Polo G Type Beat Mp3 Download

Polo G Type Beat Mp3 Download

Polo G Type Beat Mp3 Download – Polo G: “If you were a sad person before you had [money], you will become a sad person with it.”

The Chicago rapper’s latest album spent 47 weeks in the UK charts, a testament to the power of his raw, soulful lyrics. He talks about his journey out of crime and drug use to become one of rap’s biggest stars

Polo G Type Beat Mp3 Download

Polo G Type Beat Mp3 Download

“It’s been a long day of battle, I’m worn and tired / Make sure I smile in public, when I’m alone, I’ve got tears in my eyes / I’ve fought through it all, but that shit hurt me so much. a lot.” While we acknowledge the vulnerability and emotional honesty prevalent in today’s rap scene, those are still surprising lyrics for an American #1 hit. Written by 22-year-old Chicago rapper Polo G, they’re taken from Rapstar, his new single. album Hall of Fame. The song also peaked at No.3 in the UK in April, and his previous album The GOAT spent 47 weeks in the UK album chart, with his brand of plaintive melodic rap perhaps particularly catchy when harmonizing in the blockade. The honest but tense meeting with him shows the reality of these texts.

Free Sad/emotional Polo G Type Beat

His recent success means his schedule is packed to the point that our video call has been delayed several times due to flights and late night talk show tapings. When this happens, the camera will show the ceiling of the car as it enters the bank. The album’s misleading advertising spin is taking its toll. “It’s a bit stressful. “we need you to do this all the time,” he says. “But it’s just about getting back into the mindset of opening up the world.

These are dizzying heights for Tremani Bartlett, born in Chicago, surrounded by poverty and crime. He first toyed with the idea of ​​boxing or wrestling, eventually turning to music, which led to a series of arrests and brief prison stints on drug and car theft charges. “Music became a cure for me,” he says. “One thing I did despite what I was going through. The songs came from “seeing the ups and downs of being from a poor neighborhood and just witnessing and experiencing death, witnessing and experiencing mental trauma or depression. Things like that made me lean towards music.”

His lyrics often focus on violence and race in the United States, using strumming guitars and pianos alongside the sharp clicks of rap drums. He says he writes to let his fans “know they’re not alone.” from 2Pac’s Changes and continues the spirit of the original song by addressing the issues of the poor black population in his country; work, so we hurry up and turn the box / It’s all equipment, that’s why this spot is called a trap” (a trap is somewhere where drugs are sold or made).

Is music one of the only escapes from this system? “It might be an escape, but how…” He stops, turns his head to the side, and looks out the car window. “You find out everything inside. You can know these things and you can preach them in music, but until you actually act on them, you’ll be stuck in this mess forever. Coming from where we came from, having the color of my skin, there are a lot of things that are against us. There are many traps we can fall into or be secretive about. It’s up to us to decide one day whether we continue to fall for the same shit.”

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Polo, who became a father at the age of 20, is very insightful. “I’m focused on longevity,” he says, “I’m trying to make sure my mom and I are even, my kids’ kids are OK.” This stability comes after a difficult relationship with drugs. In 2019, Polo said he nearly died of an overdose, and the opioid crisis is visible in the lifestyles and lyrics of his contemporaries, many of whom documented their struggles in music before they started using. them. Lil Peep and Juice WRLD both died of drug overdoses at age 21, and on track 21, Polo G says he took his last Percocet, an opioid pain reliever, with Juice WRLD.

Polo doesn’t want to talk about what made him start taking drugs in the first place, but rather talks about why he wanted to stop, saying that “he got over it and he realizes that he doesn’t really have to, that I can only have fun, or feel good about yourself, or escape from reality. It’s figuring out your own tendencies, how to approach situations differently and [finding] better coping mechanisms, because that’s what drugs really are for a lot of people.”

Success also left Polo to negotiate social and economic change; “We’ve gone from the ditches to better things,” he raps on Martin & Gina. Obviously, money can open doors, but how much will it really help black youth in the US who feel trapped in the system? “Money can’t change what you feel deep down,” he replies. “If you were a sad person before you had [money], you’ll be a sad person with it. It just relieves the stress of having to pay for it or worry about taking care of it.” (A few weeks after our interview, he was arrested in Miami on charges including assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest and released on bail.)

Polo G Type Beat Mp3 Download

The real relief comes from meeting simpler needs, like feeling safe, “just being able to go out without looking over your shoulder,” she says. “He’s probably a kid somewhere in Chicago, maybe eight years old, he just saw somebody get killed in broad daylight. There are many things happening in the city that are not on TV, are not watched, are not talked about.”

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The camera is still awkwardly tilted towards the ceiling of the car, and he looks less and less at me. I ask about my little son: what has he learned, what would he like to pass on to him? “Being yourself is the No. 1 thing, and then staying true to yourself,” he says bluntly. Is there any example in his life that can do this? “I stayed true to myself by making it up because I could still be on the block now,” he says, sounding increasingly tired. “I wouldn’t be here rapping and doing this interview if that was really what I was supposed to be doing.”

When asked if there’s anything he’d like new audiences to understand about him, he says “not necessarily” while staring out the window. Even though he says on Rapstar that “everything feels worse when they ask me if I’m okay,” I can’t help but wonder if everything is okay. He sounds disappointed but still polite. “I’m out, ma’am. I watch you whenever I get a chance. Sorry to chat in the car, but I’m just observing my surroundings. It’s just second nature.”

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