there is nothing like the magic of a landscape. A comforting warmth and comfort hard to describe, but a real reason to paint, something you feel inside. My painting style is one that has evolved over time and continues to evolve with each new painting. I also try to have a sense of reality, being there, without being a slave to photorealism. I think it’s also important to stick to the boundaries you’re comfortable with, rather than settling on a formula of what works.

John Mackay Original Abstract Oil Painting

UK orders only: For international orders we can post the artwork on a postal tube, please email us for a quote. Click here for more information on framing options and sizes Graham grew up in London, England. He completed a foundation course in Essex, followed by a three-year course at Sheffield City Polytechnic, where he gained a BA in Fine Art Painting. Graham’s talent was such that he painted with equal skill in watercolour, oil and pastel. Graham tried to capture a sense of light, space and the beautiful vibrant colors of the countryside. An avid fisherman, he was always drawn to the water and enjoyed painting outdoors whenever possible.

Graham Painter has exhibited in galleries across the UK. His work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Pastel Society, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Institute of Water Color Painters.

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