P Square Chop My Money

P Square Chop My Money

P Square Chop My Money – Good morning! (Feb 24, 2012, 12:25 AM) You’re probably wondering what I’m doing waking up at this invalid hour while I’m trying to blog. Not even my mom knows, let alone my grandmother in heaven :D.

Late on February 23rd, a friend of mine known as unilagolodo shared the link with Nigerian R&B duo Peter and Paul Okoye (psquare)ft. AKON/MAY D. – to his latest music CHOP MY MONEY, an original track from the band. The album is overrated (especially on Sound City) THE INVASION. I was so excited that the long awaited track from another Nigerian artist, International Artist, has finally arrived. P-SQUARE, whose official retirement many of us are eagerly awaiting. A concert at the famous Eco Hotel & Suites (#no evil) … I immediately went online to download it from unilagolodo.com. Due to the slow internet connection in Nigeria, I had a lot of thoughts on my mind in the short time I was waiting for the download to finish.

P Square Chop My Money

P Square Chop My Money

1. This might be another bi-face idea with R.Kelly * * * * * sigh * but I was a little unsure of their relationship since p-square and Akon have been seen together in different places so it’s no big deal that they do a track together

Excitement, Fanfare As P Square Thrill At Trace Live Concert

2. After D’banj introduced BABA AJA (Snoop Dogg) is a living rap legend in MR. Talented, he (D’banj) suddenly became the talk of the continent (if there was such a thing), everyone from Africa was so proud of him and months later GOOD MUSIC signed him along with his workhorse 😐 Don jazzy. We all made him welcome, you don’t even care what Nigerians are going through he hates COLD and suddenly found it hard to protest there for his homeland after years on the streets of UK and then MOBOLOWON (RUB). ) – (D’banj interview with Sahara Repotters) Hmmm, but no matter what, could it be PSQUARE’s turn to put Africa back on the map? Will there be another good music out there somewhere ready to sign her as she is with D’banj and JUDE will be another Nigerian international producer?

I am very willing to tweet about it, update my bbm and if possible change my ringtone from my favorite Davido Dami duro track. Within a minute, the track was ready on my laptop, iPad, and mobile phone so I could enjoy the track anywhere *Alomo sips: | * Akon’s 1:15 second intro/verse played as expected, I updated right away. BBM *acon remix killed my money* and within seconds I had to share the track with so many cool people on my list but after listening to the track more than 6 times I realized I got bored of the track and he just came back wanting it Go OMO BABA OLOWO (Davido) ) But the question was why so soon? I still don’t change the channel when Mr. Edward:s remix comes out…but those were my sad results

1. I felt like I was listening to “Chop my money by psquare ft” only 1:15 seconds after MAY ‘D Akon’s poetry

2. After 1:15 seconds from Akon (his voice alone), I never hear his voice again when listening to MAIN or background, or did unilagolodo.com upload the wrong track for download? I was confused and decided to download it from another site and there was no difference… I got so pissed off that the 4:32 minute track didn’t change after 1:15 seconds which means Akon recorded its part and sent it to anyone and done The easiest thing is to edit the audio by adding the original track 😐 And you call that virtual international remix? A new verse or without a single word from the duet d? …not creative ENUF!!!

Rise Of The African Giant: Burna Boy On New Music And Doing It His Way

3. I decided to take a closer look at the album cover and realized that all of their photos (AKON, PETER, PAUL, MAY’D) are old photos and were taken separately. Not forgetting the fact that the images themselves have previously been used publicly by May D (PIC ABOVE). So, is there a lack of creativity in this age? …. *in my opinion GEJ REMOVE SUPPORT can’t be more creative than Nah fuel*

Now I’ve gone really crazy looking for ways to express myself, Twitter (only 140 characters), *thinking* After a century of postponing a blog, I got my system in place, created this awesome blog, and we’re good to go. This is with you guys: *….

#pause I have a new message from unilagolodo ¬ –link to the video is awesome….. 🙂 Their last chance, I’m downloading now with no expectations……. Let’s check it out and wrap it up because it’s going to be very long and I personally don’t like reading long blogs (LIFEISTOOSHORT)…. Video rating 5/10, at least they were with AKON, even though there was only one place (in a club) the whole video, the concept was great, but not so good compared to the previous Nigerian artists who did international artists and for sure this is not their best video… Like my grandma says – BOWO BATI MO LOGUN MO (You can’t do more than your strength) *yawn* 3:00 *eyes opens*…FINALLY BROTHER PETER AND PAUL….IF YOU CAN’T BACK IT SENORITA 😉 AND OMOGE MI 🙂 AND BIZZY BODY, DO ME 🙂 etc. Focus on developing a talented youngster maybe and bow down now >>>> I talk a lot lol… Thanks for reading my first blog, I’m so glad I broke my yoke…. Pay attention more interesting articles… Please don’t forget to drop all your comments, I love To see/read the reviews: * And other comments/suggestions too….light up….take off your clothes wow!!!

P Square Chop My Money

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